m1nd's introduction

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m1nd's introduction

Postby m1nd » 25 Feb 2016, 20:11

Hello, dear Desteni community

An online friend that I know by the nickname Luthrin, or otherwise known as Luc, told me about this amazing community and I want to get involved.

Here is a little about myself;

I'm 30 years old, with a bachelor in psychology and I work as a survey interviewer, the best out there.

When I talk out loud, to or about myself, in front of my girlfriend for example.... I refer to myself as m1nd, in what has become a sort of joking manner.
Others call me Simon but I don't really connect with that name, altho my parents chose it for me.
I guess you could say it's because I've spent most of my life on the internet, being called m1nd by mostly everyone here.

I look for the deepest and purest connections i can establish with those i trust and love.
I'm highly intelligent. I tell you this because unfortunately, most people fail to assess me properly and therefore, to understand how they can benefit from being involved in my life.
As a result, I have a girlfriend, but most people take very little interest in what I do. It usually takes a lot of time for me to interest anyone in the very intellectual and phylosophical type of life I live. But for example, my girlfriend is much more videogamer and logical than before, now that she's up to pace. She trusts me entirely, and we have a relationship that we can be proud of. Nobody knows how lucky we are. It's almost as if we had fusioned into 1. This has been going on for 3 years too.

Here, where I've lived my whole life, in the big french canadian city of Montreal, people are from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
As a result, I am open to ideas that others might not have considered.

I also have been told that I have ADHD, when i was a kid. But I also have been told that my IQ test scores are incredibly strong.
In everything I do, I put everything. Nobody is ever a number for me. I don't use gimmicks. You can trust me at face value.
I also have a deep desire to help others as i believe that a smart person with anything to teach is supposed to share with others.
This idea of sharing and growing together has always been a very important part of my life.
As a result, I am very lonely. Most people seem disconnected to me. Maybe I am the one that's completely disconnected.

I mean... why in the world would you trust this guy, right? And who does he think he is, saying he's smart and all.

My major malfunction is that I am neurosed from being misunderstood. I am not reaching out much in the last few years.
I've given up on trying to establish lasting connections to others around me appart from my parents and girlfriend.

My life is a bit as if it was frozen in place right now. Nothing new.

Concerning my age, I am younger than most, mentally. I'm still nimble with my thoughts and I adapt quickly.

Concerning my bachelor in psychology, I don't work in that field because I realised too late that it's filled with crazy people who would drag me down with them, including the psychiatrists and psychologists who administer big mental hospitals. I wouldn't want to work for someone like the ones I've met for work interviews. I realise now that I was in psychology to understand human psychology, not try and help people who won't help themselves.

That being said.... I need help too. My dad thinks I'm a bit crazy because I smoke weed daily and haven't really adressed my emotions in the appropriate way. I still inflict "self suffering" with some of my ideas about the world, and about all of you and people I've met and learned about.
My mom is lovely. I couldn't ask for a more understanding and loving mother. She did and still does her best in everything she does.

Concerning Luthrin, he and I first met eachother on an online game a year ago or so. We had the usual and predictable first contact which was great, then the misunderstanding and his wrath. Now the... again, very predictable... reconciliation and true connection is blooming.

Maybe I'll have a real friend in him too, as he is just as smart as me, and very different. We can learn a lot from eachother.

In a discussion we had today, i said it was time for a chance in my life. I said i wanted to become mentally, emotionally and physically.... strong again.

He then told me about this community. That is why you have just "wasted" all this time reading my story.

That's it for now. I'll go to work later today. It's ~13h15 now, i work from 16h30 to 22h00. Every weekday. After which I go to bed after a little joint.

Tomorrow I'll wake up and come to this website again to read what you guys responded and analyse it in detail, forming a first impression of all of you.

I don't really have time to discover what has previously been done by all of you here, so a little "newsflash" from everyone interested would really speed things up.

Thanks for your time, have a great day.

- m1nd

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Re: m1nd's introduction

Postby barbara » 28 Feb 2016, 09:09

Hi m1nd/Simon!

Welcome to the forum. Cool that Luc introduced you to this forum and cool sharing about yourself!

Have you considered starting the DipLite Course ? It's free, and It is ideally structured to get to know yourself more pertaining to who you are as the mind system. It provides you with the basic tools to start recognizing some of the components that the mind consciousness system is made up of and how one has unwittingly accepted them for oneself / has actually confused them for who one is. You will start learning who you as the being behind the system is.

Also feel free to open your own thread on the Writing yourself to freedom section.

Please read the Forum Guidelines if you haven't already.

Looking forward to reading how you will support yourself on your journey from mind to awareness as you become acquainted with the shared self-support here!


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Re: m1nd's introduction

Postby Maite » 05 Mar 2016, 15:41

Hi Simon,

Thanks for sharing your story and welcome here.

In this community we all assist and support ourselves with simple tools. The fastest way to introduce yourself to them and benefit from them is through the free DIP Lite course, to which Barbara gave you the link. Fastest way - meaning: it doesn't require you to research everything on the website first.

Understand, it's not 'about' the people here - analyzing us will not give you answers. Rather - find out what it is we do by signing up for the free course and start using the tools for yourself - that is how you will see what Desteni is about. If you have specific questions once you got yourself started - ask, we'll be here to support. We won't try to convince or persuade you, though, if that is what you were expecting..


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Re: m1nd's introduction

Postby SunetteSpies » 08 Apr 2016, 20:32

Cool introduction, thank you - reading much about you when it comes to the 'surface presentation' about yourself and within that reading into the general everyday life persona that defines you and your life experience at the moment.

Thank you for sharing and looking forward to hearing more when it comes to any questions / perspectives pertaining to the more deeper levels that defines you, such as your experience with thoughts, emotions, behaviours, self observations etc. Because there is MORE to self and life, even you know this - so, can't always really assess much of another / self with only opening up / sharing the surface.

Here, we enjoy looking deeper, going into the depths of the mind and so self to see what we can learn and discover in the process of assisting and supporting ourselves and so others to understand the mind, self and life.


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