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Re: Introduction

Postby Carlton » 05 Oct 2016, 22:00


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Re: Introduction

Postby Gian » 05 Oct 2016, 23:49

Hi Write Now

Write NOW!!

now and the word now has been interesting to me, a word of deception, be in the now, write now, do it now, go now, I am here now, now is a word of non commitment - interestingly enough, when we read and look at all the gurus and spiritual teaching using the word NOW - it is always referring to "while I am here" the "moment" and to kind of forget everything else, to not consider everything else that is HERE.

we here use the word HERE, I am HERE, I write HERE, here is a statement of commitment in placing self in and as all of creation as and equal participant and taking self-responsibility as and for self and so taking responsibility for all of existence one and equal.

we use the word Now mostly when we are postponing, someone will say, I will be there now, yet now is actually impossible within such a statement, thus a Lie, a deception, a manipulation - so when we say I am in the now, we d the same, we are not in fact in the now when we say that, we say that to still get there, get in the now, and even when someone claims they are in the now, take a look, they do so with the polarity design of fearing now being in the now, so they are not in the now, now does not exist, it is a word that attempts to isolate us from all that is HERE - and it is a state of mind, as the now is always postponing self from being here.

take a look - Write now - that now has left open a back door to saying now can be anytime, now can be when I am ready, now can be now, when is NOW? is the big question, because it is non committed. and HERE is HERE, there is no now now, or I will do it now and the word is completely biased in its living, because it can not be lived, it is a highly positive word that is charged within an energy of not being accountable. being or living or writing the word now is a winning situation for he mind, because now backwards is WON, and the mind has won to get the being stuck within an endless cycle of intentions and thus a lot of inner tensions, because now is always later, some other time, just not HERE.

I decided to share this on your intro post as a cool way to show what we can take from the words we use and what they can show, as a introduction to the forum, although, you have introduced yourself more than a month ago. I am here.


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