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Re: guy from morocco

Posted: 15 Apr 2017, 06:38
by Garbrielle
Hi Akuji,

Along with what Anthony suggested with the DIP Lite course, there is also a group on facebook placing daily self forgiveness to read and start to familiarize yourself with in how to do it.

There is also plenty of videos and support in desteni on self forgiveness and how and why to apply it.

I will place some links, and as you go or even now, if you have any further questions or more specific questions we can support here.

Here is the facebook self forgiveness group:

Desteni wiki on self forgiveness:

Some articles on self forgiveness: ... orgiveness

Some videos done:
http://garbrielleslifejourney.blogspot. ... s-and.html - a personal one i did - How do you know that your self forgiveness is real? by Bernard Poolman - Why self forgiveness? by Bernard Poolman

-So here is some links to support, you can also search google or eqafe on the words self forgiveness (and desteni if on google), there is much on this subject, so enjoy and let us know if more support is required.

Re: guy from morocco

Posted: 20 Apr 2017, 07:08
by Kristina
Hey Akuji,

Not sure if you have yet read any of Tormod's blogs - he is walking with schizophrenia as well and has shared his process with self-forgiveness, and self-change openly, so I suggest to check out his writings here.

Re: guy from morocco

Posted: 27 Apr 2017, 22:03
by akuji
hello all

I am sorry for late reply because my familly is renewing my house .we have have finished today.I miss you all .concerning kristina,tormod is my friend on facebook ;we exchange good idea . he is good man and i will meet him one day.concerning morocco, life here is good

Re: guy from morocco

Posted: 03 Aug 2017, 15:43
by Marlen
hello everyone

I want to learn self forgiveness .I have schizophrenia .I live with my mom in apartement .I need some support how to learn self forgiveness.
Hey Arydigital, welcome to the forum. The best way to walk a step by step process in learning how to write yourself and so learn how to forgive yourself is through walking the DIP Lite course, it's a day by day application that you can sign up to - for free - and you'll have a personal buddy support through it as well, that way you can learn at your pace and at the same time, you can also read the threads on self forgiveness here on the forum and people's writings in general here which are also a good source of getting to understand what self-forgiveness and this process is about.

Also, if you haven't been in contact with Tormod yet, he also walks his process with schizophrenia and at the same time applying these self-support tools that Desteni provides, so I leave his links below, you can also share more about yourself or create a new thread introducing yourself too.

A schizophrenic's journey to life

The End of Psychiatry



Posted: 28 Aug 2017, 22:28
by akuji
hello everyone
i have just come from my vocation .I visited many cities in Morocco .this summer is so hot How're you all !.I really miss you ! I m from Dakhla south of Morocco .every one here is busy .I m starting to look for job .I hope to find one !

Re: guy from morocco

Posted: 31 Aug 2017, 19:32
by Marlen
Cool Akuji, 'good luck' on finding a job, definitely trying many options and not giving up on it is the way to eventually find one for you, so let us know how it goes for you :)

Re: guy from morocco

Posted: 01 Sep 2017, 22:11
by akuji
HI Marlen

thank you for reply .To day is Aid ,sacrificial day (celebration ) in all muslim countries .we bought a sheep and now we now we eat it .How 're you ? .I hope you are good .I think I saw u name on facebook but I don't know u personnelly .it's nice to be friends .