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Rozelle de Lange
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Re: Kindergarden

Postby Rozelle de Lange » 27 Mar 2014, 23:40

Hi Mum,

Welcome here and cool that you have started your journey of self-investigation. I concur with the support given here already.

Looking forward to reading more of you.


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Re: Kindergarden

Postby Terrone28 » 22 Nov 2014, 05:28

I have a niece, she didn't wanna go to school(Kindergarden), so what her mother did was she promised her daughter that she would give her awards(good stuffs) if she would go to school and do her homework/school work. And it was effective, her daughter now love going to school even no rewards are coming for her because she wanna see her friends there and also her teacher. So I think it's just about giving your child a good/positive outlook from the things that they don't wanna do.

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Re: Kindergarden

Postby mariareese » 06 Dec 2014, 11:55

Every people has their own demons to deal with as they take their selected path through the life. Every people has obstacles to overcome. However, few of them have more stories and more mountains to climb than others. Why she did not wanna go to Kindergarden? I think you should not force her for this ..

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