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a 7-year-old girl masturbating during the class, what do I do?

Posted: 19 May 2017, 18:15
by ZachWang
I was teaching in a class with 18 children from 5 to 8 years old in a classroom. And there was a female child at the age of 7 rubbing her private part very fast. And she was definitely masturbating. And she had been doing it throughout almost two classes, more than 1 hour. And she didn't listen much. And she had been always lying on the chair all the time since my teaching two months ago. Because she seemed feeling very bored and tired. And I also found that she always put her hands in her pants doing something. But today, her behavior was a bit excessive with rubbing and masturbating in trying very hard to stimulate herself until at the end of the class. And I saw that the other kids just didn't care or give a glance at her. No. And maybe it was too hot today because it was summer and the air conditioner didn't cool the whole classroom down. And I was thinking, what could possibly cause her masturbating in PUBLIC. Boredom? The Cartoon Movies? Stress? And after class, I didn't talk to her about this because I didn't know what to say to her.

So, people say it is normal. But how can I assist and support her in communicating to let her do things 'properly' and don't do it in public like a classroom?

And I investigated that children, mostly for girls, they say, started exploring their private body parts as early as the age of 3. So, I am wondering, when the kids masturbate, are they masturbating towards images and pictures stored in their minds passed on/transferred from their parents? Or just physical stimulation without participating in the mind?

The whole education system is really fucked up. I am sick of teaching useless stuff to the kids to preoccupy their minds but I have to for the moment for the sake of money.

Re: a 7-year-old girl masturbating during the class, what do I do?

Posted: 21 May 2017, 21:52
by Leila
Yes it's pretty normal - I used to masturbate 'in public' when I was a toddler - I had no idea what I was doing just that it felt nice - no pictures or anything like that. I think I found out by accident what I was doing and then decided to not do it in public anymore.
So you could talk to her and explain that her playing with herself in this way is best done in private.

I know of many people having had similar experiences - but more recently with technology like smartphones and internet being widespread and being used earlier and earlier - there's also more kids being stimulated by pictures from earlier age.

So who knows - maybe she's using pictures, maybe not. I'd still suggest you speak to her about it in a relaxed and natural manner so that she doesn't create ideas or judgments about it.

Re: a 7-year-old girl masturbating during the class, what do I do?

Posted: 23 May 2017, 06:06
by ZachWang
Thanks Leila, I did asked her about that question and she said she was playing something like some small balls he got from the toys she played at home. And I didn't ask her about whether she had pictures or not. Lastly, I suggested her doing/playing in her home, not in a classroom or in public. And she agreed. If she did it again, I would talk to her parents. And I found I had overreactions and overthinkings in my own mind about such an action. And it really reflected a lot about myself in terms the beliefs, judgments, patterns, thoughts, systems that I have accepted and allowed.