The Judge: Practical Support - Part 31

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The Judge: Practical Support - Part 31

Postby Ruben » 21 Nov 2013, 00:26

Image The Judge: Practical Support - 2013 - The Future of Consciousness - Part 31

How does judgment of people and/or groups of people who are part of the World System in our Minds cause ignorance or blindness in relation to being able to see the fact that there are bigger problems at play?

When we judge individuals or groups in the World System, how do we make the problem ‘Personal’ in our Minds when the problem is not actually ‘personal’, but is rather far-reaching and much larger than we realize?

What is the practical process which one must walk in order to assist and support oneself to release oneself from Judgment in the Mind in relation to Individuals and Groups in the World System, in order to start seeing through the problem and into a Solution?

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