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Postby Kristina » 25 Jan 2017, 05:57

Where do I begin my process of change? There are too many things to change, where do I start? I've tried changing so much, but nothing is working! I'm tired of not changing... I'm so overwhelmed! Breathe... relax, and practice your application of self-support within just one thing. Start a habit, or stop a habit... pick something you see has been nagging you to change, that you've seen the potential to change, and perfect yourself within just that ONE point. The process it will take - the commitment you make, the discipline you apply, the trust you create... that WILL support you in other areas of your change. Simply start with one thing, one point - that's it! Resolve and discipline and self-trust does not get created over night... you must practice it, daily, through focusing yourself within one point and SHOWING you can do it!

Developing the Resolve to Change

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