What is Fear as Consciousness? 1

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What is Fear as Consciousness? 1

Postby Matti Freeman » 27 Oct 2013, 06:10

What is Fear as Consciousness? 1

This is Fear as Consciousness. Hello again.
Okay. How do I exist? Firstly, I exist as a Mind Consciousness System generated compound energy so that Human Beings fear themselves -- which is where fear of self-intimacy comes in. I as Fear as Consciousness, is that which kind of comes up so that you don't realize yourself. So, everything you fear is ME, FEAR as Consciousness, that comes up so that you believe that you are this Fear as Consciousness that is me, and you believe yourself to actually be that, and then you don't walk beyond the fear. So, Human Beings, when you fear - realize that it is ME, Fear as Consciousness coming up, and that I am of Mind Consciousness Systems, and the only purpose of Fear, is to make sure that you don't realize Who you Are, as Life, as All as Equal as One as I Am.
Thank you very much - it is simple, right?

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