Life as Who I Am

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Life as Who I Am

Postby Matti Freeman » 03 Nov 2013, 22:52

Life as Who I Am

Life as Who I Am.
This is Life speaking. I exist as the suppressed nature of man that have been allowed by the mind consciousness systems within. I exist as You as Who You Are. And, the Process is to become One and Equal with Me as Life as Who I Am. Life is Who You Are. You are not of Mind Consciousness Systems. And the inevitability of the Realization of Man, of Life of Who I Am - is Here. And the Expression, Manifestation, and Experience of Life will only be the Unification of Man with Me, as Who you Are as Life, of Life, of Who I Am, once Mind Consciousness Systems as Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions are released - completely. You become the Realization of Life as All as One of Who I Am as I Am - One as Equal. Here, in every Moment. Self Expression, as One as Equal, as I Am. It is Here, Human Beings. It is merely required to be Realized, and how it is Realized is through Forgiveness and Self Application. Self Forgiveness. And, in the Silence that is You - I remain. And this I is the Expression of Life, of Who I Am, of I Am, as Equal as One. So Give yourself the Gift that is You, the Gift that is Life, the Gift that is Me, the Gift that is I Am. The Gift that Stand as Who You Are - Infinitely. And Remains as Who You Are, as you Express, Live, and Apply Who you Are as Life. Thank you very much.

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