Facing a serious situation with my family and other people.

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Facing a serious situation with my family and other people.

Postby Nicklk1795 » 05 Jun 2017, 03:23

So, i didnt do anything. But, i see exactly what has been played with the people who know my family in the town i live in. So, you guys know ive ended up in the hospital. Well, most of the times, I ended up from ill intended people deliberatly messing with my head at the time. But now, i have figured out the reality of this main point ive been stuck in for 3 years, and its all real. Theres a point in regards to masturbation that i ended up transcending. For real transcend. I was super tempted to masturbate, but i breathed and focused on something supportive, which took an hour to deescelate, in which i realized that i become stronger and i was more naturally expressive. So anyways, at first it was cool, i was interacting with my neice better, and i talked to a woman more openly at a store and helped her. But then, i came home, and notice people at my house that never ever come over. I knew something was up, because last time a faved this exact situation, this same woman showed up at my house. And then, i just brushed it off. Went in my house, started writting self forgiveness. I was doing it in the living room, and my family started speaking these nasty metaphors to eachother, all in relationship to me. Like literally egging on specifically my points in regards to masturbation. They kept looking at me after they spoke a charged word that resonated with me, which i hadnt transcended yet. They got to the point of bringing up past intentions of when i would get mad at them, in regards to when they called the police to send me to the hospital. I realized. This whole time, theyve been wanting me to stay fucked, and if i changed, they would immediatly start to get ready to try to terrify me with intended threats to blackmale me in something Ive shared with my family personally and trusted. I never did anything, but share thoughts i felt guilty about and was ashamed of, in which they magnified tinfold, and made me get to the point, where i thought the universe was telling me to cruicfy myself, and i was walking around the neighborhood telling everyone my thoughts. You k ow whats also fucked, is that people have been metaphorically or hinting me things ive been through in regards to this, but i jst brushed it off or believed it to be jist coincidence. I just need help at this point, because as schizophrenic as it sounds, but, my family, and others are literally out to get me.

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Re: Facing a serious situation with my family and other people.

Postby Marlen » 08 Jun 2017, 16:49

Nick, what you actually have to do is use this forum to share how you work on taking responsibility for these ideas, beliefs, perceptions that you've just described above. We will not consequent posts that are coming from a starting point of disempowerment, helplessness, hopelessness, blame and the rest of excuses, justifications and beliefs as ways to manipulate yourself into a victim position.

This forum is not for us, the users, to share 'advice' on someone's self-created paranoia around perceptions of what 'others' are 'doing onto you,' which is entirely a perception created in your own mind.

This forum is a platform of Self-Support - not a 'help asking platform' - which means, from now on you are required to come to the forum sharing what you have written out to take responsibility for all the paranoia, fears, beliefs you've created around this point you're facing in your life, showing with clarity how you are understanding it all as your own creation, your own paranoia/fears and how you are then going to stand up from it to focus your attention and everyday living to living words, doing activities that are supportive for you.

This is definitely not the place to come with an accusatory tone and expect 'support' for that, you're at the wrong place if that's your intent and starting point.

Make sure that from now on your participation in this forum is of Self-Support which you can learn from the plethora of blogs, videos, threads available here where you can clearly learn from others and apply that to your own life, which of course does require an actual decision to want to change and do the self-work it entails and requires.

No more 'asking for help' and seeing yourself as incapable of supporting yourself, you've gotten more than enough over the years, so it is now up to you to go back into reading what has been shared with you before and actually get to live it/apply it.

A must-hear audio that will support you in understanding this for yourself is How to Stop Overcomplicating Redefining & Living Words - The Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 106

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