My Insights on Addiction

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My Insights on Addiction

Postby Matti Freeman » 11 Jun 2017, 07:42

For me with addiction, an absolutely necessary tool has been the physical self movement / application of asking myself questions - in writing, on paper -- immediately after / as I've fallen into the point of addiction - while the experience is still fresh, still with me -- not judging myself / the experience - but diving into it with QUESTIONS to understand the nature of who I am in relation to the MOMENT where I made that DECISION. Asking myself the right questions about who I am, what does the experience / addiction mean / represent to me = what are the WORDS I'm really working with, has been THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT when it comes to breaking through and transforming from the IDEA OF CHANGE as = 'it's what I should do because of how I compare myself to others' --- to the SELF CREATION of CHANGE because I have found the actual words that contain the KEYS to giving life to something NEW instead of giving my life to the addiction experience.

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