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Postby jazzybeard » 25 Jul 2017, 12:33

Hi!! So the thing is I am not addicted to alcohol, but sometimes, once every 2 weeks I get drunk with my friends, it happened me yesterday and the effect of alcohol it's very weird in my process... it makes me feel, why would I do a process? what is this that I am doing? Can't I just live and learn alone? I feel a resistance with allowing desteni to influence my mind, like if I could easily misinterpret what I am doing to my mind based on desteni, I feel like if there was a normal person of this world seeing my process and saying why do you allow these people/knowledge to influence you against your mind?
I mean there is nobody I know that I can really share this with, because to show to a person to be against his own mind it's something very akward and taboo

Can you support me with this drug? Is there anything that you can share with me to support me in understanding how alcohol affects the mind?

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Re: Alcohol

Postby Marlen » 27 Jul 2017, 16:50

First of all here's the Design of Alcohol video so check it out to understand what it does.

Second point is clarifying what you are perceiving 'desteni' is in relation to your mind which is definitely not at all about creating a relationship of antagonism or battle 'against your mind', it is about in fact understanding who we are as our mind, understanding how we've created ourselves as our minds, the relationship that it has with our being and physical body and so learning the ways in which we can create/develop a relationship of self-support and self-direction in our minds and use it as the platform to live, express and create in a living and supportive manner, which is what it was initially intended to do.

Therefore what I suggest you do first of all is straightening up/aligning these ideas within you of having to be 'waging war against your mind' or 'desteni being about fighting with your mind' because that's absolutely not so. I understand this may appear being the case where in the material, the initial videos, one would hear a lot about 'you have to stop the mind, you are not your mind' but I'd say that such statements required a lot more understanding in relation to what it means to stand one and equal to one's mind so that then we can direct ourselves as it, instead of being automatically directed and automatically 'living' through programs, systems and patterns that we came to automate ourselves with.

A couple of interviews that I've defined as essential to understand the relationship to our mind, in terms of understanding its historical context of creation, its purpose and existence and our responsibility to it - instead of blaming a 'creator' or feeling 'powerless' towards our minds and current situation all are here:

Atlanteans - Caged in Powerlessness - Part 30

Atlanteans - How we became the Mind's Foundation - Part 31

Atlanteans - Who's Responsible for the Enslavement of Mankind - Part 32

Atlanteans - Missing The Point of Ourselves - Part 41

Atlanteans - How and why our Lives Aligned with the Planets and Stars - Part 42

Atlanteans - How the Mind change the Fabric of the Physical - Part 43

Atlanteans - Why the Mind is Inferior to the Superiority Physicality - Part 44

Atlanteans - How beings were imprisoned-transformed into Planets - Part 47 (Understanding Anu's role in existence and so his creation as the mind)

Atlanteans - We've Never Changed - Part 51

Atlanteans - How We Lost 'Who we Are' - Part 56 >Very important one about understanding how we created a relationship of powerlessness to change ourselves, how we 'gave ourselves up' in relation to the mind and what we need to do for the first time in order to live and define who we really are in our mind, being and body

To me understanding the history of how we are the mind assists a lot in integrating it as a part of me, my responsibility and so equalizing myself to it, which means understanding who I am as it. Again, be aware of the decisions you make to check this material out, each one's responsibility and awareness in getting it.

Ultimately it's not that 'alcohol' is the problem in itself, but the relationship you've created towards it. So, you can also look at what is the drive behind you wanting to 'get drunk' every now and then, what's your starting point, the purpose, your intent with it? And so you work with the answer to these questions, which will show you all of those aspects that you are still seeking to obtain as an experience, or how you want to 'get away' from something you are holding a negative relationship to.

In this case it makes sense to also review your relationship to 'desteni' in itself where you are making it something that seems 'threatening' or 'abnormal' or exist as a 'conflict' within you, instead of rather seeing that desteni are simply tools that anyone can use to learn how to better themselves, their lives and create a supportive outcome for oneself and others in life.

So, finding the reasons behind wanting to drink is by far a good start to then see more of 'who you are' towards alcohol, not so much to judge the substance in itself. It's always about the relationships we create with the drugs that are the problem, the drugs just 'are' we always have a choice to use them or not, and that's where self responsibility exists.

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