Creating Ripples on the Web: microchipping

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Creating Ripples on the Web: microchipping

Postby tormod » 17 Jul 2015, 16:31

Thank you Marlen for the drum roll :-)

My choice is:


You may have heard of "the mark of the beast" and the microchip is the final blow to humanity and for the elite to control us ? Something like that ? Ok, to me, that is only if we let it be that way. If we avoid the fear and the paranoia to this, it could actually be cool and supportive. For health and for payment and to communicate it could have lots of cool benefits within it.

Lets make microchipping not dangerous. I can clearly see the resistance to having implants in oneness body, and how people would think that it is a violation to the body. But let us not give this design of a rice grain to the devil/agents. Microchipping could be supportive and alright if we let it. Health, payment, communication, security, tracking and so on could benefit the one and also send vital information about body health to the doctor/institutions about what the body needs /do not need. It could be cool source of information.

It is already being introduced in Sweden, se articles: ... deo-report ... -into-body

So.. like we know to embrace something (self) I would ask of you to consider embracing surveillance and microchipping and to see how it could be cool and supportive - if we let it.

Microchiping can be cool if we make it cool. People have implants and tattoos from here to Madagascar anyhow. It could be relief to many a situation.

I know this idea can be radical to many. And I question myself if I would like to be microchip at all. It is hard question and if find that I would approve with it if we were all granted enough money to live in decency. Enough money to all. And I feel confident that it will happen. Although I would think such microchiping should be, on a voluntary basis.

We are micro chipping our pets. Why not our self? One million children go missing in Europe each year. People going lost could be prevented.
How could microchipping be cool for everyone ?

Some videos on the topic I have done on surveillance :

& :

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