Creating Ripples on the Web: Effective Blogging - Techniques, Words, Adding Value, Call to Action

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Creating Ripples on the Web: Effective Blogging - Techniques, Words, Adding Value, Call to Action

Postby Joao » 24 Jul 2015, 20:43

Hi Everyone!

I have recently been dedicating time to build a new blog about education and as part of preparation I have been investigating ways to build a successful blog:

What makes a good blog?

How to gain loyal followers?

What title blogs work best? (key words)

How to create "easy to read" blog posts?

These and other questions I have asked and I found some answers for.

Think for yourself what has been the guidelines for your blog and blog posts.

Why do you write WHAT you write?

Why do you write the WAY you write?

What is your target audience?

What is the PURPOSE of your blog?

Let's hear your answers and then I will share with you my finding!

#successfulblogging #readmyblog #catchyblog #howtoblog #bloglikeapro #masterblogging

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Re: Creating Ripples on the Web: Effective Blogging - Techniques, Words, Adding Value, Call to Action

Postby YoganBarrientos » 24 Jul 2015, 22:51

So the topic sparked an answer. So for these questions
Think for yourself what has been the guidelines for your blog and blog posts.

Why do you write WHAT you write?

Why do you write the WAY you write?

What is your target audience?

What is the PURPOSE of your blog?
I have a clear answer. I wrote it out in my blog. And I am quite satisfied with my answer and the results it has produced in me and in others. ... y-316.html

I have written about this topic many times. I may even have a blog somewhere that is titled who I am. But this time the question is, Who am I? as if someone else is asking this question. So to answer this question I am going to be answering another question. That is Why do I write this blog?

So this blog is part of my commitment to become Life, through writing, sharing, and in the real world, living the words I have written in every day life. So it does take years, yes, 7 years in fact, of writing and application in every day life, to truly change yourself on every level, dimension, nugget, and speck of yourself. So why I write the way I do right now? Well, I have had a journey in itself in writing my blog. You can see over the years how my writings has changed. That is because who I was within it, has changed. Before I was brand new, meaning I was full of fears, self-judgment worry, self-conscious, thinking about what others would think or say, etc... Now, I walk my process in real time. When I write, I sometimes am in a reaction, and I walk out of it in writing. I look at the point, describe it, piece by piece, until the truth of it unfurls before me. So I have come a long way. Now, when I write, I don't bullshit you. I don't have any interest in this blog, besides what is best for me, you and everyone. I don't wish to be famous or give you something airy, superficial, non-grounded, and something just to make you feel better or be distracted from your every day life. Most, if not all, people do that to some extent or another. So what you read here, is really me. If you were somehow able to sit down with me, and speak with me, and we open up one of these points that are opened up in my blog here, you would here me speak in the same exact way. I am even expanding this point, and testing it within real time speech now, which is why I am doing the audio recordings on soundcloud. Though when I write here in this blog, it is all in one go, one breath. I don't pause and think, and plan out a manipulation or strategy. Instead my strategy is my principle which is what I have set forth in not only my writing but in my daily life. Be become one whole person, that speaks, writes, thinks the same. That is what is best for all, and that is the awareness and hereness, and ability to decide and direct myself. It's not easy, and I make mistakes yes. But when I come to write or share about a point, I find that ground and stability again. This includes times when I am in a reaction and confused and don't understand why I am feeling the way I do. I simply go to my blog or in my private documents and just write it out. All in real time, collecting the information, everything that I observed and see about the point within me. From there, each and every time, I have found the answer. This process really took traction in this last year. Meaning I have been proving myself consistently that I can do it, whenever I have a reaction, each and every time, sorting it out, and having the answer to the puzzle and being able to correct, me, my experience of myself, and knowing what to do in this moment. So I write the way I write, because I am an example, a leader. I lead my life in the way that is best for me, you and everyone. So that you the reader knows how to do the same, and knows that this works and is the way to assist and support yourself to see, realize and understand who you are. If you read all my blogs, you will have a complete understanding of my journey up until this moment. You will for yourself, the proof that this process works. And you simply have to walk it, even from where you are right now, if you are brand new to process, that is where I started out, which you can see for yourself in my earliest blogs.

Now for the other side. If you do not write everyday or at least try to write everyday, you won't see any results. You will probably become even worse, in terms of the extent of your possessions. So that is to warn those who believe that writing every now and then, half-heartedly, is the same as what I have walked. No, it isn't. So don't claim that it is, or that you are walking the desteni process. The day you walk the desteni process is the day you struggle, you persist, you face deep reactions, resistance and shit, through writing and self-forgiveness, and you do the same the next day and the next. Each time you find some realization or understanding and some release. You will actually feel pretty good, what is called stability after writing, but it won't end there. Because the next day or even the next moment you will face again the same point or another point, and that will continue for so long that you will forget about when you originally started. If you are not walking that process of continuously and consistently face the shit, and stopping it, you are not walking the desteni process. So the same with me, initially. I wrote sporadically. I didn't really face the real shit. And it took time yes, before I mustered the courage to do it, which was in the end a decision. You don't need strong muscles, you just decide. The greatest gift that you can give in this process is to yourself. If you gift yourself process, that gift will be given to others as you live your life. Blogging is PART of my life. It is not my entire life, but a part. And some people do read it and are supported and receives gifts from it, yes. But also in daily life, who I am, is a gift to others as well. So its important to remember and remind yourself that you are the central point in process. That if you walk process, make sure that you would walk it only for you, meaning if no one else existed, you would still walk it. And so that's the attitude you take. Because no one else is going to face your shit that you feel inside of you. I mean yes you can act out, but that's still going to be on you. If you walk process believing that your mission/goal is to walk it for others, and you don't include yourself in that picture, what you walk will be ineffective and wasting your time and the other person's time. You may even become famous, and have millions of people say I love you and pay you money. But as we can see with all of our celebrities and rich people, that they are not supporting what is best for everyone, and they are not leading examples of how you should relate to yourself, and so everyone else.

So Now you kNow who I am. So I guess its time to ask, who are you going to become?
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