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New Social Marketing Tools & Earth Nation

Posted: 29 Sep 2017, 18:17
by Valentin Rozman
Dear fellow Destonians,

it has been 2 months since I joined the ASC Earth Nation organisation and I am now going to share useful tools for social marketing that we are also using there and my experiences with introducing Desteni message to that global community.

The #1 Crowdspeaking Platform

Smart Social Media Automation

Content Marketing Automation Suite

Digital talent network

Social media platform on Steem

YouTube alternative on Steem

SoundCloud alternative on Steem

Automation platform for Steem users

Powerful Social Dashboard

Project & Team Management

At Earth Nation we have now 14 teams where each is focused on their specific agenda and all of them collaborate with each other. Besides Facebook group chats we use Slack as the main communication platform and Basecamp for project management. Besides that each team has at least one Zoom video group meeting per week and if you want to learn how to use most of the tools above you are welcome to watch the recordings of past team meetings:

Steem Team Meetings Playlist ... 9xJjEQQwKp

I have started to work at Earth Nation as the Centre Coordinator for the Eco-Communities Team that has the mission to map and connect all the communities, farms and permaculturists that want to establish a sustainable living conditions and the land. I have so far hosted 5 team meetings and a special presentation about the benefits for the eco-communities that become part of the Earth Nation. In the first two meetings I also presented the Desteni Farm and Earth Haven and you can watch the recordings here:

Eco-Communities Team Meetings Playlist ... TroTXz4RIC

Besides that I have participated at the Graphic Design team in order to contribute with ideas for the new Earth Nation logo and our Equality Keys currency. I have created the new ASC Earth Nation YouTube channel and am holding a role of channel admin and custom thumbnails creator. And the latest news is that I have been granted a budget to start the Self-Perfection Team where I will be introducing Desteni resources and solutions. Yesterday I hosted the first workshop and you can watch the video here:

1st Self-Perfection Workshop

So Earth Nation proved to be very opened to every organisation that wants to synergise and to every individual regardless of the spiritual path and personal views. As long as all individuals peacefully and productively collaborate on the projects for improvements of this planet they are more then welcome to join one of the current working teams or create a Loomio proposal to establish a new team ando contribute with their specific skills.

I know that you are all already very busy with Desteni projects but if someone wants to experience and learn from how the things are managed in the Earth Nation or even collaborate at one of the projects and earn USD and KYS you are welcome to join using my affiliate link:

In any case I plan to within the Self-Perfection Workshop to interview Destonians and maybe even Sunette in order to share their experiences with Desteni. So if anyone is already interested to come on my show please let me know. Workshops will be every Thursday at 21:00 CEST/SA and this is the link to join the Zoom live video meeting by anyone even if they want to just watch without any prior announcement:

I am of course continuing with my personal process, producing blogs and vlogs to support myself and will continue to participate at as many LF forum chats and actively sharing Desteni content on social networks.

Valentin Rozman

PS: This is the message that I also sent to the LF mailing list

Re: New Social Marketing Tools & Earth Nation

Posted: 11 Nov 2017, 22:30
by Valentin Rozman
Dear fellow Destonian,

I decided to share some new information that we can use to be more effective at sharing the message and also providing funds for development of the projects on the farm as from the recent report I see that this is still an ongoing issue.


A few weeks ago I already shared a bunch of new tools that can automate the process of sharing and especially how to generate income from content on Steemit including this first Teachable course:

https://awakening-sovereignty-collectiv ... it-academy

At the Earth Nation, we have now created an additional free course on that and you are welcome to take it here:

https://awakening-sovereignty-collectiv ... automation

This is the related article at Steemit: ... t-for-free

And this is the video that explains sharing system even in more depth:

The amazing result was that that Earth Nation in just two weeks managed to generate income of over 1.000 USD by just several Steemit posts. All who want to master Steemit and are welcome to join the Earth Nation Steem Guild and learn how to promote Desteni content effectively. Soon those sharing tools will be even more perfected and available to be used also by other humanitarian organization.


At Earth Nation, we have also a Financial Team with an ex-bank employee Jon Caldwell who is hosting Financial Education Meetings and you are welcome to watch the recordings of the past meetings via this YouTube video playlist: ... F_OPSB7few

In the first few meetings, we have talked about the credit score and how it can be corrected very easily if you know how the US financial system works. So any Destonian who is the US citizen can send their credit information to Jon and he can in just several weeks or even just a couple of days repair it so that you can get a very high credit (most get up to 80.000 USD) to use or invest.

And at the last several meetings (recording of the 3 recent meetings have at this time not been uploaded yet), we were discussing the investment opportunities related to cryptocurrencies. So you can then also decide to use Jon in order to invest your money into trending cryptocurrencies and thus generate even more profit. Thus you can get money for free and then money can work for you in order to get even more money.

So all Destonians from the US are invited to join the Financial Team of the Earth Nation and use your financial potential to generate a lot of money to support our Desteni projects.

For additional information, you are welcome to contact me at

Valentin Rozman