Inflammation of skin all-over story

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Inflammation of skin all-over story

Postby YoganBarrientos » 13 Jul 2015, 04:27

Hey I wanted to share a personal account of a kind of skin inflammation I went through, as a support for others that may face the same point or may meet someone who will face that point. I did searches on the forum and I didn't see anything that resembled what I went through.

So this something that occurred in 2009 I believe, so several years back. Skin all over my body became, red, inflamed/hot and noticeable raised above the normal skin level. I remember how it started. I felt itchy in some parts of my body, my upper thighs were one of the first places. It starts in some patches of the skin, where it became raised. From there it became hot inflamed, and essentially covered most of my body. So like whole sections of my legs, arms, forearms, chest, stomach. My memory isn't clear whether it included my back too. It was like my body was really hot and giving off a lot of heat. It was painful to move. The pain was more like an itching pain. It became like needles or knives all over pinching or stabbing me.

When it first occurred I did immediately do research and I didn't find anything that match this exact description. But I did read about the skin, and I read about how with people who face heat stroke that it takes 24 hours for water that they drink to be fully assimilated in the body for uses. One such use is within the skin layer, where the water essentially served as a cooling system for the skin and the body. Apparently our bodies are always very hot all the time, when functioning normally, and that it actually has its own cooling system to keep the temperature down and regulate the heat. So my conclusion was that I was dehydrated, and the reason why I didn't face other symptoms earlier was because of the environment I was in. I was living in a cold, dry environment, and I didn't do any physical labor. Normally I would sweat, but I wasn't doing any physically demanding labor. So what I saw was that I reached this point of inflammation for this reason. I had grown up my entire life in a hot humid tropical environment, and when this thing occurred it was in this new environment, which was cold and dry.

So I drank a lot of water, but I knew it would take 24 hours, and then was when I knew my theory would be correct or not. I notice right away though that I peed, and it was dark, indicating that my body had a lot to release and process. So that was a positive sign that I indeed needing to drink more water. And so I waited.

It was like a itching stabbing pain sensation that you cannot do anything about because even moving was painful. I ended up isolating myself and keeping myself very still and basically waiting. Sleeping was difficult, though I was able to get myself in a position that was more or less comfortable where I did have to stay still as a statue, and I slept somewhat.

By the next day, around the time when I drank the first glass of water on the previous day, the inflammation started to decrease, and it was gone as quick as it came.

So when I see I haven't drank water in a while and I feel a bit dry/itchy I do drink water, just to make sure I avoid that consequence again.

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Re: Inflammation of skin all-over story

Postby viktor » 15 Jul 2015, 18:52


I would also suggest for anyone that come into a similar situation, where the body is reacting to something, to also contact a medical practitioner – because sometimes we might diagnose ourselves incorrectly and that could have consequences.

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