any suggestions to support me with my body

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any suggestions to support me with my body

Postby Aija » 23 Sep 2015, 17:09

I feel weird in my own body. I feel like my body is transforming fast and same time I feel like can't change the way I want to change my body. What is causing me this type of transformation any suggestions ?

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Re: any suggestions to support me with my body

Postby Marlen » 24 Sep 2015, 06:37

Hi Aija, welcome to the forum

To respond to your question, can you share more about in what context is your body changing? What kind of 'weird' experiences are you getting from it? Is it something you've referenced with doctors already - in case there is something concerning your health? And what are the experiences - as emotions - that you are experimenting on it?

So as with any other topic, expanding on the writing will assist in you grounding the question and us getting more background to give a perspective if possible.


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