The Gallbladder

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Laura Nuñez
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The Gallbladder

Postby Laura Nuñez » 22 Dec 2017, 16:07

Hi everyone!

I have been investigating lately about the gallbladder, because my father had a gallbladder removal surgery. He was on a trip in Canarias and it started hurting him, the medicians saw that it was inflamed because it had gallstones and the solution they gave him was to remove it.

So what the gallbladder does is it works like a garage for the bile, it stores it, and when we eat, the gallbladder flushes the bile which is liquid.
But sometimes the bile crystallizes, and it may or may not cause problems like obstruction of the gallbladder.

I investigated that it is better not to remove it because it has an Important function in the body, it absorbs vitamins from the fat like vitamin A, E, D and K. And with the bile that it stores, it helps to break down the gallstones and it has many other functions.

I read that traditional medicine recomeds it's extraction when that happens, but alternative medicine recommends not to extract it but to cure the gallbladder and make the bile liquid again, for it to function and become healthy, and It's recommended for everyone to do gallbladder and liver flushes regularly because those organs tend to get Ill if the bile crystallizes.

I saw the videos from Dr. Berg about it: to understand more:

Now my father had to change his diet, now he has to have small amounts of only the good fats, like avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, and to not eat too much meat, and to take supplements.

Has anyone done liver and gallbladder flushes? Any recommendations? I read that having gallstones is a symptom of anger, and my mother and father have had them, my grandmother too, I want to prevent them and do the flush and clean the organs inside, because yep it turns out that many medicians would just remove the whole gallbladder, seeing it as an unnecessary organ, when in fact it is important and illnesses can be prevented and cured with other methods.

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Re: The Gallbladder

Postby Kristina » 28 Dec 2017, 06:54

Hey Laura,

I have not personally done one myself, though have received a book on it from Garb Goodrow who has done them more than a few times I think. I will let her know about your post, I'm sure she has something to share on it.

My mother also got her's removed recently for the same reason, was causing problems and yes it seems that the first solution always is to just remove it when really it's an outflow of something else... it's not the actual problem, it's the consequence of a creation and better to know how it was created rather than just remove it as like attempting to run/hide from it. Thanks again for sharing!

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Re: The Gallbladder

Postby Garbrielle » 09 Jan 2018, 06:07

Hi Laura,

I have done around 5 liver flushes using Andreas Mortiz protocal so far. He has a book out and lots of videos on the flush and other related health topics, I highly suggest you check him out. I am doing another flush this week, so i can report back with more findings real time. Overall I feel more healthy and have found myself to be in more stability in terms of energy and ease of movement once starting these flushes. I also take supplements and partake lots in my eating habits and specifying them to be best for myself and my body. So it's definitely a learning process, though I do recommend the flush, you do see stones come out and the author, Andreas recommends you do the flushes until there is no more stones seen in your waste, which I am doing. I stopped for some time, but I am going to finish the flushes up this year. After the waste is clear of stones a two consecutive times, can then move to a protocal of every six months. Let me know if you have any more questions and I can assist. I also do recommend the book to research it thoroughly before you go start doing the flushes to be fully informed. This is what i did.

Andreas Moritz Youtube Page

the book:
The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body ... tz&f=false

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