Decade with Desteni - Featuring Tormod

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joe kou
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Decade with Desteni - Featuring Tormod

Postby joe kou » 14 Aug 2017, 11:37

Decade with Desteni - Featuring Tormod

What is it like to walk the Desteni proceess as a person diagnosed with schizophrenia? We get to hear from Tormod who has been walking his process for many years and was born with schizophrenia. How did the Desteni process assist and support him to not only 'cope' with his condition, but find ways to understand it and work with it?

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Re: Decade with Desteni - Featuring Tormod

Postby mikelammers » 14 Aug 2017, 13:23

Just listened to the interview and although it's filed under schizophrenia I see that we all battle with ourselves as schizophrenics. Like Tormod said "we all express ourselves as mentally ill in some for or another. The cool thing about hearing Tormod speak is that in his case it's all just more articulated and the symptoms he deals with are more severe. Eventually though it's about our relationship to our minds and the power we give our minds to rule our reality.

I also see that the format of integrating the Desteni message and the pioneering aspects of what Desteni is actually bringing into this world is much easier to grasp by using these kind of formats. In this case interviews with real people as physical proof of what is going on in and around Desteni. Very cool, very enjoyable and very supportive!! Keep up the good work Joe.

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