Walking as BREATH - physical breath vs living breath - what is the difference? - 03 May 2017

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Walking as BREATH - physical breath vs living breath - what is the difference? - 03 May 2017

Postby Leila » 08 May 2017, 19:53

8:52 PM Sunette Spies
set the channel topic: Walking as BREATH - physical breath vs living breath - what is the difference? we start 5 after the hour
9:04 PM Valentin Rozman
Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
9:04 PM Miranda de Haas
9:05 PM Carlton Tedford
9:06 PM Carolyne Schnidrig
Hello all
9:06 PM
Cool Topic
9:06 PM Sunette Spies
set the channel topic: Walking as BREATH - physical breath vs living breath - what is the difference? WE START
9:07 PM Cerise Poolman
9:07 PM Kim Scudamore
9:07 PM Dan Malara
hi all
9:08 PM martijn
9:08 PM Sunette Spies
Good evening all, this chat inspired by a discussion we had with Reginald this afternoon - looking at the PHYSICAL PACE and MENTAL PACE people here in Brussels move at, for example; and with Reginalds questions - realized that people were trying to ONLY move by PHYSICAL BREATH instead of practicing the IMPRINT of physical breath into SELF meaning:
9:09 PM
moving SLOWLY within SELF yet physically and mentally being able to move quite fast
9:09 PM
this process is not yet completely understood by many, so would like to use this opportunity to clarify :slightly_smiling_face:
9:09 PM Dan Malara
9:09 PM Cerise Poolman
9:09 PM Sunette Spies
There is obviously NO WAY to move 'breath by breath' LITERALLY on a physical level - when you are in consciousness / system time
9:10 PM Kim Scudamore
I have noticed how when I slow down and breath through my working day I actually get more done
9:10 PM Sunette Spies
speaking here of seeing the PACE, the 'breath' in which people move here mentally and physically it is quite 'fast' - lol fast forward time
9:10 PM Anna Brix Thomsen
9:10 PM Kim Scudamore
9:11 PM Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem
Agreed : s
9:11 PM Kim Scudamore
It's like that in the U.K. Too
9:11 PM Kurt Schnidrig
great looking forward
9:11 PM Alexander Boon
Hey all.
9:11 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
hi all, cool topic
9:11 PM Sunette Spies
though, can practice moving breath by breath when and as the opportunity allows - to assist and support self to imprint the movement of breath into self
9:11 PM
9:12 PM
if you here now 'naturally breathe' - just be aware of your breathing in and out; you will feel the sensation and movement within yourself to be quite slow and gentle
9:12 PM Miranda de Haas
9:12 PM Kim Scudamore
9:12 PM Sunette Spies
it is to practice being able to move gentle and slow WITHIN YOURSELF while at the same time having to move FAST PACED in the mind and body in moments in everyday life
9:12 PM Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem
Lol yes indeed
9:13 PM Dan Malara
9:13 PM Carlton Tedford
yes cool
9:13 PM Sunette Spies
there are times in a dat when you have to move FAST PACED - though, people generally get caught up in that fast paced movement physically and mentally and just never drop it
9:13 PM Kim Scudamore
Yes and then get stressed out
9:14 PM Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem
Stress becommes the activity
9:14 PM Sunette Spies
never taking a moment to QUIET, slow down and REALIGN self into physical breath and CHECK IN to make sure you as self is moving by life breath
9:14 PM Kurt Schnidrig
@sunettedimensions is that the key while Sherpas are the only one who are able to carry heavy goods to Mt. Everest because the are very, very slow and do each move in breath? or is that not connected to the physical?
9:14 PM Sunette Spies
which has a PACE of physical breath when you NATURALLY breathe
9:14 PM
an example:
9:15 PM
I come from farm life - here, I didn't realise how naturally and automatically I have all these years moved by the PACE of life and physical breath inside myself
9:15 PM martijn
I tried to live the fast pace but I got to a point of burnout.
9:17 PM
also I make more 'accidents'
9:17 PM Sunette Spies
In Europe, the pace of life is much different and I for a moment found myself moving mentally and physically by the pace of the people, the environment here - wanting to move, do, get things done, process as much and as fast as possible. It was an interesting experience and could get it done, BUT by no means something that can be maintained on a physical level on a deep level - over time, the body will not be able to handle the amount of processing you are conditioning it into if you do not yourself take MOMENTS in the DAY and ensure you within yourself are clear and stable
9:17 PM
So, the problem is NOT THE PACE!!!
9:17 PM Anna Brix Thomsen
I've also found that being with Lora assists me to move slower inside myself
9:17 PM Sunette Spies
you are able to handle the fast-paced life
9:17 PM martijn
I did the fast pace without the proper breathing
9:18 PM Anna Brix Thomsen
Really cool Sunette to hear about this
9:18 PM Sunette Spies
however, need to WHILE you are in that rollercoaster ride - be able to be quiet and stable and centred within yourself as you are IN it - until you find yourself in an environment and space, such as your home / apartment where you can physically ground / stabilize your pace within and without
9:18 PM
BUT being in the system is NO EXCUSE for not moving within yourself and only waiting until you get home to slow down
9:19 PM Dan Malara
is this rest period suggested to be done once a day?
9:19 PM Sunette Spies
I have slowed down, checked in with myself, stabilized and grounded throughout the day in MANY moments of opportunity available to me that were almost all the time
9:19 PM
every and any moment @dan
9:20 PM
I found it possible observing a building, observing people, even talking with people I have an opportunity to slow down, breathe, stabilize - drinking a few sips of water enjoying a cold drink, typing really fast, posting a post
9:20 PM Joe Kou
yes, can relate to this. i remember when i was living back in the US and working/living a fast paced lifestyle. i couldn't just wait for the moments of stillness and calmness - i had to create that space within me, within what i was doing throughout the day.
9:20 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
Dan - can use the more relaxed environment as a starting point and then implement when and as you can throughout the day, and as you go along integrate it into more and more moments
9:20 PM Sunette Spies
so many SMALL MOMENTS throughout the day can become THE MOMENT OF OPPORTUNITY for you to take a breath, slow down, check your stability, do some forgiveness
9:21 PM Valentin Rozman
Go it
9:21 PM
Got it
9:21 PM martijn
yes indeed
9:22 PM Pieter van Overschot
After a hard day working I slowed down while waiting for my train. No need to be at home to do so. Sometimes, on very busy days I will do the same while sitting at my desk in a quiet moment. This helps me to stay focussed and productive without feeling pressure or stress.
9:22 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
yes cool i can relate to this, especially in the work enviroment when it get's intense, what i noticed is that when i go into emotion and i stay in it meaning i don't process it and it lingers is where i start to rush, move fast within myself, and can make decisions - movements that i regret later.....though over time i have implemented moments of 'me' time where i do check in, go outside, watch the nature outside my window, and yeah this is def. supportive to slow down and move into my stability more, that gentle point within....cool share
9:22 PM Valentin Rozman
I take 20 minute naps at least 2 per day for that exact reason
9:22 PM Dan Malara
ok cool leilazm, and so then stable grounding place is more of a bridge and structural support for getting the hang of breath pace
9:22 PM Miranda de Haas
I work with elderly people and they force me to slow down in my work, they cannot handle my pace when I want 'things getting done'. it's quite nice and relaxed
9:22 PM Sunette Spies
Still, though - yes, for sure - at the end of the day it is AMAZING returning to your environment, that experience you have is what happens when your being and external environment can be more supportive for one another and you integrate more within and without into a space of support, while you had to stand more alone 'in the system / system pace' while working / doing everyday life things
9:24 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
lol yes miranda, i did as well, learned patience with them....i enjoyed walking with them as well
9:24 PM Carolyne Schnidrig
I can relate to this as well eg during our farm visits, I tend to be more in tune/aware of this slow pace within myself , my breathing, and then back here in switzerland, it's like back know to 'chaos' but I have realized through many small moments that, I can actually still be quiet, stable and move within and as the pace of my breathing even amidst the chaos that can arise while raising 2 small kids.
9:24 PM Joe Kou
my little apartment home was my favorite thing when i was living alone and working almost all the time - it was 'my' space for me to unwind and check in with myself after a long day in the system
9:24 PM Sunette Spies
Interesting @miranda - great to hear!!! Awww man, Cesar has crossrferenced patience with me and also challenged it in moments where in myself I am "we are going there NOW" and partially I am already mentally there, but not physically LOL, then Cesar wants to do something that requires a moment of waiting / patience and it sends a shock through me and I realise UH OH!!! I wasn't walking HERE!!! - slowing down, taking in my surroundings, rememvering my trajectory is still a JOURNEY TO WALK and to take in the proess of walking to the destination
9:24 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
With Cesar I have learnt - that taking that one deep slow breath in the midst of chaos - can make all the difference in the outcome and how I am about to direct the situation
9:25 PM Carolyne Schnidrig
Still practicing this point and the fact that it is possible to move leaves no excuse to say it can't be done.
9:25 PM Miranda de Haas
Cool garbrielle, yes having patience is important with them
9:25 PM Sunette Spies
yes @joekou it is cool to 'at the end of the day' return to your outer sanctuary - BUT it isnot to NOT DO ANYTHING ALL DAY and then WAIT to go home to start processing things
9:25 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
lol yes that is so cool with children and animals i have found, grateful for these moments
9:25 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
yes lol you got what I mean Carolyne just read your experience
9:25 PM Sylvia van Overschot-Gerssen
Yes leilazm I like th edeep in breaths as well a lot
9:25 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
awesome Leilazm
9:26 PM Joe Kou
yup sunettedimensions - has to be a point of balance
9:26 PM Sunette Spies
you can be walking as breath - which is to mean to walk at a SLOWER PACE WITHIN SELF in a way of SLOWING SELF DOWN and making sure you are remaining as clear, self honest, and directive as possible in moments of opportunity throughout your day
9:26 PM
Yes @carolyne
9:27 PM Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem
I stop myself more or less completely like i freze in the moment and then calm down with breathe
9:28 PM Dan Malara
How about using a mental device like visualizing being on a beach, and using that to support stability. This vs. breathing? @sunettedimensions
9:28 PM Sunette Spies
So, breath walk and life walk - it's to getto know the PACE OF PHYSICAL BREATH and to IMPRINT / MOVE AS THAT within yourself in moments where your mental / physical experience has to move fast for long, to remember to within self SLOW DOWN, do some inner forgiveness, observe and reflect
9:28 PM
Dan, cause pictures can stir up feelings
9:28 PM
and emotions
9:28 PM
all you need is YOU and BREATH Dan
9:29 PM Dan Malara
god it
9:29 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
also walking in the woods and nature once a day or a few times a week has also been supportive in slowing down, also being by water
9:29 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
Dan -that will likely make it worse, as you are then connecting a specific feeling/experience to a picture and THAT PICTURE ONLY - so when you throughout your day are not faced with that picture, you will experience a constant 'lack' of that experience - and so creating a bigger polarity/separation
9:29 PM martijn
I get in the wrong kind of fast pace when I think "I'll do this quickly so I can do that when this is done" type of thinking.
9:29 PM Sunette Spies
Anything else @dan - may just create more reactions, cause pictures are consciousness favourite thing to use to create ENERGY, so you can then create a experience of slowing down / breathing / stabilizing instead of practicing the REAL THING
9:30 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
it has to be a self movement
9:30 PM Pieter van Overschot
Even walking in a big city is great to slow down @garbrielle
9:30 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
if you use a picture - you are getting the picture to stimulate/trigger an experience - it is not you
9:31 PM Ingrid Schaefer
I enjoy the experience of coming home after a busy day; here the sun is sometimes shining into the room, the animals sitting on the ground (rabits in the past) or now cats running around, silence. Like 'home' Though can support myself much more during the day with slowing down.
9:31 PM Aldin
cool leila, agree
9:31 PM Dan Malara
ok clear. How about this: are there any breath-like illusion/traps to watch out for? Like trancing-out in breath and somehow not really being breath aware...or is it simple and not so tricky?
9:31 PM Marlen Vargas
I agree peter
9:31 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
yes, pvoversc, i actually did that a few weekends ago and realized how much i do miss it, i am mostly in country type living and prefer it, though city living has it's own 'gems' as well to slow down, take in, and see who one is within it...so i agree for sure
9:32 PM Joe Kou
when i was in the US, sometimes i would go for a drive or take a walk around the city - even if it is just going around the block. i found that taking those moments for myself really supported me out of some mental funks especially when living a fast paced life
9:32 PM Sunette Spies
Yes @ingrids
9:32 PM
Very simple @dan
9:32 PM Pieter van Overschot
but in nature is nicer, I have to agree on that @garbrielle
9:32 PM Dan Malara
9:32 PM Sunette Spies
Look: most people - when they are moving FAST PACED - don't realisethey do it in an ENERGY
9:32 PM Joe Kou
dan - i would say try it without expecting anything or wondering if you're doing it 'right'
9:33 PM Carolyne Schnidrig
Dan, I would say it's quite simple really because all you need is to breath and be aware really
9:33 PM Sunette Spies
So, best is to also identify the ENERGY you access while moving FAST PACED and not checking in with a simple in breath and out breath
9:33 PM Marlen Vargas
I definitely move fast paced as well so this whole discussion is quite interesting for me, will keep an eye though on not going with the flow of rushing
9:33 PM Maite Zamora Moreno
garbrielle - what you can do with walking in the forest and being in the presence of water - is to observe how you change in those moments - like what is it you actually do within you to become more grounded, or calm, or here - which the environment supports with, where it is almost effortless to do it when you are in the forest/by water - but it is still you doing it - so can observe that internal movement/change and take it with you to practice in other environments carrie
9:33 PM Yogan Barrientos
Breathing when breath becomes you and you become breath.
9:33 PM Sunette Spies
So, one can look at things fast in the mind and move fast physically - BUT at the same time, you are quite stable and clear and content within yourself
9:33 PM Marlen Vargas
it was a bit of a challenge to walk slower the other day like wanting to get ahead of people, so was a cool change to try out
9:34 PM Kim Scudamore
I was doing the morning commute today and noticed how everyone is rushing like worker ants most completely oblivious to the surroundings, many on the phone, listening to music, loosing the moments to take in the environment
9:34 PM Sunette Spies
@kims what I am saying is:
9:35 PM Alexander Boon
This is something that I am struggling at work with. Working in kitchens is usually fastpaced and stressful I have been having an experiences of like not wanting to really be doing anymore lately.
9:35 PM Sunette Spies
you can still be in a 'seeming rush' - like a worker ant, BUT!!! be clear, stable and quiet within yourself
9:35 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
yes cool point Maite, i will indeed look and see more who i am, i have also incorporated nature into my other environments though the relationship connection is still in separation as it's a need in a way, so i'll loot at that....thanks
9:35 PM Joe Kou
yes - can actually still move quite fast and be in the fast paced life - without losing ourselves to it.
9:35 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
9:35 PM Alexander Boon
Interesting to hear some practical points to work with.
9:35 PM Sylvia van Overschot-Gerssen
What I find supportive as well, is doing a task or several tasks and know how much time you have or will take, then within the task no longer be preoccupied with time. And when it's not finished continue later or take a bit more time. Bfore I did this I would be full of stress as a rat race against time.
9:35 PM Marlen Vargas
yep garb otherwise many of us don-t haee that direct access to nature and would then condition such ability to an element or environment, when it-s all about ourselves anyways
9:35 PM Pieter van Overschot
Interesting @marlen , I experienced that a lot when going out for a walk to slow down I was almost running... Just keeping up with the pace of my mind for no reason. So I learned myself to slow down and that did not necessarily slow down very much my pace, lol.
9:36 PM Kim Scudamore
Yes I understand sunette, I have noticed as I said how when I stop and breathe and slow down I become much more productive
9:36 PM Carolyne Schnidrig
Cool topic as this is a point I am currently practicing. Really greatful for all these perspectives.
9:36 PM Sunette Spies
For example with me, walking fast to make it to a train door before it closes on you lol - noticed a part of me wanted to go into an energetic RUSH within myself of "got to get there now now now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - instead, breathed, forgave the rush energy, dropped it and STILL MOVED FAST, still ASSESSED VERY FAST in my mind what I need to do to get there asap - but ME WITHIN MYSELF was without any rush energy
9:36 PM Marlen Vargas
yep that-s a cool observation and challenge indeed @pvoversc
9:36 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
yes for sure Marlen, stability no matter who i am and where i am as i am always here is best
9:36 PM Aldin
yes sunette. when i used to sprint couple of years ago, it was a very fast physical movement for some time but quiet and stable inside self. is this what you are referring to outside gast pace and inner calm?
9:36 PM Marlen Vargas
ah thats a cool example @sunettedimensions
9:37 PM Yogan Barrientos
Like when Athletes enter in the zone.
9:37 PM Sunette Spies
Yes @aldin
9:37 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
after taking traisn for years - I was still getting missing train nightmares on the farm years later lol
9:37 PM Sylvia van Overschot-Gerssen
yes indeed sunettedimensions
9:37 PM Carolyne Schnidrig
Cool @sunettedimensions
9:37 PM Aldin
cool thx
9:37 PM Joe Kou
when i was working as a dispatcher and had to be at my computer for 12-14 hours straight - i didn't really get to step away to 'unwind'. so i found moments to breathe as i worked - as i would be on the phone troubleshooting a problem i would breathe, calm myself, be aware of my tone/voice - doing that already made a huge difference and i suspect it is those moments that allowed me to work that job as long as i did without totally burning out
9:37 PM Kim Scudamore
Cool sunettedimensions
9:37 PM Matti Freeman
a good scenario in which to become aware of the 'rushing inside yourself' energy, is driving in traffic on the way to work or an appointment
9:38 PM Sunette Spies
There you go @joekou - very cool example
9:38 PM Ingrid Schaefer
Lol @leilazm
9:38 PM Pieter van Overschot
Cool @sunettedimensions, I've experienced that several times. Ever since I do not rush for the train in the mind I am able to move physically very fast and no problem to jump in the train just before the doors close.
9:38 PM martijn
I remember that I at first didn't dare to be present in the city centre and take the time to stand still and look at something other than who windows. lol. So I decided to do a test and on a busy day with lots of shopping people, I started walking extremely slowly and guess what, nobody noticed. only one person who stood still on the other side of the road.
9:38 PM Kim Scudamore
Yes Joekou I am learning this as I used to feel intense energy when rushing and almost feel like I was going onto a panic attack
9:38 PM Valentin Rozman
When I go to the centre of the city for some errands I sometimes run. But not because I am in a hurry or because my mind is moving fast. I run because my physical body enjoys running and while I move I keep clear head and am fully focused on my surrounding. So yes - important is who you are within what you do.
9:38 PM Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem
Lol @leilazm
9:39 PM Joe Kou
lol kims yes i actually did that in the beginning as WAS in fact burning out - so i found my solution lol
9:39 PM Sunette Spies
Cool @pvoversc
9:40 PM Carolyne Schnidrig
Cool Joe!
9:40 PM Kim Scudamore
Cool Joe - yes I am completely different now through practicing slowing down to speed up lol
9:40 PM Joe Kou
i would 'go into' the rush with a rush personality - try to get it all done, take all comers, sleep is for the weak, shut up and get out of my office if you're not here to solve problems - not very pleasant lol
9:40 PM Valentin Rozman
Cool @martijn
9:40 PM Dan Malara
this is really cool, I was noting today how my driving-personality took a poop, and I released some of that 'A to B asap' quality. And I can still get to my destination with relative efficiency! #MuchMoreRelaxing
9:40 PM martijn
I once drank too much coffee and rushed into a train between closing doors, it was the wrong train
9:40 PM Kim Scudamore
lol Martijn
9:40 PM martijn
9:40 PM Pieter van Overschot
lol @martijn
9:40 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
9:40 PM Sunette Spies
lol @martijn
9:41 PM Joe Kou
9:41 PM Aldin
9:41 PM Sunette Spies
Alright, so - to PRACTISE
9:41 PM Kim Scudamore
I threw two lots of tea all over my desk because I was rushing and not breathing lol
9:41 PM Sunette Spies
walking LIFE BREATH, that moving in a centered anchored calm and stability within yourself in moments in your day, even if you have to move fast mentally and physically
9:41 PM Kim Scudamore
It was a reminder to breathe and slow down lol
9:42 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
oh man kims
9:42 PM Ingrid Schaefer
I also remember an example with the train where i did not want to rush so was resisting but needed to run to catch it. Then i remembered some quote like 'if you run, then really run' and i did run and 'go for it' and not getting rushed, even while i was tired. Was quite an enjoyable experience.
9:42 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
9:42 PM Sunette Spies
NOW PLEASE - do not misunderstand me as it meaning to PHYSICALLY SLOW DOWN - especially when you have to catch a train lol
9:42 PM Joe Kou
i am still a bit of a workaholic at times - but have become much more able to still work quickly and diligently without going into the stress/adrenaline personality
9:42 PM martijn
cool ing
9:42 PM Miranda de Haas
9:42 PM Sunette Spies
I would have to even with moving fast, WHILE MOVING forgive, look at a point and change IN REAL TIME
9:42 PM
9:42 PM Kim Scudamore
I am more alert when focused and fast paced and not in my mind
9:43 PM Sunette Spies
So, while you are moving physically, you can process within yourself
9:43 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
haha good one Ingrid! I will remember that oner
9:43 PM Sunette Spies
There is no "ohhhhhhhhhhh let me quickly take a moment within myself, breathe, forgive, let the energy go, practice changing and then catch my train!"
9:43 PM Kim Scudamore
Everything flows better is what I have found
9:43 PM Aldin
9:43 PM Carlton Tedford
9:44 PM Carolyne Schnidrig
Lol no
9:44 PM Kim Scudamore
Cool sunettedimensions
9:44 PM Sunette Spies
lol awesome @ingrids
9:44 PM Joe Kou
learning to move fast, react quickly, but not go into the energy or rush experience - definitely an important skill for system life
9:44 PM Sunette Spies
Well articulated @joekou yes
9:44 PM Aldin
Train man/woman please wait, I have to do some writing and sf and then I can enter
9:44 PM Matti Freeman
lol Aldin
9:44 PM Yogan Barrientos
Something fun that I would do as a child is to see how slow I can walk. So I would move in slow motion. I challenged myself to go as long as could at that pace. Can be a game everyone can play with themselves or with others.
9:44 PM martijn
9:45 PM Ingrid Schaefer
Lol @aldin
9:46 PM martijn
cool Y
9:46 PM Joe Kou
an example - when i was a dispatcher i had about 8 to 16 drivers that i had to at all times track, communicate with, troubleshoot for, direct, route, and generally watch. this meant that i would sometimes be on the phone with 3 people at once who all needed me to make decisions and solve problems and figure out logistics - i had every excuse to panic and freeze and in the beginning that is what i did lol - until i learned how to move quickly, prioritize, make decisions, get over mistakes, and keep moving - which i found i could only really do when i slow down within speeding up lol
9:46 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
Cesar does that @yoganb - like a slow mo shuffle
9:46 PM martijn
nice example joe
9:47 PM Yogan Barrientos
like being a snail. Copying the snails
9:47 PM Aldin
interesting and cool share joe
9:47 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
and then other times he is like RUNN!!RUN!!! (Joana, Joao and Reginald know what I mean)
9:47 PM Matti Freeman
interesting @joekou I found a similar thing when I was working in a fast paced restaurant with hours of non stop physical ccordination required - when I slowed down within myself my mind was more clear and I could make more effective decisions while still moving very fast physically\
9:47 PM Joe Kou
yes matti it is like a 'neo' moment
9:47 PM Kim Scudamore
Yes totally
9:47 PM Matti Freeman
lol yep
9:48 PM Joe Kou
i was like .... whoa... i know dispatching
9:48 PM
9:48 PM
then life was like "show me"
9:48 PM Yogan Barrientos
another game is where you walk with your eyes closed and walk with someone else, and they have to guide you by the arm/hand. Then you switch later.
9:48 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
9:48 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
9:48 PM Adam
observing walking I came more and more to recognise the sensations in my legs of suddenly becoming engaged in some kind of drive, and so it was to pause and then bring myself back here and then continue walking
9:48 PM Marlen Vargas
@yoganb i did that with my sister but she got dstracted and I got hit on a lamppost
9:49 PM Yogan Barrientos
it simulates being blind
9:49 PM Sunette Spies
Alright, so - everyone got the just of it :slightly_smiling_face: - we practice in any GIVEN / GIFTED moment of every dayl ife - to practice our LIFE BREATH movement of being here, calm and stable
9:49 PM Leila Zamora Moreno
ouch Marlen
9:49 PM Kim Scudamore
I found I enjoy my work more when I am flowing in this way - otherwise I feel heavy and tired
9:49 PM Ingrid Schaefer
So what i see then is that it is more a resistance/fear to interact, express, move and change that is giving the rush actually.
9:49 PM Joe Kou
one night my boss messaged me - she had been tracking everything behind the scenes and she said "joe, what happened? you suddenly got really good" lol
9:49 PM Aldin
yes s
9:49 PM Dan Malara
9:49 PM Kim Scudamore
lol Joe
9:49 PM Carlton Tedford
9:49 PM Marlen Vargas
lol nice @joekou
9:49 PM Dan Malara
and let's now just all do it consistently for 21 days :slightly_smiling_face:
9:50 PM Joe Kou
and then another 21 days after that. repeat infinitum
9:50 PM Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem
This reminds me of my old jobb driving big tractor with wagon , backing and all... i am stronger than i think i am
9:50 PM Ingrid Schaefer
Lol @joekou cool
9:50 PM Sylvia van Overschot-Gerssen
cool tormod
9:50 PM Sunette Spies
Just start doing it and walking it is my suggestion
9:51 PM
Start gradually and naturally implementing this in daily life
9:51 PM
walkin' process in REAL TIME :slightly_smiling_face:
9:51 PM
this life breath movement will assist and support with doing just that
9:51 PM martijn
hey @valentin.rozman here's energy for your Institute http://www.magmov.co/
9:51 PM Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem
I walk this in my life / village it is cool Enjoy breathe :whale:
9:51 PM Aldin
cool T!
9:52 PM Alexander Boon
Cool Suggestion @sunettedimensions
9:52 PM Marlen Vargas
yep cool chat and suggestions shared here guys, thanks
9:52 PM Ingrid Schaefer
Very cool
9:52 PM Sunette Spies
All, thanks for being here
9:52 PM
Appreciate it
9:52 PM Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem
Thanks for sharing all
9:53 PM Dan Malara
thanks for walking fast around Europe!
9:53 PM Ingrid Schaefer
Thanks all
9:53 PM Miranda de Haas
Thank you sunettedimensions
9:53 PM Sunette Spies
looking forward to next week's public chats!!!
9:53 PM Miranda de Haas
Thanks all, bye
9:53 PM Carlton Tedford
Thanks all
9:53 PM Aldin
thx all
9:53 PM
see yaaaa
9:53 PM Sunette Spies
Enjoy yourselves, life breath and real time change!
9:53 PM Dan Malara
bye all
9:53 PM Sylvia van Overschot-Gerssen
9:53 PM Adam
Thanks everyone
9:53 PM Ingrid Schaefer
9:54 PM Pieter van Overschot
9:54 PM Alexander Boon
Bye All!
9:54 PM Matti Freeman
9:54 PM Kim Scudamore
Bye all thank you !
9:54 PM Carlton Tedford
9:54 PM Garbrielle Goodrow
thanks all, supportive chat indeed....enjoy your walk!
9:54 PM Carlton Tedford
9:54 PM Valentin Rozman
Thanks and bye all :slightly_smiling_face:
9:56 PM martijn

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