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Postby Leila » 15 Jul 2017, 17:21

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Re: Miser-Able

Postby Marlen » 18 Jul 2017, 06:09

Definitely cool to have these posted here, thanks Leila! Very cool support in this one

This video caught my attention upon being reflecting about sharing and how I sometimes go into an idea of 'there's not much to share' and how upon deciding to open up things for myself, I have in fact been seeing that there are things I had not shared before and how these were all points that in a way yes contribute to the 'miser' experience that makes us yes, miserable in forgetting about sharing back what we've learned and through that in my case I've seen the importance of giving back what I've received. So, I wrote a blog where I referenced this video as well for further reference https://marlenvargasdelrazo.wordpress.c ... reciating/

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