Creating the Doom within through the Mood of Energies

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Creating the Doom within through the Mood of Energies

Postby SunetteSpies » 24 Jun 2011, 12:39

Suicide at US Army HTS: General Martin Dempsey Channels Joker

We’re fighting ‘wars’ “out there” – when the actual, real battle is in fact within each-one. We’re creating our own doom – not destroying the world, but in fact ourselves; each one and as humanity together: we’re creating our own doom in every moment of breath that we accept/allow ourselves to give-into the abuse of the mind and how it manifest through behaviour and actions. We’re fighting wars outside ourselves, when the battle within has not and is not even confronted, dealt with and/or faced. Here simply showing – how, destructive the war-‘within’ can be/become when one is not the directive-principle of self, here. Stop the war within, and so also the war without – face the wounds of the past, heal, stand-up and change – for self and the world.

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Re: Creating the Doom within through the Mood of Energies

Postby Marlen » 25 Jun 2011, 18:12

Thanks for posting this. I've read also people that have been committing suicide to not face death by weapons thrown by NATO as well which is another outflow of the war that is outside hitting people that had nothing to do with the entire conflict yet part of this world makes us all subject to this type of crimes.

Stopping is necessary, stopping is what's required to realize how we are creating our world as the inner reflection of our own war against ourselves as life.

Desteni is here as the point of support for all humankind to start realizing there is another way to go through this. Self Forgiveness in Self Honesty.

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Re: Creating the Doom within through the Mood of Energies

Postby samsung » 29 Oct 2014, 12:42

this is very good post


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Re: Creating the Doom within through the Mood of Energies

Postby sylvia » 29 Oct 2014, 13:20

Hi samsung welcome to the forum. It would be cool if you introduce yourself in this section, so we'll understand how you found Desteni, this forum and if you are already familiar with our materials and tools. We use the tools of writing, self-forgiveness, self-honesty, self-responsibility, correcting ourselves in real time and breathe. That's why we have the following sections so we can share ourselves with others who all walk their process of change: writing, self-forgiveness, public blogging, free online course and materials.

After your tour on the forum, please have a look at our guidelines.

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