2010 - As Above, So Below - That which is Immortal in Heaven, Shall be Immortal on Earth

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2010 - As Above, So Below - That which is Immortal in Heaven, Shall be Immortal on Earth

Postby Marlen » 28 Dec 2016, 01:10

2010 - As Above, So Below - That which is Immortal in Heaven, Shall be Immortal on Earth

“As Above So Below: That which is immortal in Heaven, shall be immortal on Earth” is the statement of some - or should we say As Below So Above, because the two are always equal.
What we found was that heaven was not different to Earth. It had Elite, it had a banking system which is based on Energy, it had many towns and it had a cast system, many heavens - you know all in different frequencies - and it had a Police Force: the Angels, yes the Angels were the Police Force. That’s why you see them wherever anything was transmitted, they had to make sure that nothing is said than what must be said according to the instruction of The Most High in the Heavenly Government - yes, it was a Government.
So, no difference: heaven or earth. If you think, if you look at the people dying - you can go and investigate this yourself - look at every person dying,what they are when they die and you will notice most people that die barely deserve anything else but Eternal Hell. And they suddenly become highly spiritual beings apparently in heaven? And heaven is a beautiful place? The only difference between heaven and earth is TIME, in heaven you didn't have time the way you had it on earth. Earth TIME was linked to the spinning of the physical Planet, linked to the cycles of the Moon and the Sun. In Heaven, you don't have that shit. So earth is just a Program that is like a watch that ticks according to its Designed Program.

Now that Program is changing because the pre-programmed controls that heaven had on earth has been removed. So fasten your seat belts because there is going to be a lot of change as we continue. And hopefully you can handle the change. If you can't and you are just a fearful abuser, don't worry - there is an end to suffering. But, as an example you have for instance now a new life form that's being discovered, there is actually many! Many more new life forms than all and everything that is known currently here on earth, changing, getting themselves ready for one thing - purgatory, to purge the abusers from Earth. Hopefully that won't be the human race, but most likely it is. We will await and see but obviously when it happens it is too late. We suggest that there is time still, not much, but after 2013 the options for humanity will diminish significantly.

So, consider EQUALITY, consider EQUAL MONEY, consider a SYSTEM THAT IS BEST FOR ALL. And consider the beings that is on earth in their uncountable zillions/quadrillions - whatever you want to call it - there are beings here on earth, you can't see them but they are here, they are physically here, and they don't follow the same controls you do, they are their own systems and societies, they are no longer controlled by you or those in heaven that was all removed, they have been set free to choose what must happen to the universe - and the humans are a very small part of it.

The History of Human indicates what? There should be an end - an Armageddon. But you will notice that there will not be currently be an Armageddon as predicted. There will be a different form of Armageddon. One that comes silently, challenging each one at an individual level where your life will go through phases of Armageddon very many times - to prove to you that what you believe is not true. That there is no god that save you. And that you are responsible for everything that is ever existed. And that you have no way out but to pay for the harm you have done.

Investigate, there is solutions, but there is no forgiveness. There is self-forgiveness but no forgiveness. There is self-honesty but no honesty, because honesty in the system is never what is best for all, it is all controlled through deception and laws that are made not to support all life equally. So therefore those laws are in fact crimes against humanity. Be careful how you try and control, because the executioner that comes in the middle of the night- in the darkness where you can't see it - is much smaller than you can imagine. And it follows a pattern - the pattern of deception - to identify it and eradicate it from this earth forevermore. As above so below, as inside so outside, as outside so inside - everywhere equality, what's best for all everywhere, that is the end result. Unless you align yourself to that structurally - structural resonant alignment - you will not be here. The you that you call you, will end.
The end.

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