Neuro Linguistic Enslavement By Bernard Poolman

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Re: Neuro Linguistic Enslavement By Bernard Poolman

Postby Cathy » 28 Oct 2011, 06:39

Neuro-Linguistic Enslavement
by Bernard Poolman

And hear what we say: 'The Key is the Physical'. If you do Not-‘Transcend’ in the ‘Physical’, you are ‘Effectively’-‘Screwed’ - because you Cannot in the ‘Interdimensional’ - that means in the ‘After-Life’ ‘Transcend’ the ‘Physical Reality’, you have to come-‘back’. And the only-way you can ‘prove’ that you are ‘Self-Honest’ is ‘In-the Physical’- And ‘Self-Honesty’, you ‘prove’ by you ‘using’ your ‘References’ with ‘Pain’ - because ‘Pain’ - when ‘Referenced’ ‘Effectively’, you Cannot ‘Reduce’ - it is the ‘Effect’ of your ‘Participation’-
Which is: then a ‘Road map’ Indicating to-you ‘where’ you are 'messing-up' within your ‘Interaction’ with this ‘Reality’- but ‘first’ you have to do some ‘Corrections’, ‘Start’ with ‘Self-Forgiveness’. ‘Self-Forgiveness’ through that ‘Application’, you will start ‘Moving’ and ‘Correcting’ the ‘Cross-Referencing’ of ‘Information’ between the ‘Left’ and the ‘Right’-side of the ‘Body’. So, ‘Self-Forgiveness’ is the ‘Practical-Process’ within-which the ‘Correction’- ‘happens’.

Within-‘that’, you’ll 'Develop' the ‘Correction’ with ‘Self-Honesty’ - and once your ‘Left’ and ‘Right-side’ ‘Information’-‘Processing’ that ‘Crossroads’ has been ‘Corrected’, You will be ‘Self-Honest’- That means you can ‘Reference’ ‘Information’ ‘Self-Honestly’- that is ‘How’ it is ‘Physically’-‘Tested’, that's ‘How’ we ‘Test’-you, to ‘check’ ‘where you are’ in your ‘Process’ in terms-of your ‘Referencing’-of ‘Reality’ through ‘Self-Honesty’. ‘Regularly’ we are ‘testing’ here on the Farm in terms-of ‘showing’ whether ‘People’ are ‘Actually’ being able to ‘Break the Veil’ yet- and even after-‘years’, that is ‘still’ Not-‘Here’- It takes ‘anything’-up to 7 years to ‘Break the Veil’ - of ‘Extreme’-‘Application’ before you can start 'Breaking- through' the ‘Delusion’ of the ‘Cross-Referencing’ of the ‘Mind’ ‘Mirroring’ everything to you in-‘Reverse’ -And therefore you’re ‘Living’ in an ‘Accepted’-‘Reality’ of ‘Delusion’- ‘Unable’ to ‘Note’ the ‘Delusion’- because everybody-‘else’ is doing-it as well- So you're 'Unwilling’ to ‘Stand' in the ‘Face’-of the Obvious-‘Deception’-You ‘know’ it ‘Exist’ but you just can't ‘touch’-it.‘Hear’ me: when your ‘Forgivenesses’ are done ‘Effectively’ and your ‘Self-Honesty’ has Become ‘Physically’-‘Manifest’, and your ‘Referencing’ of ‘Information’ is ‘Dimensionally-Corrected’= You Will ‘See' ‘Deception’ coming-from 'Everywhere' and be able-to ‘Direct’-it with ‘Great-Ease’. It takes-‘Time’, but ‘with’ ‘Effective’ continuous ‘Application’: You Will ‘get-it'. Understand the ‘Mind’ Will ‘Challenge’-you, because you are ‘Effectively’ ‘shutting-off’ the ‘Interpretation’-of ‘Reality’, to so that Your ‘Participation’ can become ‘Direct’ and Not-something of a ‘Delusion’. ‘Make-Sense’?
Everyone: Yeah.

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