Genetic Command Codes, Desteni Message and the Equality Equa

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Re: Genetic Command Codes, Desteni Message and the Equality Equa

Postby tylersr » 14 Feb 2016, 05:21

It's been stated repeatedly within the Desteni material that overcoming one's family-limitations will be the toughest part of process. While it's a nice idea to think we can come to a harmonious situation with our family members, and with all families, given what's stated in this video and implied in George R. Price's mathematical theory of altruism, it becomes clear that nothing less than changing the environment with a basic income guarantee will suffice to create harmony on Earth.

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Re: Genetic Command Codes, Desteni Message and the Equality Equa

Postby Kristina » 18 Feb 2016, 08:40

Agreed, though to a certain extent. We can also work within the limitation, and not create further limitation, that only with a living income or a changed environment we can exist in harmony with our family, and others. This interview simply shows a cross reference for what's been shared about preprogramming of the human, and that through physical change, it can be changed. So yes, a living income and change in environment on a worldly scale that is best for all, will create a more harmonious human race, we are not limited to only when 'that' happens for it to happen. We can in fact change now, AND have a relationship with our families that are not conflictual, but that are mutually supportive. For me I've found simply through walking my own process, and sharing myself in self-honesty, my relationship with my family has become more harmonious. And it was from me becoming an example, and my family seeing a change I was making that was best for myself, I was changing for the 'better'. So don't under-estimate the power we have walking our individual process - that is in fact where we will have to start to create the harmony on an existential scale - first through creating in/as ourselves, and with/as others in our direct environment.

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Re: Genetic Command Codes, Desteni Message and the Equality Equa

Postby Daniel » 19 Feb 2016, 19:52

Thanks for posting this audio!

I still have much to learn about the coding of the physical, but I can see the undeniable merit. I am currently studying some of the deeper components of computers and code and how everything works together. It's basically analogous to the human physical body! I'm excited to see what powers unfold with a deeper understanding of the math of physical reality.

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