2011: The Physical is the Answer -- Context

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2011: The Physical is the Answer -- Context

Postby Marlen » 02 Dec 2016, 19:05

2011: The Physical is the Answer -- Context - 2011

One must understand that the desire to hope for something to save you is in itself a “justification” to not do anything about the situation that’s prevailing. Now understand why physical is the answer! it’s not because it’s got some magical power with which it will save you, it is because it is the most screwed stuck part of existence where everything exists as defined “separation”, and that because it exists as defined separation it becomes our “solution” because we can see in the defined separation the mistakes we have made and what we have allowed and accepted and then through time by “redefining” the physical we can redefine our reality to what is best for all.

At he moment there are those who believe that somehow this is hell and when you die you escape from this - that is not so. This is hell how it is, but it is a hell that everyone created themselves. There is no escape, when you die you die as a physical object with a consciousness, the consciousness is subject to the physical and it’s subject to the physical design. That is why your intellect and your emotions, your feelings, all of those things are defined by your physical capacity - the size of your brain and the way your physical structure functions. According to that you have certain abilities of reason and you have the ability of comprehension and make decisions based on the feedback that you get.

Unfortunately, the context of this reality is not being taught to children and is being misguided by virtually every system – education system, government system, money system, every system we have is misdirecting the answer deliberately because there is a sense of spite and futility and ego and brutality and evil within those that is willing to destroy others just for their own happiness and the true part that motivate this is “pursuit of happiness” and within that everybody has got an agenda, this agenda is what motivates you to do what you do – you are pushing reality purely for the sake of your own satisfaction, your own self centeredness, your own self as the receiver as the one that must benefit regardless of everything else because apparently this reality is the physical, is an illusion and it’s not real. You are going to learn one thing! that this is the only reality that is real, that everything else that you’ve believed was real was in fact not real but was all made up like a fairy tail.

In some form! you will return to this reality all the time. When you die you will return to dust and that dust will gather again and make another body and you will face the same stuff again and again and again until you get it. There is no way out from this, the situation is going to escalate out of control completely because the pre-designs are no longer controlled off volt so to speak from heaven. It is now happening in real time in a moment of realization within a relationship when a decision is made face-to-face. The deceit is now actually face-to-face and yet it is being allowed, all parts participate know they are lying, know that what they are doing is harming and they play a game of bluff – it’s like playing card, it’s like being in a casino just wanting to win. You can’t win this, the physical is going to win! it’s going to tear you down till there is nothing left, till you realize that you have to make sure that the physical design of how we coexist in this world is what is best for all! and that’s going to take it many many many years to fix – there is no magical occupy Wall Street that will fix it, there is not Arab Spring that will fix it, there is no gold standard that will fix it. This is a fundamental problem within “the nature of the human” that must be fixed! This fundamental problem has caused the structural design of all relationships not to be for what’s best for all.

So let’s look at the naked truth of the physical reality problem. If you bring a child into this world you condemn the child to this world in the way the world is now. You are then forced to teach the child survival skills, deception skills and competition skills otherwise the child will simply be in a situation where things will not go well. The better the child get’s in competition and deception and manipulation the more likely the child will survive this world – we all know this yet we can change that it doesn’t have to be this way. We can create a world that is best for all. The question is why won’t we? What is the fear? What is causing this? It is an “addiction to energy”, an addiction to exhilaration, an addiction to the experience of winning, of beating somebody else down standing on the pile of shit you have created screaming I am king, while even the toilet is called the throne, you sit on the throne you take a shit, it’s really what actually happens within the context of the human experience. That’s news for you all when I dare all the psychics, all the spiritual ones, all the great masters I dare you to get out of your body and see what is happened to the after life – it no longer exists. You are stuck forever on the earth now! Unless you fix the earth you will suffer forever! Isn’t it wonderful that at last we a solution? A solution that includes everyone, all equally screwed until you fix what you have allowed and accepted.

So, for those that are ready do something about it, you will not be allowed to exist after death unless you are equal and one as everything! Otherwise there will be no you once your last breath goes. I mean “the you” that now exists is not even real - the you that exists is a fake identity you make up in your mind, you think it up, you create a character - non if it is real. Then you take part in this world as this character and you create a world system based on this character, then you make rules and laws to bind this character to reality – you only actually separate yourself completely into “one of the most limited forms” that can exist which is “Energy”. The real source of all power, the one that’s binding you forever is the “physical”.

So, “there is a lot to realize not lot to learn” to make sure you get to understand what it is you are putting on to your children, why the sins of the fathers are being visited on to the 6th and the 7th generation of those that refuse to love each other as their neighbours.

Desteni “I-Process” is a way to be supported in finding yourself and standing through the nature of the truth that is shocking beyond measure – the self-deception - to bring an end to it. And to realize that it is possible for the human – the real human as a physical being – to actually live in a reality that is best for all where all beings – plant, animal, everything – that exist is supported. If you can comprehend what we are saying, if you have in some measure realized the extent of the problem - I mean everything happening in the world, like occupy Wall Street is happening, to show you that that is not the way – you have support because what binds you is the physical so unless you correct the physical the shit will keep on happening and as long as you give power to things that should not have power, like money, you will have elite that will manipulate you and will treat you like slaves – but who is really allowing it? You are! because you not willing to become self-honest, you are not willing to realize what must be done to change this world. Join us with “Equal Money” where we are installing and preparing to place into being systems that will allow everyone a chance to come to grips with and understand the physical and bring about a world eventually – hear me “eventually”, 10-20 years from now – that will be best for all. Join us in taking self-responsibility! Join us in the quest of self-awareness! Realize that only exists as a Physical Reality!

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Re: 2011: The Physical is the Answer -- Context

Postby Leila » 06 Dec 2016, 11:42

Cool to hear/read this again - very timely - thanks Marlen!

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