Agreements -- Facing the Reality of Self

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Agreements -- Facing the Reality of Self

Postby Larys » 23 Sep 2011, 20:16

Agreements -- Facing the Reality of Self

Transcribed by Lindsay Craver

Within this video interview we are going to discuss some practical support and assistance points with regards to agreements, and thanks to Joe and Lindsay in giving us permission to utilize their current experience within and as agreement as a practical example reference-point-manifestation within reality to make this support and assistance video more tangible, and reality-based for human beings who may or might experience similar reactions, and circumstances, and situations, and events, within themselves, and their world, and towards their partner, as they're walking agreements.

Alright - so just for context, before we get into the nitty-gritty detail of laying out the whole system that Joe and Lindsay recently experienced - for context of the point that we're going to be opening up here is the physical-mind-unconscious-personalities. So, Joe and Lindsay, what we're going to show you here within this video interview, and also other human beings that have similar experiences within themselves, even within normal relationships, is the physical-mind-unconscious-personality, which is your...or, one of your main personalities that will initially emerge within the beginning stages of establishing a relationship or agreement.

So, understand Joe and Lindsay, in terms of your current walking, the platform-essence of your current experience - is still relationship - that is energetically-based, as you are still the in the process of equalizing your living to stand within a agreement, and to actually live an agreement. So, in terms of the process of establishing agreements - its a process of establishing a LIVING agreement, which is the same process that we're individually busy walking. We're individually, each one, within the process of establishing a living-self-agreement. A living the agreement with self, as all as one as equal, to live here, as breath, in self-honesty, as what's best for all - until this is done - obviously, it is a process. No different within the process of an agreement with another as self.

So, as both of you will relate, in terms of your experience within yoruselves, and each other - it's still energetically based - meaning, there's still energetic experiences existent within yourself, and with each other when you're within the same space or environment - either through communication or physically - and, you're both now walking the process of establishing a living agreement with yourselves, and so also with each other - to be able to walk the process of actually assisting and supporting self, and each other, within a principle of and as equality and oneness.

So here just to give you a practical reference in relation to the structure, design, and manifestation of what it is that both are practically-physically walking in reality, at the moment - and, therefore, in terms of the points that we're going to be discussing within this video interview, can be applied to beings that are currently in relationship and also those that are in the beginning stages, or initial stages of establishing a living agreement that stand within a living principle of and as equality and oneness, as actual, practical self-support, self-assistance, and what that practically mean in living action in walking with another.

Alright - so, let us have a look at the point that initiated, so to speak, this video interview, was Lindsay's sudden experience towards Joe Kou as physical resistance to the extent where Lindsay couldn't even bear looking at him, or communicating with him - there was like an actual physical...the resistance was manifested physically to such an extent that there was an actual restraint manifested within the physical as not even wanting to physically move self to participate with the other. So, if we have a look at the polarity extent to that experience, where Lindsay went to, or from, an experience of awe and excitement, to resistance and restraint. Obviously, you've got to then investigate your experience before you had that resistant-experience to/towards Joe Kou, because this would indicate that your prior experience, or self-experience to/towards Joe Kou is also then questionable, because you suddenly, unpredictably, unexpectedly, started experiencing this physically-manifested resistance - which would thus mean that your experience actually thus culminated and compounded within you over time - which would thus mean that because you hadn't seen it actually build up inside you, but it was just here suddenly, as an actual physical experience - that you're dealing with a unconscious-physical point.

So, whenever you get to, for example, in your day, suddenly, this experience that's energetically compounding within you, where your experience from the previous day, to the next day, change - dramatically - know that you're working with a unconscious physical point that's been compounding and building within you actually over time, but you're now only becoming aware of it, because it's a physical built-up energy that now requires release, and within the process of inversion, where everything of self of the mind consciousness system has been inverted - everything is now compounding within one's self - so, within that process as well, you're going to be facing everything that you're accepting and allowing yourself to participate in.

So, from this experience-perspective, Lindsay, that you've had of this dramatic change within yourself in relation to your experience towards Joe Kou - is very cool - meaning, obviously the experience in itself was not great, and you wouldn't have wished that upon yourself, or anyone, really, for that matter - but, in terms of one's usual relationship-designs within the unified fields, before the inversion of process, in relation to how relationships played out within the matrix - was that this point that you experiences so quickly, or so fast, within the initial stages of your experience with Joe Kou, would initially - within the previous manifestation of relationship-designs in the matrix, or unified field in the world - would only manifest in a year, or ten years later. Where beings only start only in years, facing the true-nature or reality of themselves.

So, obviously in terms of what it is that you faced - that you immediately reflected back to self, which was an obvious, very specific, important, practical application-act to stand within and take - which is a point that many human beings miss, even within their general day-to-day relationships - is that whatever you experience within yourself - is you - and, you outlined, and drew-out, and detailed, and specified that point so specifically, which thus allowed you to stand up from it, to change yourself, and thus see the reality that is here - that you've got to work on, and work through this point with yourself, within self-honesty - and, once you did that, and walked through the point of you, as that possession, reality was here again, and you could speak directly with Joe Kou here, and it didn't influence, or effect, particularly the experience of you and Joe Kou within your decisions of walking the agreement.

So - therein, for everyone - a practical example of what it means to take it back to self - that what you experience within yourself, is you - and to not hone on it, or wait, or postpone working through these points. Immediately face it, direct it, clear it, stabilize yourself within it, stand, breathe, remain here in reality, and stick to your initial decision. Remain practical, remain functional, remain physical - and that' what Lindsay did, which is why, primarily also, Joe and Lindsay are still continuing their agreement. Obviously, there are a myriad of other factors in relation to your both current experience within agreement, but, I mean if...Lindsay, if you did not walk through that point immediately, in that moment, clarify it for yourself, stabilize yourself within it, and stood, and allowed it to compound even more, and went into blame, and then anger, and then you would've been so physically-possessed within that point to the extent to where you could see no way out, but to end the agreement - where you would have then walked the point of manifested consequence, where the only way that you could have seen the origin, cause, or source of the point, as you, was to end the agreement, was to end the point where you blamed, or connected your experience to/towards - which, obviously within your case, due to your practical-directive, didn't require going that way, because you took self-responsibility, you stood up, you let it go, you remained here.

Alight - so, from that perspective, it was a cool experience for both of you to face, and for Joe Kou especially, as well, with his tendency of taking things personally. Joe Kou we'll get to that point later on within your manifested-physically-unconscious-mind-personality of taking things personally, and being very sensitive to/towards others words toward you, especially, because of your...because of one of your primary designs of placing value, and honor, and respect within and as words, and where you take quite a blow, personally within yourself, when you perceive others speaking down at you, or speaking to/towards you in ways that diminish you, or invalidate you, or incorrectly portray you, etc. - so, generally, in terms of that unconscious-physical-mind-design that's existent within you, you handled the point with Lindsay reasonably well - meaning, there's still reaction within you, within your solar plexus, within your kidneys, where you diffused your reaction towards Lindsay's experience - so it's still existent, but we'll get to that in more detail in a moment.

First to return back to Lindsay's experience in taking it back to self, taking self-responsibility, and standing up. So, in terms of that point, Lindsay, where you got to that stage of disgust, like not wanting to be near him, or see him, with that physical-restraint-resistance - all beings eventually experience that within relationships, and ALL beings will experience that within agreements.

Why? - because within relationships, or, and within, an during the process of establishing an agreement - you are connecting yourself, so to speak, or manifesting like a realm, a bubble - with another person - and within that realm you are manifesting, or establishing, as you are interacting with this person more, and more, and more, you are like enclosing yourself into and as a particular-specific space. Now, this is not...separation in manifestation, per se. I'm merely utilizing this as a picture-portrayal of what happens when you are in close proximity with someone on a regular basis, wherein eventually that forms like a realm, a sphere-of-influence, and within that sphere-of-influence, everything of you within yourself becomes more highlighted. Like, fine-tuned - more specific - as you are now kind of focusing all and everything of you on and with this one person that you are in inter-connecting with, on various levels - and, initially, in terms of how relationships played out within the matrix, within the world-unified-field-design - is that beings will, when entering relationships, they will obviously experience their energetic high, within and as their mind consciousness system, and then when that energetic high start running out, the more and more they participate in it, they eventually get drawn back into reality - into the physical - where they now face the reality that was actually behind the energy - and, that reality that was behind the energy, was actually, and IS actually self - and then beings actually start experiencing, and facing the reality of themselves, but obviously beings don't realize, see, or understand that, and then blame the anger, and hate, and disgust, and ugliness, and fear - on each other - and use that as a reason, excuse, and justification - to separate - and then the mind just resets again, and energy build-up again, and then the whole cycle continue.

So, Lindsay, what you thus faced, in essence was, the reality of yourself. So you were experiencing the physical-experienced-nature of you, as what you have been suppressing within yourself, throughout your life. Now, it is coming up so extensively, or to such an extent, for two reason.

One - obviously due to the compression of process, that we've explained within video interviews and material. Where we've been compressing time so that beings face themselves faster. So that...Lindsay that, you didn't have to only face this point in months, or years later, after you and Joe Kou have been walking for quite some time, but that you immediately faced the shit here, as fast as possible, so that you can sort through the bullshit, and get to the real shit = the actuality of, yah know, having fun - but obviously we have to swim through the deep-end of the darkness that we've manifested ourselves as - so...which is a process that both of you are currently facing and experiencing.

So - yah, you basically faced yourself from that perspective - because of the compression of process, because of the internationalization of ALL of self, here - and then, of course, because of your sphere-of-influence-manifestation with Joe Kou, where everything of you becomes highlighted, or sensitized, and so much more prominent, because you're enclosing yourselves directly with another person, and in that more of you, as who you are, then gets exposed, because you are interacting with more parts of you, with this other person. So, everything that's been dormant, so to speak, that you hadn't used or interacted with, of you, of the mind consciousness system, thus start coming out - because you're using or utilizing them more, and more to be able to participate and interact with another human being in constant, close proximity.

So, this is the experiences that you'll be having within and during your process, Joe and Lindsay - and, I do not have particular good, or great new, because Lindsay what you experienced is basically only the start - meaning, there's gonna become, or come more extensive physical-experienced-reactions within yourself, and Joe Kou as well - but, obviously Lindsay you'll go through it first, more extensively. Joe Kou, you're point, in terms of your position as the stance of the male, at the moment, is just support - as we have also explained within video interviews and documents. The male within the agreement will become more the stance of and as support - stability - where the female will walk the process of being more on the forefront, or the foreground, which is also part of the total world-system-universal-reality-global-matrix, of and as the system, in terms of where the whole female-expression-manifestation has been suppressed, and the male-dominant-manifestation has been pushed to the primary existent-manifestation of and as reality and existence, and that whole imbalance has caused like a structural-systematic-reality of existing and functioning within this world, and existence - and now to manifest, firstly, an equilibrium - is for the male to stand within the manifestation of stability and support, and then for the female to stand-up from the suppression, and manifest ex-pression. Once that manifest...once the female has stabilized within her expression, and then is equal with the male in stability, and here - physically - and then expression and support can thus be equal. So basically, the female is thus within the process of standing equal to and one with physical reality - stability - so, Joe Kou, just to give you some perspective in relation to your position, so to speak, within the experience with Lindsay at the moment - is to be here, to be supportive, and to remain stable - as the female is within the process of assisting and supporting one's self in relation to becoming stable - here - and within becoming the living-expression of standing-up, will thus stand as the manifestation of and as support, and so the male and female point will become equal and one within and as this reality - as stability, as support, and as expression.

So...and then Lindsay, also, in terms of your experience, to give you some perspective. So you'll go through a lot of emotional, and feeling - physically-manifested-experience within and during this process with Joe Kou of and as establishing a living-agreement of and as actuality.'re more than ready, and prepared, as you have already shown yourself, in terms of walking through and facing this one point alone with yourself, with your common sense, and self-directive principle. So, yeah, there will be more such experiences ahead, but you've got the tools, you've got yourself, you have the support - it's now only to walk through it, and breathe here.

So, Joe Kou, then within that, there's thus not time for you to take things personally (laughs). Obviously, as Lindsay has indicated, or shown, within her practical-reality-living-abilities of application, is that she takes responsibility. So, within that, it's your time to take responsibility and not accept and allow yourself to give-into, or give attention to, petty emotions/feelings and reactions. You have stabilized yourself in relation to accepting and allowing yourself to be sensitive, because you're actually a very sensitive being - meaning, you experience reactions and thoughts very quickly and more prominently than Lindsay does - but you have, as well, within your practical-living-application indicated, or shown, that you are assisting and supporting yourself to stand up and remain stable, breathe here, and walk, and not accept and allow yourself to indulge in and as thoughts, emotions, and feelings - as reactions. So, for now Joe Kou is to assist and support yourself to walk the point of stability and support - unconditionally - and within that is to really strengthen that stance and living of you as being here...and with your point in relation to taking things personally, obviously it's being challenged to the absolute, and WILL be challenged to the absolute, with Lindsay (laughs). She is walking her process, or her experience of facing the physical-manifested-unconscious emotions and feelings - wherein, initially first to be able to see-self within it, is to speak it out, which most of the time will be, or seem like it is, directed to/towards you - obviously, in terms of how the mind work, it will reflect or project self into and as what is here, as self - so, as with the experience that Lindsay has walked through and shown, that initially it goes towards another, but then just reflect it back to self, and then work with the points. So, enjoy the process of facing this sensitized-self as taking things personally - and also the design in relation to how you've defined yourself through how others speak of you, or towards you, within the whole morality-design of respect, and honor, and dignity. So, just have a look at that unconscious play-out in relation to relationships, where you have constructed, designed, programmed, and created you in relation to your relationships, to only accept and allow people within your world, in your reality, that speak to you within a certain-specific way and manner - and, when/if anyone ever speaks something to/toward you that goes against you, or anything or anyone of you, you will immediately eradicate them from your world, and your reality - so, it's like a super-ego manifestation, actually, instead of ever realizing, understanding, and seeing that whatever beings are actually saying towards you, they are saying about themselves - so you actually use that point to boost your self-ego, which Lindsay will break down for you, very nicely (laughs), every time she goes through her process of exposing, or emerging of her unconscious-mind-physical-experiences.

Okay...what was the other points?

So, oh yes - Lindsay, in terms of your experience, that so drastically went from one extreme to another towards Joe, obviously you then have to - as I said - you have to investigate your initial experience with Joe before you had that resistance-experience. So, in fact, you initially experienced attraction towards Joe, when that attraction ran-out, the reality of your experience emerged, which was resistance - which is cool because it then indicate in terms of the matrix-design of relationships, the two of you wouldn't have gone into a relationship with each other within the world, or reality, in terms of the mind consciousness system pre-programmed, pre-ordained-design-codings of how beings walk-into relationships. So, just walk through that resistance, and remain here - breathing- and stick to practicality, functionality, physicality. Realize that, in terms of what you're walking, is more than this resistance that you're experiencing at the moment, it's greater than this resistance that you're experiencing at the moment - and just stick to your initial decision, and assist and support yourself in laying-out this experience that you're walking and knowing that you're establishing an agreement. You're in the process of facing you in it, in whatever you're experiencing is you, and you can walk through it, face it, take responsibility for it, stand up from it, and change you - you've already proven this to yourself. So, yup, thus also then why you experienced the resistance, is because initially you experienced attraction. Obviously Joe Kou's experience of facing himself internally will not be to such an extent that, Lindsay, you're experiencing yourself - again - because of that male/female component where, in terms of males, they've more internalized their...and diffused their emotion/feelings/reactions, where their process will be more practical-reality based. Like, experiencing things more moment to moment, whereas in females, with their tendency of being energetically active, reactive, and existing and interacting within their world, and their reality, have things compound over time and then it becomes this whole - one massive experience. So, just also to give you perspective in relation to why you had such a massive energetic-reactive-experience.

Okay guys, another point to consider and have a look at - in terms of your communication with each other - you both have a tendency to speak VERY high-pitched. It's a physical high-pitch - meaning, where your actual-physical-speaking or tonality reaches a great height. Now, what you're dealing with, or walking with there, is nervousness, fear, and anxiety. So, if both of you have a look at your initial video interviews while, as, and through the agreement started, or when you were with together - BOTH your tonalities were extremely high-pitched, physically. Joe Kou, your voice has slowed down, but also slowed down too much. Meaning, if you listen to your voice within the discussion that you had with Viktor, and Anna, and Lindsay - you drew-out your sound - meaning - this. It's like you've voice like, draws-out, like you were forcing a stability, a calmness, a here-ness. So, just to have a look at those two extremes that you tend to go into, in terms of a too-much-ness in relation to forcing a particular-specific point. So, both you and Lindsay have a tendency to force something too much, wherein you drive yourself into it, with physical energy, and then you get to a point where it collapse, and then you experience an emptiness. Both of you will relate to this, where you often experience yourself like physically hard, and empty - this is when you have walked through an extended period of accepting and allowing yourself to drive yourself with and as physical energy, instead of walking here, as breath, remaining constant, and consistent within your living and your application. Understand the points that we're touching on within this video interview are, all unconscious-physical-manifestations, and will obviously take a process in terms of stabilizing yourself within and as it, but here we're just giving you guys the whole platform, structural, systematic, functional, reality, physical, lay-out of where you are, and how you are, and what it is that you're experiencing, so as to assist and support yourselves, and each other, in making your process/experience in walking an agreement, a little bit easier, and interesting. Alright, so, yeah, just the voice point that both of you can have a look at. Also, within your interviews is to stabilize your voice to speak here wherein you'll experience your voice resonating throughout your total upper-body more prominently. Meaning, it'll feel like your voice is actually coming from your spine, and it's resonating and speaking throughout your physical, and within and as, and throughout reality. Obviously, this is a point that'll take practice and application. You're able to assist and support yoruself with it alone first. Meaning, like doing recordings for yourself, alone, and just practice speaking here, having a constant here-ness in your voice-expression - and that point also accumulated this friction that both of your experienced within your agreement, wherein you went from a point of physical-energetic-excitement, to facing actual reality. So, Lindsay's experience was actually indicating the point where both of your physical-energy of and as excitement, your physical-mind-energy of and as excitement, of this new endeavor ran-out and now you're facing reality. So, your process from hereon forth will now be facing the reality of yourselves, as who you are here, and you obviously will be walking it through and as layers. So, just to give you a perspective of what you guys will be facing form here and onwards.

Okay, and then also what happened within the initial stages of your process was that you guys were walking into an agreement as a together-ness, as a one - not as a one + one - so, if you have a look at the initial stages within your physical-experienced-excitement of and as entering this agreement - most of your focus initially was on who you both were, as an agreement - so you weren't, in essence, thus working with the reality of yourselves as what you're existing as and experiencing here. You were more going into already altering yourselves into different personas as what you are experiencing yourselves as, within and as this projected-anticipation of and as an agreement, which then manifested like a oneness, or a together-ness, from a oneness perspective - and you basically shifted yourselves into and as personalities that you started creating within and as a context of agreement, instead of immediately just looking at reality of who you are here, and facing the reality of who you are here, and walking from that groundwork, from that foundation of what's here. The focus and attention immediately went to agreement, instead of 'self-here, that has to assist and support self-here, as I exist here, as what I am right here, to be walked-through and faced, with you, my partner, and while we are doing this, we are going to walk and establish, and define, and experience, and find out, what it means to walk together in an agreement, what it means to walk equal and one, what it means to live support and assistance, unconditionally.'

Okay, and the point with Lindsay also stopped that, and collapsed that point, where both will now start facing or experiencing themselves individually more extensively. So, you guys initially entered a projection...projected experience of yourselves, and the agreement, and now you're going back to reality in facing the reality of yourselves, as what is here.

Okay, and...those are the major point we'd like to discuss thus far in relation to what it is that both of you are facing, where you are now, what it is that you experienced, and what Lindsay's particular-specific extreme point indicated and signified in relation to your process of facing you within and as the agreement.

Alright - so, that's all we have for today. We'll have a look at, obviously explaining and giving perspective of and for more points within, of, and as agreements, in relation to how to assist and support self in establishing effective agreements, and then within that how to actually, practically walk-into and live an agreement - what that actually, physically, practically mean within and as the current reality we're existing within.

So, Joe and Lindsay, just remember the most important point is that you're still walking your own individual self-process here, and that being within and agreement does mean that anything change. It does mean that your internal experience of yourself becomes more extensive because you are walking, and facing, and experiencing yourself with another in close proximity - whether you are physically together, or communicating frequently - both is the same - because of the very decision that you've made, you have initiated that sphere-of-influence realm of close proximity, and within that more of you will start coming out, and coming forth, and emerging, and rearing its head, and showing itself. So, assist and support each other within this process, in terms of realizing, understanding, and seeing what it is that both are individually going through, and within that understanding, insight, and realization to not accept anything less than who it is that you are assisting and supporting yourselves to be and become - to the ultimate extent of what we are capable of being and living in this world, in this reality - in terms of equality and oneness, here.

Thank you.

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Re: Agreements -- Facing the Reality of Self

Postby Lindsay » 24 Sep 2011, 00:31

Fascinating to hear this again within the context of all that has unfolded since it was originally uploaded - great support here for all - thanks for sharing!

Yeah, this was a massive transcription indeed - however, very supportive to write out physically and integrate for myself.


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