2012: Energy Dependency vs. Self-Trust

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2012: Energy Dependency vs. Self-Trust

Postby SunetteSpies » 26 Mar 2012, 14:50

2012: Energy Dependency vs. Self-Trust

In this interview we illustrate how Consciousness has been programmed within the Nature of Energy of emotions and feelings, where we’d trust this ‘Mind Energy’ in moments of decisions/choices and the consequences this starting-point of self-separation create for ourselves within our worlds, and the difference between this and establishing Self-Trust where SELF becomes the directive principle in making decisions/walking into directions within one’s life instead of the Mind/Consciousness/Energy.

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Re: 2012: Energy Dependency vs. Self-Trust

Postby Agnieszka » 26 Mar 2012, 17:32

"…you don't need thoughts to function, or you don't need energy to function, you only require yourself, you've got your writing -- the stability within writing and your movement and actual actions that you're living in reality to be able to function and exist -- not energetic thoughts perpetuating conflictual reactions and throwing you into the main and madness of your mind that you blindly stumble through existence into all sorts of and also absolutely no direction -- if you walk yourself out of your mind into your physical, stopping participation in thoughts, releasing yourself from your energy-relationships, a lot more will become physically tensibly clear in the decision of the direction of who your are within yourself and your life in this world in this reality. So, additional points that you can consider in terms of these energy-relationships is to -- especially when you're making decisions -- when you're approaching people in your world and reality -- when you're in situations or environments and you've got to make a choice or a decision -- this is primarily important for choices and decisions that you make -- just to support yourself to not make them or base them on energy-experiences -- to not trust your energies of emotions and feelings, but to assist and support yourself to rather write out the decision you have to make, make sure that in your writing you have sorted out all your reactions of emotions and feelings -- forgive them, let them go and then re-write again the situation, the decision that you're facing -- make sure that in your writing you're actually looking at the practical situation -- you're looking at the person -- you're looking at yourself -- and that you can write out a comfortable solution, an action or a decision that is practically, physically based on a solution that will be best for all involved -- that one do not jump into and throw oneself into decisions, choices or directions based on energy-experiences within your mind-consciousness-system, that will only lead your into directions of consequence…"
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