Daily Destonian: Destonians and Change

Share and ask your moments and experiences in random, unpredictable, sudden moments that happened to you - you'd like to understand. Whether it be during a discussion with someone and not understanding why certain thoughts / behaviours came up in you or another. Not understanding another's facial expression or even your own when looking in the mirror etc. So, this thread is dedicated to the everyday life moments we WONDER about but never ask.
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Daily Destonian: Destonians and Change

Postby SunetteSpies » 31 Oct 2011, 18:48

Daily Destonian: Destonians and Change

When we want change, we want it immediately – and it’s not only immediacy that we want within change, we want the change to be as we want it to be.
Change, obviously – existentially has a vast amount of definitions and contexts; however the particular context I’m focusing on here, within this document is the concept of change, at this stage (as existent within / as our Mind of Energy) – as being limited to encompass only our own interests within the context of desires, wants and needs (as material/reality-possessions) to fulfil/satisfy an ‘experience’ of ourselves / our lives. Obviously, such a definition can only exist within/as human-beings that have the ‘luxury’ to demand such a change within internal and external ‘self-experience’ to fulfil / satisfy wants/needs and desires as the only manifestation that can meet such demands for change is: MONEY.

In this world-system/ current money-system: We have to BUY change – if you can’t afford ‘change’; you don’t change and remain stuck within/as your current internal and external conditions.
(To further investigate the extent of how Money control ‘who we are’ and ‘why/how’ we’ve become ‘who we are’ and the extent to which Money defines ‘who you are’ and ‘how/where’ you live – visit equalmoney.org)
Have a look at all contexts of ‘change’ within oneself and one’s world – it’s all BOUGHT with MONEY: from self-help books, to home-improvements, to dietary-changes, to holidays…all definitions within oneself and one’s world in relation to change, stand only in context to/with oneself and one’s own life and is always linked to MONEY. You cannot change / experience change / implement change unless you BUY it.
This is another way the current money-system/world-system oppress human-beings in caging them into and as positions within this world to remain locked within a particular-specific placement and controlled there through and as money. Making change/self-change only possible within the context of fulfilling individual-interests of wants/needs and desires – completely isolating the human-beings in/as themselves and their personal-world bubble whilst at the same time making money off-of it on a global-scale.
So – even ‘Change’ has been limited/controlled within/as the world-system/money-system to enslave the human-being to/as Money to not in fact be able to reach the full potential of/as living – because ‘change’ has been limited to be defined within the context of only personal wants/needs/desires and controlled by/through Money.
‘Change’ has been ‘materialized’ into and as possessions as Money for/of human-beings existing within the world-system/money-system.

Change within the context of SELF as actual real CHANGE that benefit/contribute to humanity/existence as a whole: Is nowhere to be found.

Within our accepted and allowed participation and self-definition of/as ‘Change’ within the context of Energy (as the fulfilment/satisfaction of the experience of our wants/needs and desires) and Money (as the material/reality objects/possession to/as which we’ve defined our wants/needs/desires) – we’ve created the ‘Mc. Donald’s’-tendency of wanting change ‘immediately’.
I mean, we’ve even created/designed/manifested the World-System/Money-system to tend to this inclination to/towards change in occupying/pre-occupying ourselves within/as the illusion of/as change through being able to get/have it in one way or another with/as Money.

We’ve been so pre-occupied within/as our own ‘personal-world bubbles’ – fulfilling/satisfying sporadic-experiantial desires/wants/needs for/of change in/as the forms of material/reality objects/possessions that – we haven’t noticed, or deliberately ignore the fact that WE within WHO WE ARE and how we IN FACT LIVE in/as/through the physical: has not really actually ever changed as a change that can be seen to be constant/consistent and contributory on a global-scale.
Human-beings within/as the world-system/money-system are being blinded by staring in the face of their own desires, wants and needs of/as change in relation to material/reality possessions/objects while the minority-elite of the world direct/control the world-system/money-system as MASSES suffer/die.
The change we need/require in/as this world/existence – is change that can stand eternally, that contribute to existence as a whole – humans, animals, nature, the earth, existence…then change is REAL.
At the moment, change is an illusion of the mind through/as/from-which Money is being made, because no change is in fact really making a change in/as this world and condition of /as the human being.

As Destonians, we are standing for change that stands Eternal – that contribute to existence as a whole. We realise, that – we are the world; meaning: this world will not and cannot change – unless we change our living/participation within/as it, as we are the one’s – as individuals and humanity as a whole: that is creating/manifesting this world to be how it is. In this – the process of walking actual, real physical-change that stand eternal – for self and for all, is a practical process that is walked within self-awareness as-breath; where we have to literally walk/apply/direct and manifest change as-self in every step we take/walk and so manifest change that is REAL, and not an illusion of energy and money.
The extent of one’s possession by/through Energy-within and Money-without is not being grasped; due to the extent of self-definition of ‘who self is’ within one’s living and ‘personal-world’ = being defined within the context of Energy (consciousness/mind) and Money (material/reality objects/possession); that – all one think/believe/perceive to be existing is ‘Energy and Money’ and ‘who one is and how one live’ in / as Energy and Money. Not realising that there is an entire EXISTENCE out there and within-oneself as the Physical that is being missed due to the extent of possession of mind/energy/consciousness within; and the word-system/money without.

‘Change’ is but one point to start realising/seeing/understanding the extent to which we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to enslave ourselves to Energy as mind/consciousness and Money as the world-system/’our personal worlds’; thinking/believing that to be ‘all there is’. Change – that is REAL, ETERNAL and contribute to all, equally as one – as self, and the world as self, is not going to come-by a miracle / ‘Mc. Donald’s’-Order/Demand; it’s not how we created/manifested the world in the first place. To Change – to really change, as-self and the world as-self – is going to practical, physical, real-walking here, in every moment of breath in/as the Physical.
With walking the process of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective action – one release self from energy/mind possession, and start waking-up in/through realising/seeing/understanding the extent of definition and so enslavement to/as energy as consciousness/mind and money. And within/during the ‘waking-up’-process from/of possession/definition – one will start seeing/realising/understanding the extent of the manifested-consequence such internal and external possession by/through Energy and Money has created/manifested within self and existence as a whole. And finally see/realise/understand, that – self nor the world has actually really ever in fact Changed.

At Desteni – through walking the process of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective action – we’re walking ourselves as the Change of/as this world within being/becoming change that stand eternal within who we are and how/what we live as we direct ourselves and our living within and as a principle that’s best for all – equal and one.
This is the process we’re walking on an individual-scale for/of change that is in fact REAL, as we release the ILLUSION OF CHANGE and walk REAL SELF-CHANGE, here practically in/as physical-living.
The process we’re walking on a Global/Existential-scale for/of Change that stand eternal is an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM, as the action that will assist/support with global/existential change for all of humanity – equal and one as a system, that will ensure that all live equal and one in/as this world/on this earth.

Join us, as Destonians with assisting/supporting self to become a living-example of real change in asserting/directing one’s living in/as the physical within/as the principle of / as equality and oneness as what’s best for all; and standing-up for global/existential change that is/will be real in making an actual, real change to the condition of the human-being and the functioning/existence of the earth as a whole as an Equal Money System.
Stop the Illusion, be/become REAL and REALise, we’re only going to change ourselves and this world through actual Doing and Living, within ourselves and the physical through actually taking-into consideration the world as-self and applying the solutions within self and the world that will assist/support all, equal as one.

Visit – desteni.co.za / equalmoney.org to find-out more about the practicalities and technicalities of self-change within and existential change without that stand Eternal.

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