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Re: Playing a concert in front of a lot of people

Posted: 24 Sep 2017, 20:29
by Raúl
I'd like to share some things I am learning. Would love to have smart friends to share ideas with, but probably nobody will really read this and thats fine, I just want to express all this, but if you reader want to share your opinion it will be cool. When people play in a band, if they are good, they are playing with energy and sharing dopamine picks or I don't know how to describe, they need a mind that doesn't judge, that doesn't destroy the joy, to do that. Some musicians learn it with the time, others never do it. Even if every person is borned to be free of his own mind, I think some people really have a beautiful story, a story that fits in the work and passion of playing an instrument to an audience (playing an instrument to an audience is almost the same that being free of your mind, it forces you to be free, so it's not really about playing the instrument itself, it's about life), so I feel like because of what my life has been, I am some kind of chosen person to be in this job, I really bring true emotions to the audience, (I think people should think more often about from where they take their energy to live from, their inspiration to be themselves, it would be ideal to take it from life itself, but sometimes life is not so simple and easy... for me having this proffesion as musician helps me, and I don't like when I see people simply enjoying the joy, and not wondering from where is it coming, from where exactly are you receiving it, I personally think a lot about it, because I like to see the source of me) I don't know if this bright me, is my ego, what I know is that I am satisfied with my life, I am working a lot, I am healthy as fuck, and I try to help every person I know, and my only problem is other people not being one and equal to me, so I have always to be a warrior, to protect myself and protect my joy, and after that I can keep sharing with people. So, I was borned to, or at least I consider I have a very beautiful story, the one of my life, to end in this work, where I share my love and I can use my heart to take this oportunity and use it to bring life to myself and to everyone else. Why is it important for me to say all these ideas? Because I can't just feel the joy, and say this is me ok cool I am superior. I really have to see in my depths what is the joy, from where is it coming, how did I end feeling it, how is my mind behaving about it, a lot of things to have a fair treatment with it, and then I can treat others in a one and equal way, and what I see in my profession is a lot of ego people, and also a lot of people like me, who have no ego, but that they are stronge, in themselves, they are protected, they have power, but at the same time no ego, and this really makes me wonder, because being superior and having no ego it's a strange position

So I will continue, people in a band play with the fredom of their mind, they have a stronge conection between them, and I have noticed something in relation of how I do my work. It doesn't matter if what I am doing in the stage in front of the audience is true or false, I mean when it's true is great, but I just get to the solo and my heart explodes of vibrant emotion and most of the times I don't remember how it happened, but everytime I drink from the fredom of the moment, with my friends, with the music, with the moment, an delicious energy appears, and it's very fragile... you can in one instant destroy it, you must take care of it, of yourself, and you also have to be brave, the bravest, and play what you have to play perfectly, and this combination of technice and heart is what I live for. So when the energy is true, it's great, but most of the time you can't always stay true, I can't be the whole performance in that, because I am just not always like that, but with every concert I am bringing more and more emotion even to the songs I didn't use to enjoy so much, so it's cool. And so, it doesn't matter if what you do in the stage is true or false, I mean, I have to fake things, to make them look spectacular, and sometimes I see no difference between faking it and "trueing" it, but of course there is nothing as real as the true moment of maximun joy of that special song where I do the solo, that do is absolutely real.

So, I don't know just expressing ideas about my job and passion :lol: isn't it lucky and funny that my heart is needed in my job? And that I can have fun sometimes get drunk and even do a better job? lol just why do I have this luck, I have a lot to share with the world, because I have more than enough for myself

What I have learnt is, no fear, no judging, no obligation even if it's a job, everything comes naturally in fredom, with no effort, when you have to do something you just go there and you do it, in that there is no ressitance, it still hard for me to be in this state of I am having fun and I can do a lot of things, sometimes I enter easily in a state of no fredom, but I am working on it and taking care of it

So as a conclusion, people in a good band, they are friends having fun with fredom, musicians are cool aren't they?! xD nobod is serious, nobody is rigid and is doing a qualified job for the society, I in fact when I see a serious person doing a qualified job for the society for example in the bank, it's like... you never dance right? lol

Thanks for reading, maybe in the future I come to share what I am learning, this has been my first year I have a lot to learn... and I hope that if you are a musician, and you really want to know why being a musician is cool, what is it really about, I hope this helps you and guide you, because I am doing it and if you are smart and you read this carefully you can see the path and maybe feel less pain than the one you need to grow, sometimes when you are alone you have to discover it by yourself, and that makes you a warrior, and it also makes you lose time, feel more pain, so having a guide is always good, if you know how to dance and you are not a serious person you only need to do the work to play very good an instrument, to learn the technice, so what you are doing is real, it's not just joy, it's something that really requires an effort, a dedication, a work that impress, and that others can admire and say... how does he do this? it's impressive what he has achived through the correct learning of the technice

Thanks for reading, bye!!

Re: Playing a concert in front of a lot of people

Posted: 07 Nov 2017, 21:34
by Raúl
I'd like to make an update because I learn new things, and this post is where I express them. Now it's not only with playing an instrument, or my new favorite art, singing and expresing with my voice, or dancing, now it's about me, about my expression, and about sharing life with others. For me, I have realized, it was never about the guitar, the guitar was merely a tool for me to make a contact, with this thing that just wants to be free, and perfect, and expressed. It's like jimi hendrix said, how to find words for it, HOW???!, what is this? what is my heart made of? It's like when you are alive and you are expressing it to infinity, and while that you are proving to yourself that you were in fact not real. What I discovered is not playing an instrument, it's not other people seeing it, it's all about what is inside of me, and how to tell you about this fascinating thing. I don't know if it will be in every moment with me, but I know that is about life, not about anything else, and it's insteresting because I teach a lot of people to play guitar currently, like 7 people, and everytime a person comes to me to learn, I know it's not about the guitar, they project on playing the guitar what is inside of them, it's always about them. I love instruments and what they do, I love what music makes me feel, and I am going to share it with so, so many people, they are going to see this one infinite quiet expression, and they are gonna be alive and infinite for those moments.