Is the Earth a globe or flat?

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Re: Is the Earth a globe or flat?

Postby Gian » 04 Mar 2017, 14:56


Take a look. after everyone has responded and given their input, you simply went back to the initial point. thus not actually FIRST applying the point of self-honesty and investigating your relationship within this point and purifying it, thus this conversation will now go into a time loop again.

Debating a point as Bernard always said so nicely, if where debates are for masturbaters, attempting to be a master at debating, thus when a point one if facing goes into a debate it has now become a point of winning or losing a conversation to feel like some form of satisfaction has been achieved by winning over the other people the debate is taking place WITH, I say within that sense because we are not AGAINST anyone here, we are walking the Desteni process here, and that's the point conversations will lead to, to self, to you are the creator, to self-responsibility, to self-honesty, and to actually take the steps of writing and applying self-forgiveness. Ever since this point has opened up here, there hasn't been any movement on actually walking the Basic tools of Desteni within facing such a point. and it comes across as if you are trying to argue with everyone here on why you are right about the "physical' yet, do you actually understand the physical, your own body, the earth and soil you walk on, the air you breathe, how earth functions in fact daily, never mind what shape it is, things you can do right now to take self-responsibility for and live.

So how do the basic fact on the structure and physical properties of the earth get into the category of conspiracy? because there is no fact and there is no fact on basic structures, otherwise there would have been no topic on it right now, isn't it? does this not question facts in itself? or structure? what is the physical in fact then? as Bruce Lee says, actualize yourself. this is the process I am in, stop trying to Look at the earth as separate and share and form and as if this is important, this is the mistake humans fall for all the time, we give shape and form and image and structure so much value with one another and now we are attempting to do the same with our Earth, and thus missing the point of LIFE, become the earth, then the shape does not matter as an Image to know. see and know how the earth functions as YOU, then the shape and form and image of the earth does not matter.

I work more with the earth daily than usual people, the weather plays a very very big part of my daily living, here on the Desteni farm, I have to understand the earth, the plants, the animals, the bugs and the ecosystems, and I can tell you one thing, I do this without knowing if the earth is flat or round. in fact, I have to do this daily regardless of what the weather will be in the next city, as each area and location on earth has its own ecosystem, temperatures and weather systems and animals, and plants, similar, but different in many ways. I was lied to all my life to believe that capitalism is important and money, when I found out that without the earth, without the resources, without the ecosystems, there is no capitalism system or any system of greed possible, I didn't go into anger and frustration and obsessing over who is the elite and who is controlling the system and people and for how long have I been lied to and what this means for me and my life, NO, I went and I applied writing, I took self-responsibility and I started applying myself in my DAILY living as a correction, and to take full self-responsibility for me here. even though NO one could ever give me a name of who the real elite it, or where they are because that would have been completely irrelevant to change that is required.

as my last point to question this point of flat earth and round earth debate - what if the earth is alive and changes shape every now and then acccording to the behaviours and living of the beings on the planet? what if the earth changes as we change as a collective. and thus what if it does not have a set shape. and thus so many theories on the shape of the earth over the decades.

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Re: Is the Earth a globe or flat?

Postby viktor » 05 Mar 2017, 23:45

Hi Drew,

Whether the earth is flat or not is a matter of structure and physicality – it cannot be debated – HOWEVER – because we have no direct relationship to earth, to the physical, and all we currently are able to do is to relate to the earth through observation – EVERYTHING is still but our interpretation. Because we do not in-fact KNOW the earth – stand WITH and AS the earth – we cannot really understand or comprehend the exact nature of earth and hence it is not relevant – it will become a matter of debate – and something that only serves to charge our egos – where we fight for our conflicting opinions and ideas. Obviously it is a distraction, we spend time and energy trying to prove or disprove something that at the end of the day means absolutely NOTHING to who you are as a human being – to how you will live, interact and express yourself while it is in these areas of life where you should really place your focus and attention. Because if we sort out our daily living – WHO WE ARE and HOW WE LIVE – it will have major ripple effects – and serve to create a better life for everyone – and this will be a point of creation that is of REAL and CONCRETE value – and thus something far more worthwhile spending your time on than trying to figure out/debate the geometrical shape of earth.

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Re: Is the Earth a globe or flat?

Postby KellyPosey » 06 Mar 2017, 07:08

To me the flat earth question provides an opportunity to assess the information out there for oneself. It misses the point to have come to the realization that our perception of our world was built for us and could be a lie, and to then still just want someone to tell us what it is, without evaluating the information out there for ourself. Which is what this is really showing us, like, 'whoopsy, I was trusting others to simply tell me how things are, hmmm, I actually need to develop my own ability to find and check information for myself'.

Certainly in terms of 'is it round or flat' it could be said to exist as one or the other, but I think there's also deeper dimensions to this definition that make the question almost irrelevant, because of how we take for granted how we interpret this reality through our limited basic human senses. The interviews with the animals really speak to this, as there's so many different kinds of sensory relationships we can have to this physical reality that shape what it looks like to us. In other words, if we could really see and understand all the relationships at every level of the physical for how they really exist and not simply interpreting things through the sensations of human touch or sight from the scale of being a human, would we still find it relevant to call it round or flat, or would we define it as something else entirely? But of course until we get to that level of understanding we work from where we're at.

To me this issue is one where it's really important to come to one's own conclusion, because it can be easy to form an idea around what you want the answer to be and then will go into conflict around whoever would tell you it is otherwise and then it becomes, as has been said, a debate around something that on a certain level really doesn't matter. It hasn't mattered to this point whether I have known for certain the earth to be flat or round and it doesn't really matter going forward from here, like, my uncertainty is going to have about as little effect tomorrow as it did today and yesterday. I'm not personally involved in managing any aspect of the physical reality which would gravely depend on me knowing that, and probably most of us aren't. There's not much as far as I am aware that we humans can do on the scale of the heavenly movement of the planet earth, so anything to happen at that level is really out of our hands anyway. We can though still plenty understand things like the cycles of the sun and weather patterns and whatnot for the sake of what we can do and affect, like growing our food and whatever else that is happening in and around the planet, without getting into the shape of our planet or it's relation to space and such.

So I'd say the point of this issue of finding oneself suddenly uncertain about the very world we live on and facing that it is possible that we have been lied to and had our perception of reality manipulated, is more importantly about that point in essence of why do we not have a relationship of trust where we can trust the information that we are presented with and how we took for things for granted and what do we do to take our education and evaluation of information into our own hands and so on. I could tell you what I believe the earth to be from the research I've done and the understanding I have, but what good is that? I know that when I first came across this point some years ago now, and experienced really just wanting to 'know what it IS', that that's not really what I wanted. What would it have served if someone had said to me 'yeah it's flat' or 'yeah it's round'. Would I have just stopped investigating it for myself then? Would I have missed out on the benefit of doing my own research to come to my own conclusion? Would I have just believed them, and would that have changed anything? Would I simply be just putting my trust into someone else to tell me how things are and not have become the solution of evaluating things for myself? Nobody is saying the shape of the earth isn't important, the research is out there, the information is out there, you're not likely going to personally get to go into space to see things for yourself, so you're welcome to explore the information out there as anyone else and no one is responsible for telling you how this reality is, because that's the mess we're in already. That's how we're able to be lied to. The issue isn't so much that we have been deceived per se, but more that we can't tell if we have or not. It's just showing us the relationship we've been living to our reality and information in our reality and that that's what we need to correct.

The support that's here is not about just telling us how things are, that's the old paradigm we're working to change. The support here is to assist us to focus on our underlying relationships to ourselves and our reality as that's what's been getting in the way of us creating and living a cool life here and why we're in the mess we're in.

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Re: Is the Earth a globe or flat?

Postby Matti Freeman » 07 Mar 2017, 09:50

"So I'm just supposed to make a decision and live with it based on Everything I was told to believe in school shown on television and in pictures? This isn't a belief or something to debate. My common sense tells me the exact opposite of what I've been taught. It's not a choice. It's a basic fact about the earth we live on. It either is or isn't. How can the portal give every detail on the history of man and every other race in existence but the shape of where we live is a mystery? Cmon man get real"

So Drew here on this forum, the principle of what we're interested in / applying / seeking here, as individuals that have come together and are participating together as 'Desteni', is that we are interested in just that -- Getting REAL. Getting Real in understanding and stopping the mind as the endless thoughts, reactions, inner conversations, debates, conflicts, fears, ideas, beliefs, emotional experiences, and learning to assist and support ourselves to take responsibility for what we exist as, and become the Directive Principle of ourselves as Physical Beings so that we can do what is Best for All in This One Life - rather than accepting and allowing thoughts, personalities, reactions to Direct and Control us in how we experience ourselves, in our Words, Behavior, Decisions, Self-View, and World-View, constantly leading us on endless cycles of pre-occupation that results in our life being wasted through having only existed as knowledge and information rather than Life.

If you find that your priority at the moment is figuring out whether the Earth is round or flat - perhaps a different forum would be more appropriate for you at this stage.

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Re: Is the Earth a globe or flat?

Postby DrewSantillo » 26 Mar 2017, 11:49

I have watched hundreds of portal interviews and the most consistent theme or underlying premise thru out most of them is that the physical is the most stable and real aspect of our experience. I have no interest in arguing over it but If that is true which I believe it is then our factual physical relationship to the earth that we live on is extremely important to truly know and understand is it not?

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Re: Is the Earth a globe or flat?

Postby Daniel » 09 Jul 2017, 18:32

Most times when an 'either/or'-type question comes up, both is the best answer! (Test it!)

In this case, again, the earth is both flat and globular - depends on your perspective :D

My physical relationship with the earth, most of the time, is that it's flat, so I operate within this flat-world reality pretty much everyday. I can walk, jump and drive great distances on this flat world. When exploring the earth from greater altitudes, the paradigm-shift simply has to happen. A pilot planning a long trip, doesn't fly parallel to earth's latitudinal lines. (more info on flight paths)

We all have to take responsibility of our perception by asking 'expansive' questions. When we ask questions only to confirm or validate our existing perception, self-honest discovery of reality (aka common sense) probably isn't happening. (There's [only] two 'types' of questioning)

And it's important that we craft our perception by our own volition! This is crucial because if we ask Desteni or any other external 'authority', we're back to forming beliefs and opinions based in 'knowledge and information' which is basically just fuel for the ego. If you don't know something, test it. Be results-oriented. Know what you know. Become an astronaut and orbit Earth ;)

This last, most important consideration is to focus on what is relevant in your life. If your contemplations are not tangible or actionable in your life, what will you be creating with your energy and efforts?...just more mind jibber-jabber. To be physically grounded, to assert our creative force, to set in motion that which has a best outcome (for me and for all), to have fun... to live.


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