Words like 'cool' and 'awesome'

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Re: Words like 'cool' and 'awesome'

Postby Marlen » 06 Aug 2014, 11:39

I came to understand hate as the result of unfulfilled 'love' experiences. For example, one would come to 'hate' one's parents if your expectations of them being the most ideal parents are not fulfilled. Within this we merely jump from love to hate without any practical understanding of, in this case, where one got such ideal of 'love' from and how it is that we come to blame/hate others for not fulfilling that idea within ourselves. It's quite a mindjob to say the least and the only thing that it creates is just a rambling pole-to-pole type of logic wherein there's no self introspection as to how you even created such 'love' in the first place, what you define love to be and how you come to create 'hate' as a result of not getting your love experience. All based on experiences.

So, it's easy to continue rambling on everything one loves or hates, but without questioning WHY and HOW you have come to hate or love, then it becomes a rather useless writing too. That's how writing it all out in itself might be a first step as 'rant and rave' however from there it is about using writing as a tool to start questioning yourself and your love/hate premises does become a platform of self-assessment and introspection, so that's how we use words/writing for here.

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Re: Words like 'cool' and 'awesome'

Postby Kim S » 15 Sep 2014, 11:58

Excellent support here guys

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Re: Words like 'cool' and 'awesome'

Postby YoganBarrientos » 09 Jun 2015, 20:37

Cool thread.
Thanks Anna, Carrie, Michelle, Marlen and Sylvia.
AWESOME support!

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Re: Words like 'cool' and 'awesome'

Postby Luc St-Amand » 19 Jun 2015, 12:37

I totally agree with you nick.

I believed I had to put my neck out and speak my truths. The fact is people will say the darndest things and it's totally up to you to take what you find relevant in your process to assist yourself in taking self responsibility. Within my process, I am working on letting go of reactions based on feeling, so if I am acting in anyway that is not best for myself and those around me I stop and apply breath. I must stop myself and carefully examine any justifications I use to continue the abusive patterns.

No one on this forum wakes up by your side and falls asleep next to you. No one on this forum can tell you what needs doing better than you can, so I suggest going over the material/videos and take in what applies to you and always always always apply that which is best for yourself and inturn those around you.


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Re: Words like 'cool' and 'awesome'

Postby Maite » 20 Jun 2015, 12:38

Cool Luc, keeping it practical and grounded.

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Re: Words like 'cool' and 'awesome'

Postby breathoflife92 » 27 Sep 2016, 19:23

you seem to reacting to the positivity in such words as you have a disliking to being positive, from other people. but such points can be called cool, such as when one get a clearer understanding of self and make a nice breakthough in process. it is cool. do you have a disliking to the word 'good' as well?
these are all words used in a positive connotation. maybe you have built up too much negative energy within, and have taken a disliking to the positivity used in such words

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