Difficulty in Understanding Heaven's Journey to Life

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Difficulty in Understanding Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby BreathingLife » 20 Oct 2014, 15:44


I'm having a lot of difficulty understanding Heaven's Journey to Life. Do you suggest that this is the place to start to clearly understand the principles of Desteni, or should I look elsewhere? I'm trying to clearly understand the message and to have the understanding you have of how things work that enable YOU to be absolutely certain of your standing and to actually know what the hell you're doing, but I get very confused by the blogs and I just don't know how to have that same certainty that you have. I keep trying and trying to get it but I somehow keep missing the point. I've been reading the blogs for a while and on a certain level I get it, but it's very abstract, so maybe there are other things I should look at instead to get very concrete examples that I can understand for where I am at right now? In the blogs I understand the basic point of 'As within, so without', but I just don't get how this actually functions - does that mean that whatever we exist as within ourselves, we create automatically? If so, HOW does this work? What are some specific examples of how this works? Is THIS the reason we stop the mind and our existence as energy? Does this mean that if we all stop and change then existence changes also? Am I on the right track? Is this the starting point to which YOU apply yourself and in which you dedicate yourself to life, or do you approach it differently? I kind of understand but it is more a theoretical understanding that I am unsure about because I can't clearly see HOW it works. I'm really sick of being uncertain and second-guessing whether I really get it or not.

I should have asked for help earlier but it's a bit embarrassing... anyway, some clarification would be appreciated.


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Re: Difficulty in Understanding Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby sylvia » 21 Oct 2014, 08:10

If there isn't yet a foundation to work from and you start reading materials that are speaking about things that are based on the foundation, you will indeed have difficulties 'understanding' what is said from a mind's point of view.

Are you already enrolled in the free DIP Lite course? Because that's how you build a foundation, by starting at the beginning. Starting at the beginning and live it instead of wrapping your mind around it and getting caught up in the depths of your mind.

In your questions you use words and phrases such as:

-trying to clearly understand,
-have the understanding you have,
-I get very confused,
-I keep trying and trying to get it,
-I just don't get how,
-I kind of understand it,
-it's more a theoretical understanding,
-Am I on the right track?

These are all words of the mind trying to give you the experience of living or of moving or of doing something, while you in fact are stuck within the mind "trying to understand" and thus this leads up to the experience you described as "I'm really sick of being uncertain and second-guessing whether I really get it or not." You probably feel defeated as if you lost a contest, because thus far it was a contest you've played with your mind. And from there the embarrassment arises.

It's kind of learning the word 'radio' and then taking it apart staring at the elements trying to 'understand' what they are there for and not realizing that you took a very big step from learning the word 'radio' to 'understanding' the mechanics of it with your mind. The step in between is learning how to be a mechanic or how to practically, in a hands on way, the radio functions. So in order to get process you have to walk process and bit by bit the pieces fall into place and the puzzle starts forming.

So I suggest to start at the beginning and ask fundamental questions on your way of walking and applying process within your life. When you get stuck you can type a word in the search button and see what comes up. Read it from a point of support and not like a contest and wanting to get it, while you may not yet be at that point of grasping that very point within your physical reality. You see when there is a foundation, your confidence will in fact grow.

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Re: Difficulty in Understanding Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby Eleonora » 21 Oct 2014, 20:32

Hi Breathing Life,
maybe if you zoom in closer into what you 'seem to not understand' we can support you further in the process.

My undrstanding of process so far is information based, meaning I understand that this world is the sum of current information coming from past information, you can imagine an informatic system, things have become programmed into the very fabric of reality by our direct intervention or by our acceptance and allowance of 'things the way they are'. Things the way they are includes ourselves, ecause we are here and there are no bystanders in existence but only active participants.

So each one of us, as an active participant in this creation, is dismantling their own imaginary self to a blank slate, where self is no longer defined by past experiences or polarity based words that become our reality, we are basically stepping beyond polarity to stop this automated existence in which we are all trapped and contnuosly trap each other.

There is no larger truth to understand, you have yourself as a piece of reality, in self honesty you can investigate what you do and why and you will discover the micro cosm that we are at a personal level, what we do is take responsibility each one for their wn microcosm which is the mind and make the required corrections.

What we forgive, we for-give. meaning we return to urselves the divestment we have made from substance to energy, and we work to re-substantiate ourselves.

I cannot tell you more about process in abstract, what I can tell you is that when I came here I already knew that my behavior, my thoughts, my living off emotions was not good for me or for others so I heard the message quite clearly, albeit shockingly, that I had to correct myself to create myself into something worthy of Life that would create a world where all beings can live honouring each other, in peace.

Heaven's journey to life is very heavy reading, you can try Creation's journey to Life, that was Bernard's blog (or Earth's Journey to Life), in that blog he took every pattern of existence that he saw as misaligned and released it, withdrew his acceptance and support of it, so, to walk out of this abusive construct that we have created as the world, we for-give back to ourselves our participation, let go what has been and when the slate is blank, in a true act of benevolence, rewrite on it a piece, a peace that can stand, we realign one piece of the puzzle 1+1 until the world starts changing and manifesting our change within - without.

Hope this supports you if you need other info keep posting until you are clear, for sure all your questions are Mind based, but when we start we are nothing else, just Mind, so don't feel too bad about it, we all started there and we become more aware as we go and more substantial, and in this way we re-substantiate the world in our image and likeness.

Enjoy yourself Here.

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Re: Difficulty in Understanding Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby viktor » 02 Nov 2014, 16:00

Hi BreathingLife,

Understanding the Desteni material is a lengthy process that takes time, patience, persistence and dedication, and this is simply because it's a completely new way of looking at and understanding ourselves and life. So, I suggest that when you approach the information, keep this in mind – that it will take some time to really see the message that is conveyed, and that this is completely normal – everyone that have started to walk their processes initially faced this point of coming to terms with and integrating the information that is shared. Herein I also suggest that you release any expectation to understand or comprehend the information, and instead read through it, look at it, let it sink in, practice some of the tools, such as self-forgiveness, writing, and self-commitment statements, and you'll see that gradually, it will all become more clear.

And then, I will also say that Heavens Journey to Life is not the place to start, because that is as Eleonora said, it's heavy reading. Instead I suggest that you walk the DIP Lite course, as well as read through the FAQ, and purchase the Eqafe series called Self Awareness steps for the elite – here you'll find a cool summary of the most basic vocabulary and concepts of the Desteni message – and after this you'll be more equipped to go into the specifics of the message.

Then lastly, remember that you have this forum, so if you ever get stuck, or experience confusion towards a particular word, or concept, then you're able to ask here, and will answer to the best of our abilities.

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Re: Difficulty in Understanding Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby Maite » 15 Nov 2014, 11:53

Hi Breathinglife,

Did the perspectives given answer your questions? Let us know if you require more assistance.

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Re: Difficulty in Understanding Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby sandymac » 17 Nov 2014, 19:56

Hi , very cool suggestions here! I would say that makes you 'normal' lol! I agree that 'Creations Journey to Life' would be a better read for you at the moment. However, I do recall sharing with Bernard the same point you are mentioning here, that I was having trouble understanding H'sJL, and he suggested I even read a paragraph per day, that this would be enough to support me to become familiar with the words/presentation of the blog. I can say -about 2 years on- that he was correct. I no longer find it overwhelming/difficult to read or understand, as information. Living the words is another thing, lol. This takes time and hense we have the Desteni I Process online courses, vast amounts of reading/vlogs/videos online, DIP lite, Journey to Life blogging process (the tools of writing, self-forgiveness, self-corrective application), the AMAZing Eqafe Interviews-several are free, forums like this.
Cool you are investigaing yourself within and yourself without-as the world.

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Re: Difficulty in Understanding Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby Luc St-Amand » 22 Jun 2015, 18:52

Hi breathing life. Try to observe the information in the simplest most simplistic way. True so within, so without, because your entire perspective on outwardly circumstances is dependent on how you react internally. Somethings that would make you sad makes others happy. If you are comfortable within yourself this will externality in your world. An example is a nervous guy will tend to be shaky or have the jitters studdering his words when a relaxed confident being will be straight fowards tone and manner.

Surely everything this world is, is according to you, when you die, the world dies with you, because the world only ever existed through you. You are the controller, well that's the problem, the mind consciousness system currently controls the human so we dont even realize just how we are the creators of EVERYTHING because anything that exist does so through our participation. Simple.

Take in the information and always pull it back to yourself. Do your most to relate everything back to you and how you "think"about it? "Feel" about it? React to it? Inevitably you will find your way through.

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Re: Difficulty in Understanding Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby KasperKwan » 04 Jan 2016, 11:47

Hi BreathingLife,

I would suggest to read the articles on Desteni.org first as that tend to give more alignment of vocabulary, and also practicing considering more than your own perception (as I have experienced and quite liked). I tend to recommend the articles written by Bernard, and it's best to read them sequentially, from "day 1" of the articles.

Feel free to have fun reading up on the topics that interest you.

Creation's Journey to Life is great also as preparation for Heaven's JTL. Read from Day 1, and do this sequentially. This part you must do from 1, then 2, and so on.

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Re: Difficulty in Understanding Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby SunetteSpies » 22 Apr 2016, 18:25

What I have personally found throughout my process - the past 11 years, observing myself and also others is that: two distinct types of people / minds stood out. The first being those who immediately "hears", who immediately naturally "sees" what we write / speak through videos, recordings and documents. Yes - they do have MANY questions along the way, but overall naturally listens, reads, understands and then asks in a way of EXPANDING their awareness and understanding in a way that can support them more in their personal and life process / journey. Secondly, being those who don't INITIALLY 'get it', become 'confused and perplexed' and/or more extremely go into emotional reactions / judgments / resistance.

What I have noticed within your question, I could recognize within myself - as I would categorize us in the Second type of people in the dimension of "not INITIALLY getting it, becoming confused and perplexed". Because it's not like you are COMPLETELY RESISTING and EMOTIONALLY REACTING to the material in videos and writings, who I'd classify as the 'haters' who do not at least have the time and patience to push themselves to get to know themselves within the material, the videos and writings. Nor are you naturally / immediately 'getting it' in a way of understanding / seeing and then rather asking for more clarification / perspective / supportive - but there is a level of being perplexed and confused, with a tinge of emotion / frustration.

I will do more recordings on this point in EQAFE in time to come, but for the moment: even in my initial process and journey within Portalling, I became exposed to SO many different beings, who back then, still spoke their own language, sound, symbolism that I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND AT ALL - like, I didn't get it. I couldn't understand them, couldn't communicate with them - even though MANY spoke english interestingly enough, they spoke within a depth, a dimension I couldn't relate to AT ALL. This is primarily what you will INITIALLY find with reading and hearing the Desteni Material of the early years when the Portal opened. Even though I, also the beings Portalling through me, have SPECIFIED our speaking / writing into and as dimensions that the Mind / Consciousness in people can HEAR and SEE - it took me, as well as them, some to develop this skill - to speak and write and do things in a way that can be HEARD and SEEN through the mind / consciousness. This you will find in MANY of the most recent EQAFE recordings in the past year - our communication has expanded, specified and developed to cater to everyone on earth. I will expand on this more in the EQAFE recordings to come, how the portal, the beings, including myself specified our communication - because we initially spoke within and from TOO A DEEP DIMENSION within our BEING and this existence - so deep, not many could hear or see.

So, back to my process: I initially became emotional because of not understanding the other beings, but then realised - I did not take the step / responsibility to ALIGN MYSELF with them, to stand EQUAL and ONE as them to be able to UNDERSTAND and SEE and HEAR. Nor did they. So, what we did was to 'stand in each other's shoes' - become one another for a moment, so they could understand why I was not hearing them, and they could understand why they could not hear me. Once this was done - I EXPANDED cause they helped me EXPAND into DEEPER DEPTHS of WORDS and SOUND, and I helped them to REALISE there are MORE DIMENSIONS to words and sound they haven't been exposed to yet. This could be done in heaven - on earth, yes lol it's a whole other process that takes a lot more space and time - but doable!

So, to share: yes - sometimes it is challenging to see / hear - because you haven't as of yet, in your lifetime, been exposed to the depths of dimensions we venture into through the beings and Portalling and the ACCESS we have through the PORTAL. Therefore, do not be alarmed, nor react - but when you do react, take a breath, slow down and ASK here in the forums for more insight / perspective. This is why the forums are here - to SUPPORT with needed insight and perspective. So, by all means - whenever you read a post, or a paragraph or listen to an interview and some words you do not understand: ASK. As they say: "asKING is the KING of all questions!!!" The more you ASK the more you will be supported and SO MANY OTHERS as well!!!

I will post the EQAFE recordings I do on this topic here in this thread for anyone who's interested. Also - will leave you with this YouTube video I did explaining the process and experience of "AS WITHIN = SO WITHOUT / AS ABOVE = SO BELOW": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ulrMefeBFE

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Re: Difficulty in Understanding Heaven's Journey to Life

Postby Kim S » 25 Apr 2016, 11:35

Thanks guys for all the perspectives here

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