Vasectomy, not having children.

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jonathan solorio
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Vasectomy, not having children.

Postby jonathan solorio » 28 Dec 2016, 03:32

I am looking into this for my self but I want to see what others have considered in their journey and if the choice to do something like a physical surgery (vasectomy) will affect my body in some way that I can be advised on?

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Re: Vasectomy, not having children.

Postby CerisePoolman » 28 Dec 2016, 20:10

There is a lot of info on the net about this option. I'd say it's a personal choice that should be considered patiently and from a stable starting point (ie make sure you are not making the choice emotionally)

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Re: Vasectomy, not having children.

Postby viktor » 02 Jan 2017, 00:19

I also suggest making sure that you are clear within yourself before executing such a decision. I for example never considered having children, then the circumstances changed and it made the decision to have a child. Thus, with decisions that have irreversible effects and where might not know how things will change in the future, I would suggest moving slowly – consider all dimensions and see to it that there is no emotional motivation that clouds your self-honesty and common sense.

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kim amourette
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Re: Vasectomy, not having children.

Postby kim amourette » 02 Jan 2017, 03:16

I agree with Cerise and Viktor's perspectives in relation to making the choice to have a vasectomy done, it is a personal choice however because it can be permanent you should be clear with yourself about your motivations and be aware that if those motivations are based on emotions and feelings in the mind, they can change over time as you change.

My partner was looking at having a vasectomy, partly because he has diabetes and wouldn't want to transfer it to his children, but also partly because he has never seen himself to ever want children. After we both investigated the point we decided to hold out on the vasectomy because a. technological advancement might in time to come be able to prevent the diabetes gene from transferring and b. the want for the vasectomy was very much based on how he sees and experiences himself now, as a 26-year-old still trying to find his footing in life, and not on the consideration that his situation as well as his self-experience may change in the future. So in terms of our situation, we decided that there was actually no real rush to have an operation like that done. But each person and situation is different so there is no right or wrong, just self-honesty.

In terms of the physical consequences I would suggest to ask your doctor, or whoever would perform the vasectomy, about that cause they would be the best equipped to provide that information.

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Re: Vasectomy, not having children.

Postby YoganBarrientos » 10 Jan 2017, 01:02

=I want to see what others have considered in their journey and if the choice to do something like a physical surgery (vasectomy) will affect my body in some way that I can be advised on?

I had considered doing surgery on my nose. It is a little crooked. And part of the nostril blocks air easily. Though I can still breath and function. In the end I decided not to do surgery, because I actually saw how my crooked nose creates a unique facial expression that i can use. So I saw the positive/beneficial point which I didn't see before. So before you make any decision, I would look at what beneficial point that you have now with your body that you would lose if you made the change.

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