Why is English not suitable as a world language?

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Why is English not suitable as a world language?

Postby frank » 06 Feb 2017, 07:41

In an interview, Bernard confirmed that English will be a dominant language in the world, unfortunately...

So why is English not a good choice for the world language? Are we going to speak Afrikaans in the future?

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Re: Why is English not suitable as a world language?

Postby Gian » 06 Feb 2017, 16:53

English is the language that has been the most contaminated, as the consumerism language. the money language, the business language, nothing within the sound or words are that of life, but again, this is also just because it is this way currently, we can still purify it and redefine it through the process here, as living words, it will be much more work and difficult, as everything within the current system that defined the current system is attached and hidden in the word, the energy signatures within the words. learning a new language with words that is not contaminated as much would be a faster process. lol such as Afrikaans, but just as an example.

so, what points can you see answering your own question?

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