Spoon Bending metaphor The Matrix

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Spoon Bending metaphor The Matrix

Postby Arizona » 17 Feb 2017, 13:49

I think I can put an accurate perspective on this without googling the metaphor for something that suits me that has already been written ..
This post is for fun, because I think it's one of the brain teasers worth looking at.

"Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible, instead only try to realize the truth."

The way I've seen this is: For most the spoon represents other people, and these people will only bend if you yourself bend. It's simple until you think about it a little bit more. Where does the line between changing physical aspects of our reality clash with the people around us? This is something that can be answered on an individual basis.

I could take this a little deeper, infusing it with equal to life realizations, but I don't feel I have the elegance to do that in a written format.
Something worth repeating though: It's not about trying to help the people around you. It's about bringing out the best in you to bring out the best in the world, i.e. something akin to paradise.

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joe kou
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Re: Spoon Bending metaphor The Matrix

Postby joe kou » 17 Feb 2017, 19:41

To really do this contemplation justice, we must here quote the full line from the movie.

Spoon Boy: "Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth"

Neo: "What truth?"

Spoon Boy: "There is no spoon. Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself."

This is something that I have reflected deeply upon for many years. As an avid and some may say fanatic watcher of the Matrix trilogy it has not yet ceased to amaze me how much more I see and realize whenever I ponder this brief exchange between Neo and one of the "Potential Chosen Ones".
My take on this has changed and deepened over the years as I walk my process but I will share some of my favorite insights.

The "Spoon" to me is the holographic nature of our reality and existence - wherein that which we accept and allow within and as ourselves is manifested, projected, and holographically reproduced in the external world that we share and experience. Meaning - the "Spoon" is all of the things that we in many ways blindly accept without question as being our reality or being the truth of who and what we are.

When the boy says "there is no spoon" - I think of all the myriad things we accept and allow ourselves to believe as though they were real. Things like jealousy, hatred, love. We experience them. We feel them. We exist as them. But they are NOT in fact real. They are as illusory and fake as the spoon in that boy's hand. One can warp these experiences, change them, even dismiss them entirely by simply changing who we are in relation to them.

A game I would play with myself now and then is whenever I am faced with something that I think I cannot change - something that just seems so real and absolute like when I am angry at someone, or when I really want to go into a particular emotion or feeling, or when I really really want to react towards someone in a particular way, or when I really want to go and sulk in a corner when I'm having a rough time with something - I tell myself "There is no spoon" and then just like Neo instead of trying to deal with whatever I think is so real and unchangeable, I bring my focus and attention back to MYSELF and change who I am - and presto the experience I was having isn't so real anymore.

Another interesting thing that saw in this scene was how it relates to the interconnectedness of all things. So many times we try to blame the system, or fight the corruption, or riot against the government, or wage war upon our enemies - all of this is only possible from a mentality of separation and accepting the illusion that what we see in others exists within ourselves. The "spoon" here would be all of the things we externalize and blame and point our finger to instead of realizing how we ourselves are part of the creation of everything that is here, one and equal. It is like we go around saying "Why am I waging war upon other people even though we are one and equal? Because spoon!"

This of course applies to self as well - whenever we want to blame our mind for making us feel a certain way, we are accepting the spoon - the lie - that we are somehow separate from what we participate in within our own minds. Yes the thoughts come in an automated way but we are the ones that constantly accept and allow it. Here we play the game of "Why do I allow myself to talk nasty shit about other people inside my own head even though I know it is nasty and spiteful and would never dare to say in the open what I say within my secret self? Because spoon!"

Indeed - there is no spoon. It is never the spoon that bends but only ourselves.

Now - if you REALLY want to go deep and explore the holographic nature of existence you can hear it from Jack in this series at Eqafe - Heart of Matter - Depths of Space and Matter

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Re: Spoon Bending metaphor The Matrix

Postby SunetteSpies » 21 Feb 2017, 08:42

Who am I - while watching, listening, reading, observing?

"It's All in the Eye / I of the Beholder" - this is something to remember when watching movies, series, reading books, music - equal to observing paintings and reading poems.

The "Eye / I of the Beholder" is essentially 'who I am in the moment' / 'self's starting point' - who are you in that moment watching, listening, reading, observing the moment?
Because we so substantially exist within the Mind, we don't realise how much of what we interpret, perceive, experience, feel, become aware of in a moment actually DEFINES US - not at all what we are doing / participating with. What comes up in you, YOUR MIND - are YOUR PERSONAL frames of reference, views, opinions etc.
This is why I have oftentimes throughout this process shared with individuals to utilize movies, series, music, reading books etc. as a support tool to learn more about one's own mind, oneself and so expand, grow in a faster way. As you participate with any one / all of the above - you observe, be self honest, look at and assess what comes up / triggers in your mind. In this you can accordingly decide what needs working on / change. This is a faster way to walk through dimensions of your own consciousness, bring it to awareness and eventual change.
I have done quite a few recordings on this, how exactly to develop and use your relationship with movies, series, music, books, etc. in a constructive, supportive way.

So, it's interesting to note how much I, for example, through the Portal can have access to in your words when 'talking about something / someone' - even yourself; especially the moments where people think / believe they are only speaking of others - when all the while, one can see so much, everything about them in their own words.
Therefore, suggest rather making your relationship with movies constructive and supportive for you, your personal process. Realise what you observe / experience, realise etc. is for you to see, use how you can to the best to better your self awareness living in thought word and deed. So, rather SHARE YOURSELF in and through your words with others by writing posts, making notes of what you learned, observed and realized so that others can possibly see into it and learn / realise something for themselves.

For there NOT to be a spoon, there must then be a spoon

Here is an example of my sharing, for others to possibly learn something through seeing, for a moment through my eyes / I:
What I observed in that moment, also due to the process I have walked - even during and before the time the Matrix came out (I watched it with Bernard - and him and I walked through it together in detail, which was an interesting process); then from there walked through it a couple times as I progressed in my process because I always ended up seeing, learning and observing something new about me, my mind, my mind, body self relationship etc.

After some time walking my process, watching the Matrix cause of also watching it with others, walking it with them throughout the years - as we watch the movie, reflecting on some things we find fascinating / interesting, see what we realise / see etc.: the point that came up with the moment of the spoon is that "for there NOT to be a spoon, there must be a spoon". What this means is as follows:
Yes, the boy may of stated "there is no spoon, it is not the spoon that bends, it is yourself" - HOWEVER, now you must also account of the creators, directors, writers and MANY others influences of people's minds, understanding, consciousness etc. involved with the movie. Taking all that into consideration and looking at the statement, I realized what the boy is actually showing (which Neo also realized later in the movie) is that: it's not that the SPOON DOES NOT EXIST, it's more to realise - YOU ARE A PART OF THE SPOON, as much as it is a part of you. So, when you want to BEND THE SPOON, stand as that part of you as the spoon within yourself, equal and one on all levels - then you realise as you bend in that alignment, you as the spoon will bend WITH YOU.
Because in that moment, the spoon was there - it was 'real' for both Neo and the Boy the depth of 'truth' was to see BEYOND and INTO the spoon, not look at only the surface...

Later in the movie, Neo realized this equality and oneness principle, where he MERGED WITH AND AS THE MATRIX, and became a part of it as much as it became a part of him; which allowed him access to bend, manipulate, direct, alter and change the matrix AS HIMSELF. Just because he became A PART OF the matrix does not mean he could CHANGE IT ALL - the MATRIX still exists within its individuality / individual parts = for REAL CHANGE to emerge, ALL INDIVIDUAL PARTS must align within the same starting point, principle, process, change for EVERYTHING to change...that's why in the end, the Matrix remained, partially changed yes; cause only NEO in a way stood up, bar for a few - but still not enough to change everything for the best / betterment of all, equally as one.
So, taking this to my own process, earth process, existential process in this world and through Portalling - I realized: I may be / become aware, realise equality and oneness etc. - but it's not immediately going to CHANGE THE WORLD / HUMANITY - if anything, only then one's REAL process starts of LEADING BY EXAMPLE, until ONE BY ONE all realise their potential, their utmost, their best and through us ALL as INDIVIDUALS changing and standing, one by one - the world change.

My sharings for a moment, enjoy.

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Re: Spoon Bending metaphor The Matrix

Postby Rebecca Dalmas » 21 Feb 2017, 15:57

Thanks for this post Sunette! I have been looking at resistance for some time, as in the question ; " where and how and when do I resist, do I push away, do I freeze, do I stop?" What am I being within myself in every moment. I have ranted aloud about somejudgements I allow, to see what I am allowing- like a form of listening and being sympathetic to me, to then say to myself, ' okay, what is this, where am I not finding solutions that ' lead by example' as I would want, where I no longer allow resistance and instead stand as what would not move into anxiety and instead move into ' as much a knowing that is of being calm and patient and directive" as I can in the moment.
In many ways, just as with a television show, or a piece of art, as I realize what values I bring forward, as a framework of and as a reflection of my value system, so are the conversations or frameworks of and as the words formed by others. This means to see what I ' gravitate towards" and what is being said, and to cross reference this within where I am practically here.
THis perspective is also interesting, because it is known that more opportunity to see an unobstructed horizon, and to have more ' paintings ' etc. in one's home, as this is all more exposure of space, can inherently bring in greater perspective within a person's life. I would call this opportunity as exposure- something that many lack within the system in some ways. Thus, it is a form of limitation, that can also be considered an illusion, as the horizon is always there, it is where we place our focus, as self direct.
In some ways, this can also lead to looking at the whole only, as in an understanding that doing within the whole, leads to greater understanding, which is true. YET, what is avoided within this, is to practice the small, as build in a disciplined way, a recognition of the small, that in turn helps define the whole, or bring it more into focus with clarity. Meaning, overall, it is not an either or scenario, it is more an either AND scenario. Built in is the inherent rush away from walking the discipline of the small, that builds the whole.
The place where this is most prevalent, is in the schools. The group think is that within the ' magic of doing' as being exposed to things in text format, for example, the child will automatically self realize over time which is a form of abdicating any form of detailed discipline, which is in a way ' not teaching'. This also shows up in finding strengths, and labeling a person within that strength, and forming activities around that strength without recognizing inherent weaknesses in relation to the strengths and building frameworks that build more discipline in relation to weaknesses. In all, in labeling the strengths ONLY, teachers are in fact not teaching. In both scenarios, there is a lack of seeing, realizing and understanding the potential inherent in the capacity of each, and the starting point of insight within as a grounded perspective.
Instead of realizing where, for example, one has missed certain formulas in math, as subsequent steps, that are causing mis-formation of manipulating sequences in doing math equations, one labels the mis-take as not being a natural part of the person, and who they are, which denies looking at the ' song' as form, of understanding within the person- AND to realize this will reflect in the behavior and perspective in the person in all that they do. Ultimately, their ' strength' will only go so far.
In short order here, as word, I would sum this up as saying, yes, the greater must be recognized, as this is the means to actively participate in the whole, see what one is being within one's self, YET, the small must be walked, as it is not an either/or , it is both, building a ' linear' conception and a holistic conception so to speak. The ' quantified whole' is a cross reference for the small, where our words can define the small, and thus the discipline of building the small, must be practiced daily in tandem with recognizing the whole and applying one's self within that.
Make sense?

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Re: Spoon Bending metaphor The Matrix

Postby YoganBarrientos » 24 Feb 2017, 06:28


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