Can you speak self forgiveness without writing it.

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Matthew Stone
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Can you speak self forgiveness without writing it.

Postby Matthew Stone » 30 Apr 2017, 08:07

This video Bernard talks about writing self forgiveness and when I listen to it makes me see speaking self forgiveness as pointless without also writing it.

Is it pointless to do self forgivness without also writing it?

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Re: Can you speak self forgiveness without writing it.

Postby AnthonyF » 02 May 2017, 10:27

I hadn't heard this video/recording before, thanks!
From my experience, writing is definitely the way to go - to be as direct/deep/consistent as possible. But I've also seen that along with breath, self-forgiveness in a moment can certainly assist a lot. I use it at times if I'm struggling and for example I require it after the breathing. So I may say a line or 2 to myself, maybe a self-realisation/commitment statement too, and THEN I will EXPAND on it greatly in writing when I get home or when possible.

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Re: Can you speak self forgiveness without writing it.

Postby tylersr » 08 May 2017, 18:25

Desteni has learned over the past 10 years that one of the best ways to learn to apply self-forgiveness is to first write out self-forgiveness statements. Being able to see the self-forgiveness statements has the advantage of providing a reference point for where one is at in relation to one's mind. This reference point is not only useful within one's own process of walking self-forgiveness, but has the additional advantage of being able to be read by others. This is helpful firstly because sharing written self-forgiveness may assist another who is facing a similar point. Secondly, sharing one's self-writing here on the forum allows others to provide perspectives you might not otherwise have considered in originally crafting the self-forgiveness.

That's the entire point of the forum: to create a platform of self-support where everyone may come and share and learn about self-forgiveness.

Enjoy! :) :)

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Re: Can you speak self forgiveness without writing it.

Postby Kristina » 11 May 2017, 07:41

Hey Matthew,

I agree with Anthony and Tyler here, and I'll add that I would not say speaking self-forgiveness is pointless, and writing self-forgiveness is the only way to go. From my perspective, B in the vlog was pushing the point of sharing ourselves, and our process - in writing - to be visible, and standing up as not only supporting ourselves, but others as well. In a way saying the only way we can trust ourselves and each other is to SEE in writing our self-forgiveness, though I would not say this is absolute. For me - I can see in my words when I've been living self-forgiveness, whether written or spoken out loud to myself, it's apparent in who I am as the words I write, and so the same goes for others as well. You can see in each one's words where they are, and whether one is living self-forgiveness. So it's more a matter of ensuring we are not bullshitting ourselves or others - to have it physically seen who we are as our writings/self-forgiveness

So I see it as it's important that we are visible in our sharing, and our writings, for ourselves and others, though not to think it must be 'this way' or 'that way' ONLY. It's about self... self-honesty.

As of late, I've been mostly writing my self-forgiveness, though this is due to a resistance to speaking the self-forgiveness, which I am still walking/pushing through. In the beginning of my process, I spoke my self-forgiveness out loud, and I'll tell you - I experienced quite an obvious effect in the actual releasing of the points I was speaking forgiveness on - literally feeling myself become lighter and centering within myself. So there is an absolute effect on the SOUND of our voice, with self-forgiveness - the resonance of our sound, and how that influence the resonance of our mind/body/being.

There are many interviews on Eqafe as well that speak about this point of Sounding our Self-forgiveness - the Atlanteans interviews are literally taking on specific emotions/feelings and the SOUND in which to speak our self-forgiveness to direct the patterns within those energies.

So don't make it absolute - this or that, one way is the only way. Investigate and test out what works for YOU! If there are ideas about what is 'right' or 'wrong' - clear that up with self-forgiveness and realize the most effect your self-forgiveness has on you/your life is coming from YOU as the starting point from which you apply it.

Play with it - write it out, speak it out, do both even. I was applying that for awhile as well - writing it out, then going back and sounding it to ensure I was standing within my words, and speaking in a way where I was taking responsibility for what I was forgiving. I found that to create much stability as well.

It's your process - so see what works for you.

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Re: Can you speak self forgiveness without writing it.

Postby Leila » 11 May 2017, 12:34

Yes Kristina summed it up well - Bernard was pushing a particular dimension here, but is not to say that sounding Self Forgiveness is pointless without writing it.

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Re: Can you speak self forgiveness without writing it.

Postby Ruben » 17 May 2017, 08:35

I always read out loud the self forgiveness I write. Not necessarily LOUD but I speak it out loud, it can be soft too. For example if I am at the bed before going to sleep, I speak self forgiveness until I fall asleep but I can't do it loud because I might disturb others and it is not comfortable to be on the bed about to go to sleep and be speaking OUT LOUD - lol - I remember I was at the farm and it was at night and I was at the bed speaking self forgiveness at the normal speaking volume and Lindsay banged at the wall because it could not let her sleep. The next day I asked Bernard about it and he said that it doesn't matter how loud you speak self forgiveness, you can voice it softly and it works as well.


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