The Design of Christianity

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The Design of Christianity

Postby Kristina » 20 Oct 2011, 03:04

The Design of Christianity
By: The Design of Christianity through the Portal

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Hi. This is the Design of the Christianity Field and I’m Here to Communicate about the Christianity Design Field of the Unified Consciousness Field within and of this entire Existence. As it’s been specifically, in detail, explained, the Unified Consciousness Field is the Connectedness and Interconnectedness of Human Being’s Mind Consciousness Systems through the Unconscious Mind. That exists through All of Humanity. Now the Christianity Field is quit an interesting Manifestation. Now each Religion has a specific ‘Gridline Placement Structure’, like a complete Manifested Society. Now each Gridline Structure has it’s specific Color. The Christianity Gridline Structure within and of the Unified Consciousness Field, which Manifests Christian Society, is a black and deep purple color. In other words, Specific Gridline Signature. Now the specific Signature is a Black/Purple color, which signifies the Darkness of Power. Now what would be… what would the Darkness of Power signify? Or mean, in terms of the Signature of the Christianity Field in the Gridline Structure thereof within the Unified Consciousness Field. It is interesting because, the Entire Concept of Christianity which Equals God, had been extensively Abused in this Existence, where the Most Atrocious and Sickening of Acts have been Done in the name of God. Now I’m Here to describe an interesting Manifestation with regards to the Christianity Field within and of the Unified Consciousness Field. And that is: Christianity is the Manifestation of Deception in this World. That Christianity, the Society of Christianity, the Entire Gridline Placement of Christianity within the Unified Consciousness Field supports, Manifests, instigates Deception, within this World. This world is not what is seems, and I’m certain many have heard such statements, that there Exists another Reality behind what you see is presented to you by everything and everyone in this World, and that is the exact same Placement of Christianity. Christianity seems like a Noble, well worshiped Path, Journey, of a Human Being’s Life, who is a Christian, living to Experience themselves with God in his Blissful Heaven. Picture Presentation is Beautiful, it’s pretty. Sounds amazing, sounds profound, sounds intriguing. Some Human Beings, simple, go to Church, read your Bible, pray, Live by the Bible, Live by the Law of Religion, Live by the Law of God, and you’ll get to Heaven. Experience yourself Blissfully for Eternity. And Of course you have to have the Villain, which is the Devil, the Hell, to make sure you remain on that Path of Greatness to God. You know, use a little Fear there to make sure, you know, herding Christians like Sheep with a Warnings of the Villain as the Devil. You know, like the Wolves herding Sheep. The Dogs herding sheep, literally. The Dogs being the Devil, you know, the warnings of the Devil, and the sheep being the Christians just following according to the fear of the Devil to get to God. Now, so the Entire Christian Experience, within the Unified Field seems Beautiful, ya know, go to Church, read the Bible, Live by the Bible, Live by the Law of God. And then you get to God, Heaven. Great. But, what’s actually Behind it, what the Essence of Christianity Consists of in the Unified Consciousness Field in the Gridline Structure Placement thereof, as a Christianity Society, Is the Manifestation of Deception. How? There is one thing that Human Beings do not yet realize about Churches, about the Entire Standing and Statement of Religion in this World. Religion has been specifically Designed, Christianity has been specifically Designed to Preoccupy Human Beings, to herd them, literally, like sheep. How do you organize Human Beings? You manifest organizations. Then, they’re preoccupied; they’re enclosed, in their little pen, their placed. You’ve got all the different Sheeps in all their different placements, on this big, big open Lands, they are herd by the Wolves, by the Dogs. Placed into their pens, specifically organized. Why? Human Beings: Nothing within this World that you experience in any way whatsoever, is Real. From the Beginning, this Entire Design of this Entire World, that’s been Placed. Of course, there are some Human Beings that kind of catched on to what is Really going on within this World, herding Human Beings. Organizing Human Beings, Placing Human Beings, it’s Specific. Thus, Religion, Christianity, the Christianity Field, supports, assists Deception. Why and How? Because it’s very Essence, it’s very Structure, it’s very Foundation is based on Deception, to Deceive Human Beings. You live the Deception, your attempting and trying to avoid, resist, and you’re not even Seeing it. And that is the Problem of the World, Human Beings. You’re not Seeing what is Existence before your very Eyes. Why? Because you’re already Living it. What does it Mean to Wake Up? It means to Look at your Life, look at what it is you’re Living and to start noticing, but wait a minute… there is something wrong Here. The Greatest thing each and every single Human Being is able to do for themselves, is to Question their Reality. Start questioning your Own Life, what you Live. Within that, you will Find the Lie and the Deception. Thank You very Much, this is the Christianity Unified Field.

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