The Solution of Self-Honesty

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The Solution of Self-Honesty

Postby Larys » 08 Dec 2011, 18:35

The Solution of Self-Honesty

This is the solution of self-honesty. Now we have done design interviews revealing, showing, sharing the design of the mind and the unified consciousness field of the mind that exist within and as each and every single individual human being. Now we have been communicating extensively about the problems that exist as what has been accepted and allowed within this world, as within each and every single human being. Bringing to awareness what has become of ourselves, and what we have done to ourselves as the world. Here I am as the solution, specifically the solution of self-honesty.

We have revealed in video interviews the deception, separation and enslavement as control that exist within each and every single human being as the mind consciousness system, designing and manifesting an equal mind system reality creation of deception, enslavement, separation and control. Manifesting the reflection of what exist within each as a mind consciousness system. Now it’s interesting, the question of what and how do I live and apply self-honesty if I do not even know what it really is. What is self-honesty really in application? Because all that I have ever known is my mind consciousness system of thoughts feelings and emotions as myself. Existing in past, present and future of the unified consciousness field. So how am I suppose to know, live, understand, apply self-honesty? Here human beings, is where the breath of self is important. The mind cannot exist in and as the breath. See the mind, exist in past, present and future – constantly racing, continuing thoughts within and of your mind. That’s why there is no awareness of the breath within human beings, as human beings. Because it constantly and continuously rushing in your mind – in past, present and future, existing in the now of the unified consciousness field, instead of here as the breath.

So, where does self-honesty come into this that I’m presenting to you in this moment, what does it have to do with the breath? Have a look – when you breathe, this moment of breath your mind stops. It is fascinating, but only when you are as awareness as the breath – the mind stops for that moment. Because you are here, as the breath. That is where self-honesty is human beings. That is where you live and apply self-honesty as the breath, here… (in breath). Look the mind stops it’s silent – then in that moment you are actually able to see your mind move (now this takes a process of course), but in that moment you will see your mind move. That is where you apply yourself, and live yourself in self-honesty. In other words… (in breath) in that moment when you see your mind move – you stop it. In anyway whatsoever – you stop your mind. Have a look human beings, you are already here, as the breath… (in breath), here is where you live and apply self-honesty. Here is where you are as the breath. And here is where you stop accepting and allowing yourself to participate in your mind. And that is where self-honesty is human beings – where you are self-honest with you, and you realize as you breathe… (in breath), uh there goes my mind, that is my mind – I stop my mind. And so you continue with your process of self-honesty within you in every moment. Why? Because in that application of self-honesty in every moment of every breath – you start standing up within you, and you start stopping the continuous cycles of your mind as thoughts feelings and emotions. And get out of the past, present, and future placement of your mind, within the unified consciousness field of this world. So self-honesty in every moment of every breath – the breath is a moment… (in breath), every moment – this is a moment here of every breath… (out breath). Another moment, breath, self-honesty. As you remain here as the breath – that is where you live and you apply self-honesty as you. That is the solution of self-honesty as you present in your process of stopping the mind.

Thank you very much, this is the Solution of Self-Honesty. And realize that each and every single human being is able to apply this. Self-honesty = oneness and equality – as all, as one, as equal – the process of birthing life from the physical – stopping the mind.

Thank you very much.

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