How would food be manufactured and produced?

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Re: How would food be manufactured and produced?

Postby Lindsay » 01 Nov 2011, 02:17

How will food be manufactured and produced? - Equal Money FAQ
Bernard Poolman


How would food be manufactured and produced?

There, we have to thank the corporations - they have already worked out all the ways to mass-produce food, on very little land, under controlled environments, where no seasons have any influence, they can do it worldwide, we have all the technology, it is why you have such beautiful genetically modified food in all your supermarkets; the small farmer is over. Most of the farmland in the world will become the home of animals again, and most of the fences will be removed so that animals can roam the world again, and you will live amongst animals in an Equal Money System, and then there will be these big farms that the corporate is already existing on Earth, the corporate farms, but there will be the farms where we will have the youngsters have some education. Part of their life on Earth would be a few years of education where they work physically, practically learning how to produce food in a commune-style to have great fun, great parties, and meet their future lovers, and wives, and everything, and develop a healthy social structure with peer age-groups, taking responsibility for the production of food on a global scale, because food production in itself is a repetitive recipe: you put things together, you plant things, you look at it in a certain way, and you harvest them - it is a cycle that repeats itself, and all the knowledge necessary to have it as a successful point consistent in the world, producing sufficiently for the world population, is already here. We don't have to do or re-invent anything. We don't even have to establish farms or anything to do it - there is already enough food produced in the world with enough farms producing it as we stand right now.

In fact, a lot of the production of stuff like sugar, and corn, and so on, that is involved with biofuels, will no longer be needed to be produced, because competition would have ended and therefore brands and all the various products that need to be made in ever-increasing different pictures will no longer be needed. We will make what is best, and everybody will have what is best - in every way - and the rest will just no longer be made, and therefore vast parts of the Earth will return to its natural condition. It will be an amazing project to restore the natural heritage of Earth, which will be one of the first major projects of an Equal Money time across the whole world, and that we will show around the world on all the television channels: how the world re-stored itself, and what we have allowed. It will be shocking, but also exhilarating, to be part of the restoration of Earth - rebirthing Earth, removing the harm and the abuse that the humans did, and becoming part of the Earth, and it will be the end of the human and the birth of the Earthling.

Join us.

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