What Will Happen To People That Won't Correct Themselves?

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Re: What Will Happen To People That Won't Correct Themselves

Postby Bella » 30 Oct 2011, 00:05

thanks for sharing!
to add: A perspective by Esteni that is relevant here:

On the 2 basic principles of the economic system -
giving and taking responsibility for that which you have been given:

If it is found that you are unable to give or unable to take responsibility for that which you are given on an equal footing to all – It will be seen that you require psychological training.

The psychological training facilities will be a major supporting factor within an Equal Money System as it requires a person both the give and taking responsibility that what they are given for an Equal Money System to work effectively.

The psychological trainers are not psychologists – they are psychological technicians that assist you to understand ‘you’, as all as one as equal, effectively.

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Re: What Will Happen To People That Won't Correct Themselves

Postby Ann » 31 Oct 2011, 07:15

41 - FAQ What will happen to people who don't correct themselves? - Equal Money FAQ
By Bernard Poolman
FAQ, What will happen to a person that do not correct themselves when they have support from the professional psychologists and so on within an equal money system? If a person is a threat to the good living, the good will and lives of other living things on the planet - and it is unknown what is causing it, it may be a physical dysfunction. Such a person will be kept behind locked door, for the persons own protection. Because the citizens will see such a person as threat and therefore it will be unwise to allow somebody who is a danger to others, to be part of the system. And therefore for their own protection, they will be kept under supervision - and research will be done to find ways to support them to be able to be integrated within the general population, the general society of equality once again.
We will never let somebody rot away. It will become the endeavor and objective to make sure that all quality of life is in fact equal life.
To find out more about and Equal society with Equal money, go to the Equal money forum. There are also regular blog books that you can support yourself with self-education. For that, follow the links.

Follow the blog books regularly http://store.desteni.org/products/freed ... m-volume-1
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