FAQ - What about Families in an Equal Money System?

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FAQ - What about Families in an Equal Money System?

Postby Cathy » 05 Nov 2011, 08:59

FAQ - What about Families in an Equal Money System?

Bernard Poolman
FAQ- What about families in an Equal Money System?

You're still gong to have families, but the motivation, the reason for being would be different- not about survival, having to have a work to pay for everything, having to employ slaves to clean after you- family life will be something different, it will be a communion, and within that you will have a much better relationship with your neighbor, because you are no longer competing, you are in fact supporting each other, especially because you can't employ any slaves anymore to clean your house- you have to clean it yourself, and having big families is not going to be an easy way to go, so therefore people will automatically have smaller families so they can have more quality time and that they can enjoy their life much more.

So we will have a population 'balance' that'll occur through an Equal Money System, and the family system itself will be there to support each one in dignity to teach true value- the value of life- a reverence for life- life will be the religion- the only religion- one religion for all- and family will be the basis because the family truly understand the value of life, as any family that has lost a child can vouch for- and that is the basis of it- that every child and grandchild be safe, supported, and be full of joy and love and enjoying their life with respect. "Love thy neighbor"- the message of Jesus- practically realized with Desteni and Equal Money. Read the Freedom Blogs and see for yourself what you have missed all along.

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