What will happen to Criminals? EMS FAQ

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Re: What will happen to Criminals? EMS FAQ

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What will happen to Criminals? Equal Money FAQ
Bernard Poolman

FAQ - What will happen to Criminals? In an Equal Money System obviously we'll have a lot less criminals, because crime is created by laws and all laws will be revoked and the laws that will remain will be the laws of Equality. The principles of Equality and Oneness, the principle of What is Best for All, will be the basic law that overrides everything else.

So criminals would be mostly based on forms of physical dysfunction that will cause mental disorder and that may cause rape or murder or related matters. These will be directed by the necessary professionals to bring an order within the dis-order that exists within the physical capacity of the human that has been afflicted. And thus the person, if cured, will be back in society and if in permanent disorder will be taken into a position where they will be supported and allowed to live out the rest of their days - while research is done how to prevent it for future generations.

Our basic objective being, just make sure that no one eventually gets affected by any form of physical disorder that causes mental disorder and that cause one to create what one would perceive to be a crime.

But a crime in essence is actually cry-me, it is a cry for help. And currently the world is full of cries for help by many that is called criminals - but they are purely the result of a system that is not supporting Life. They are the result of a system of Greed and those with the power and the greed in their hands are the ones that is making criminals of anyone challenging their system.

And that system will be NO MORE once we have an Equal Money System in place. And therefore crime will in all practical purposes end with an Equal Money System and what is envisaged and how to adjust the physical reasons for mental disorder that causes a cry for help and that is what truly criminal behaviour is.

Thus at the moment the way we deal with criminals are at the very least barbaric. It is the same way we deal with Life: Barbaric. So therefore it needs and requires an absolute change.

If you understand what we're saying - and if you don't, I mean, you have a problem - but if you do, it is time to join the journey to freedom. Read Freedom Blogs and join the forum. The future is in our hands, we are shaping it, become part of it.

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