The Solution of changing the past into Guiltlessness

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Re: The Solution of changing the past into Guiltlessness

Postby Cathy » 28 Dec 2011, 04:16

This is the Solution of changing the past to Guiltlessness

This is the Solution of changing the past to Guiltlessness . As has been given perspective for in the video-interview of guilt as entrapment, guilt exist as the slave-relationship between Self within and as the emotion of guilt within and as the mind-system. And guilt exist by the "perception" and "idea", that one has deceived another, because apparently the other trusted you and you apparently deceived their trust and then experienced guilt, when in truth the relationship formation of the other human being placing your trust separate from yourself outside of yourself and in manifesting a relationship with that other being, which is also a separation outside of Self. Guilt is manifested because of Self-Honesty of Self-dishonesty within Self.

How? Firstly: a relationship-placement of trust outside of Self is separation. Secondly: a relationship outside of Self as a friendship is separation in Self-dishonesty. So why is guilt actually really experienced within human beings?

Because they have been Self-dishonest towards themselves and whether - aware or unaware - human beings realized this and that is why guilt is experienced. Because you cannot then take Self-Responsibility for you in a certain moment in certain circumstance, because you feel guilty for someone else separate outside of you.

So guilt is the constriction of you inside yourself as a mind-system and so you remain as a tree of mind system life as guilt constantly, continuously. When actually the real situation is as follows: those human beings you haven't stood within and as oneness and equality as you, you did not trust you as who you are and you were not Self-Honest with you as who you are in looking at the situation as one and equal as the human beings in Self-Honesty as you.

So, how do we change the past to Guiltlessness? Let us take the situation as described by the design of guilt as entrapment. Now years after that, that memory, that past experience, that exist in your mind, that guilt is just compounding and compounding within you, as you. As it is compounding, you are suppressing the guilt even more, even further. Then you go into a cycle, continuous cycles of remaining away from friendships and relationships because of what you have experienced in the past. And then you isolate yourself from friendships and relationships because of that guilt from the past existing within you.

So, how do you release the past of guilt to live guiltless here in every moment of breath? You place those beings inside you and take both, the woman and the male, that was in the situation. Place every one within you as you one and equal here. And you look at the situation again. You look at the situation from each and every single human beings perspective in Self-Honesty as you.

Why do this? Because in Self-Honesty as you, you have a look at how you have participated, how you responded, how you spoke, how you communicated and why you have accepted and allowed yourself to exist in guilt constantly, continuously. Why did you think, you were responsible for the situation, when you were literally not. Guilt only exist, when you think, you did something wrong, when you think, it was your responsibility, that apparently affected others lives and was actually their entire creation and manifestation.

Now, this does not mean, that you are not taking Self-Responsibility. This does not mean, that you are denying anything, no. You are in a process of releasing yourself from guilt, because guilt is the past connector, guilt is the mind connector. Guilt is the emotion, that connects you and leaves you in the past as the present here of the mind-consciousness-system.

So you look at the woman and male and you look within Self-Honesty as you, what you would have done. The girl comes and says, you slept with this girls boy-friend. Now you place you in her situation, her situation, his situation. What does she have to go through in her process. She has to realize, there are consequences, when you deceive yourself in allowing yourself to sleep with an other woman's boy-friend. What does this girl have to learn, whose boy-friend slept with this girl? She cannot trust anyone or anything within her existence or in her process. It is a tough lesson, yes. But it is not that it is a lesson, it is a realization. Because this girl took trust in her boy-friend.

And now you have a look within yourself. What is your process within all this? To realize, that, as you place yourSelf within each one as you, you take Self-Responsibility, you stand up, you speak within as Self-Honesty, as you, and then you clear the guilt within and as you, because you stood up with Self-Responsibility for you in Self-Honesty of you in that moment.

Human beings again, when you experience guilt within you, stop for a moment, look, why you are accepting yourself lying to experience guilt, why you are taking the situation personally and taking everything within you, looking at the situation of Self-Honesty as you, standing up and taking Self-Responsibility.

Thank you!

Transcribed by Richard Otto

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Re: The Solution of changing the past into Guiltlessness

Postby Laura Nuñez » 22 Feb 2012, 15:14

Solution of changing the past into Guiltlessness

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