Freedom Blogs - The birth of Practivism - Volume 1

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Freedom Blogs - The birth of Practivism - Volume 1

Postby Maya » 10 Nov 2011, 14:38

Freedom Blogs - The birth of Practivism - Volume 1 ... m-volume-1

Freedom Blogs Volume 1 is the first volume within the ‘Blog-Book’ series.

The ‘Blog-Book’ series contains examples of practical living written by Destonians. It is a hand-in-hand walk through the process of Self-Change.

While reading, you will have a glimpse of how someone walking the Desteni Process, assists and supports self through living Self-Forgiveness and Self-Honesty, to change self to walk in principles that are best for all living beings. You will find practical examples in facing self as the mind, through self-introspection and self-direction to stop and change self as the living breath.

* Fearing the Living Dead - Me
* The Name of my Game
* I can Run but I cannot Hide
* Funerals and Corpses
* The Family Unit
* Labels, Medicine & Pharmaceutics vs Mankind?
* Morning or Mourning
* The Polar-I-Tree
* Defining Self
* Meditation - Medication
* Philosophy is Useless
* and many more on 172 pages...

Price: EUR 19.99

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