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Virus Free Mind

Postby Maya » 10 Nov 2011, 14:39

Virus Free Mind

Meet Bernard Poolman in the year 2000, long before any idea of a portal existed. This is Bernard the light worker, the meditator, the healer, engrossed in the concept of Love following God as the ultimate creator. This is a special edition with character drawings that has never been released before.

1. Do Humans and Computers have anything in common?
2. Time to Choose – Chaos or Choice
3. The Behaviour Virus
4. So how did we get to be ‘Virus’ infected?
5. Warning! Behaviour mind viruses destroying human free choice
6. The Answer?
7. The Workbook
8. Space and Time

What do I get

* 251 page PDF optimized for on-screen reading
* 59 full page hand-drawn illustrations
* Exercises for the reader
* Instant delivery - download immediately after you pay

Price: EUR 19.99

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