Difference Between Character, Habit and Personality?

Ask questions related to applying self forgiveness and walking self corrective application
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Re: Difference Between Character, Habit and Personality?

Postby barbara » 07 Feb 2016, 11:56

Hi Marty!

Welcome to the forum! I see you are new here. Would you like to introduce yourself? For this, please visit the Introduce Yourself section of the forum. This will allow the people participating here to relate to you more easily as they can see where you are coming from and what motivates you to share yourself here. This forum is based on self-support and supporting each other, so you might like to share points within yourself that challenge you and which you would like to address and work on.

Also, have you considered starting the DipLite Course for free? It is ideally structured to get to know yourself as it provides you with the basic tools with which to support yourself in walking the mind.

Also feel free to open your own thread on the Writing yourself to freedom section.

Please read the Forum Guidelines if you haven't already.

Looking forward to hearing more from you!


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