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Postby Matti Freeman » 21 Aug 2013, 07:51

Day 212: Desteni as a Higher Education with Integrity Part 2: Human Nature
- See more at: ... uXjCK.dpuf

I'm now continuing with sharing my experience of witnessing / experiencing Desteni as a Higher Education with Integrity.

In John Taylor Gatto's research into the elite American private boarding schools which appear to produce most of the country's leadership, he set out to establish what set the curriculum of these schools apart from the public school curriculum, within seeing how these private schools are producing the 'big players' in leadership.

In his video 'The Underground History of American Education', Gatto outlines a set of principles that define the curriculum of these elite schools.

When I watched the video and heard him describing the principles, I immediately saw how over the years as I've been walking with others in the Desteni group, I've been supported to apply and become effective in many of these education principles - though within utilizing such principles / curriculum from a starting point of Integrity as the development of practical skills to take responsibility to bring about a world that is best for all, rather than merely becoming effective in perpetuating / accepting the current world system / human nature / protecting wealth / inequality / power.

The first principle of these elite private school curriculums as found by Gatto is:

1. No child should graduate without having a theory of Human Nature - what makes people tick - what buttons do you press to 'get results'. With such theory being developed through a study of History, Philosophy, Theology, Literature, Law, etc.
Obviously the reason why the Wealthy Elite in this world would require their children to understand what makes the human 'Tick', is so that you can tap into that and use it to get what you want / what you need -- which is exactly what we see in Politics for example, with words like 'Hope' being used to manipulate people into voting a particular candidate into office, and words that play into people's individual interests to manipulate them through advertisements into buying a product based on a feeling.

Here I can say that at Desteni we've taken this beyond mere 'theory' as 'opinion', into an actual practical insight / understanding of the current accepted Nature of Human Beings within all areas of the relationships that define the current Human experience on Earth: Family, Relationships, Culture, Religion, Money, Spirituality, Entertainment, Politics, Law. And, this is through extensive self investigation into the Words as Definitions we've accepted as the foundation of all our Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Opinions, Beliefs, Values -- basically our 'interests' as that which 'makes us tick'.

For example when I started applying the Desteni tools I had been previously participating in Spirituality as what I had perceived / believed myself to be as a 'lightworker', here to 'spread love and light' and 'make the world a better place'. But, when I made the Decision to Stand as Life, to Stand for and as what is Best for All and to within this apply Self Honesty within investigating my actual Nature as Starting Point within the Thoughts, Pictures, Feelings, Beliefs, Imaginations, Desires, Experiences that defined this Self Definition - I began to see and realize how my starting point within my Spirituality is actually completely that of Self Interest where what made me 'tick' in terms of that which I 'liked' / that which motivated me / that which I would 'buy into' was anything that supported my Self Interest as 'what I want' as defined within my Beliefs / Self Definition of myself being 'destined' to experience some blissful heavenly afterlife, and what made me 'tick' in terms of that which I 'didn't like' was for example the prospect of being here on Earth, stuck with all that is here, without the possibility / promise of a 'heavenly afterlife'. So, what I began to see as I investigated my starting point in everything that I am / have been participating in, is that my 'Human Nature' is simply how I've programmed myself with thoughts, feelings, emotions according to my Self Interest as defined through the Knowledge and Information as Definitions I've Accepted - the same knowledge and information that's been here on Earth, passed on / perpetuated generation after generation.

And within Standing as Life within what is Best for All -- I began to see that, none of the knowledge and information as Definitions that defines the Values and Self Definitions of Humanity currently is based within the consideration of what is Best for All, the consideration of ourselves as Equals as Life - but is defined within Self Interest as Separation -- where we've separated ourselves from each other as Life, and from ourselves as Life, into and as our own little Bubbles of the Mind within Survival where we're all just now Accepting the current world / system as it exists with all the Abuse that exists, just wanting to survive and find some kind of comfort and security while we're here, occupying ourselves with various Belief Systems that make ourselves feel good / have hope / have faith that there is 'something better' awaiting us, using these Belief systems to justify not standing up together and stopping ourselves from abusing / neglecting each other -- where, the actual 'Nature' of the Human currently is merely that of Protecting whatever Individual Interest serves them within 'what we want for ourselves only' -- whether it's protecting Wealth, or protecting our Belief Systems, or protecting our Economic System, our protecting our Entertainment, or Relationships.
And I mean this is pretty obvious isn't it?
What makes the Human Tick? Self Interest within how we've allowed ourselves to be programmed by those who came before us.

At Desteni you can study the thousands of Journey to Life blogs, and you can join the free DIP Lite course and do your research and if you discipline yourself and apply what we're applying as Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness for yourself you'll find that Desteni is the only group on Earth that is supporting people to understand Human Nature - what makes us Tick, and taking it beyond just seeing how it works, into actually Changing our Nature into that which supports us to live in ways that are Best for All Life, instead of remaining with a predictable program of Self Interest that the Elite of this world can simply continue manipulating for purposes of Survival within protecting Wealth and Power.

And 'knowing yourself' -- understanding how you came to be what you are as your current personalities, thoughts, feelings, emotions - that which makes you 'tick' currently -- understanding the process of how that is created and being able to direct yourself to not accept or allow anything to exist within you that does not support you to live and express in ways that will not cause or give permission for any form of harm to exist -- that would be the Foundational Principle that must be in place before one is able to utilize Education from a starting point of Integrity.

So, the Elite of this world don't have this Integrity because if they did, then they would understand that the goal of Education should be to teach children to respect all life Equal and understand the consequences of interests that are not in alignment with what supports Life, to thus be able to Lead the World to what is Best for All and end all abuse and suffering -- because then that would bring an end to the problem of the fear of losing your wealth and survival - because within a System of Integrity which is a system that is Best for All, as we propose with Equal Money and the Living Income Guaranteed, then everyone is Given the Best and no one has to exist in Fear.

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Postby Matti Freeman » 01 Sep 2013, 22:38

Day 214: Desteni as a Higher Education with Integrity Part 3: Literacy ... ation.html

Continuing with sharing how applying the Desteni Tools has supported me in developing skills associated normally with the training received by students in elite private schools.

As presented by John Taylor Gatto as a result of his years of research, the second principle that sets the curriculum of America's elite private boarding schools apart from that of the public schools is the following:

2. Every graduate must have strong experience in the 'active literacies', with an emphasis on writing and public speaking.

These skills obviously would be beneficial to develop in preparation for entering the world / system, as they would assist in being able to effectively articulate one's self, write things like cover letters and proposals, etc, and with public speaking skills for example, that would open up a large area of career options as it would assist one to be able to establish connections more effectively, or work with your family's existing connections because - you wouldn't be afraid to speak to people and find opportunities -- and you wouldn't be afraid of taking on a leadership role in politics for example.

Before I began applying the Desteni Tools I had very limited writing and public speaking skills, and had accepted myself to simply 'not have these skills', because of the belief that if I experience an emotion / reaction like fear or anxiety toward a point -- that means it's 'not something I'm supposed to / able to do'. Within this, because of my skill limitations and my belief around the point of skills that for example, if I didn't already have it - it's just not something I'll ever have, this shaped my interests / likes / dislikes in a way where I experienced it as 'positive' or that I 'liked' sticking to things where I don't have to write or speak to new people - things where I can safely stay within my limitations and wherein, if I had at that stage in my early 20s considered something like getting a sales job for example so I could make more money -- that was something I experienced / defined as completely outside of my capability and thus something that I 'would not like to do' / 'does not interest me' and thus from a certain perspective I was 'satisfied' with my limitation because I had accepted myself within a very limited set of skills, justified by the belief that 'if I fear it / react to it -- I can't do it'.

With the writing point, Gatto emphasizes that in these elite schools, students are taught to write daily, and explains how it's not even so important the structure / technical aspects of the writing -- but the act of daily writing itself that is important, as through that act of daily writing, the skill develops. In public school, if I look at how writing was taught, the focus was primarily on the structure / technical aspect, and emphasis was strongly placed in 'grading' the writing meticulously on the technical points. The focus was not so much on the content / expression aspect, as much as the 'technical training' aspect. And - it was definitely not something that I, or the other students did every single day.
Same with the public speaking skills point. The closest I ever got to 'public speaking' in high school was doing 'group reports' where I would partner with someone on a project and 'present' the project in front of the class like at the end of the semester / unit, which would take like 15 minutes or something. It's definitely not something that facilitated effective public speaking skills where I would have had the confidence to do a sales presentation for example, or even go into a job interview upon leaving high school.
And, this is even with my dad being a successful business man who had spent years building a business, someone who had extremely effective speaking skills -- even with this example - it made no difference because the primary environment that shaped my character / skills was -- the school environment.
I mean, why do you think wealthy people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to send their children to a private high school - hundreds of thousands of dollars for 4 years of education? Because they understand that they cannot train their children themselves!

So, with the Desteni Tools, if you study what Destonians are doing - you'll see that we focus primarily on daily writing, as well as vlogging / videos.
When I started walking my process I was assisted with tools to start facing / realizing how I've allowed myself to be shaped as personalities / likes / dislikes / opinions / emotions / feelings / thoughts from birth through various environmental influences / factors / input and my process of self definition within this that has resulted in 'what I am now', and how I experience myself now, the experiences that come up within me / my mind. And, as I started writing out my mind daily, I began seeing / understanding how I've created myself and, through sharing with others walking the same process I began to see how - we all function within the same laws / rules of self creation -- our minds work the same way in terms of how it is programmed and the process of self definition and inner acceptances and allowances, and within this I began to see how we've shaped / created the world / system one and equal to who / what we've created / shaped ourselves to be through and as our minds / inner acceptances and allowances. So I started developing a comfortability with writing, because - within working with your own mind - there is always something to write about, every day!

And, I was supported in starting to vlog / create videos through seeing the example of others doing it, and gradually I began to develop a comfortability with speaking / sharing / expressing myself with others through vlogging, and this went hand in hand with my daily writing where, as I was developing my expression in writing, this was also supporting my development of my expression in speaking; as I was through the daily writing specifying my vocabulary and sentence structure and developing the skills of investigating myself, and investigating the world in writing / words, this supported me in being able to specify / structure my expression in speaking.

And, the real support is in the daily act of writing / speaking because - that's how the skill is developed; through daily consistency.
I mean over the past 5 years I've lost count of how many pages I've written - thousands of pages both in the Desteni forum and in blogs, as well as in notebooks.

And if you look at the Journey to Life Blogs -- there are people who have taken on specific points like Psychology, Economics, Art, Politics, Law, Science, Education, Parenting, Pornography, Spirituality, with thousands of pages exploring common sense solutions to the problems we face in this world as Humanity. And we have people doing regular Vlogs / videos exposing / taking on the problems we're facing, and exploring solutions -- daily Standing and taking Responsibility as Humanity to come to practical solutions that will result in a world that is best for all --- being the Leaders that this world needs because we realize - we can't blame the current leaders - we have to BE the change - we have to BE the leaders -- we can't wait for someone else to do it and thus -- we need to develop the SKILLS to be able to do this because, we can't just imagine ourselves doing it - we have to Act in Physical Reality.

And now many Destonians have started / recently finished getting degrees in specific fields like Psychology, Law, Sociology, and Economics, and this is AFTER having spent years developing effective writing and speaking skills through applying the Desteni Tools -- which in fact supported to develop the confidence, discipline, and Self Direction to pursue such degrees in the first place.

And myself for instance, my daily writing and speaking skill development with the Desteni Tools has supported me in being able to overcome the limitations that I previously experienced as 'preventing me' from exploring more effective career options, and I've now in fact a business owner working with sales and education -- something I NEVER would have believed is something I could do. So I've been walking a process of developing an Active Literacy with my own Mind, with how Behavior is created, with how the World System functions, with how Skill Development functions, with Responsibility, with Common Sense, with how to Support Life on Earth -- and these are all obviously things we as Humans must be Literate in, in order to Lead this world out of Abuse, into Integrity. I mean we don't only want to be Literate in how to protect our wealth and own survival because the real Relevant Literacy is to be Literate in how to do what is Best for All Life - so again, at Desteni we're taking it a step Beyond what is taught in the elite private schools because - we're not just developing survival skills, we're taking it to a point of Integrity within aligning our skills to what is Best for All -- understanding our own Minds / Nature so we can Change ourselves to what is Best for All and thus be able to change the World to what is Best for All.

So in terms of supporting with become more effective with the Active Literacies of Writing and Speaking to assist one to become overall more effective in living and supporting one's self within the world system, for all practical purposes the courses we offer at Desteni provide a higher education to facilitate the development of these skills. And, you can develop these skills for FREE.

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