Through my Process of Change I witness that Desteni it's not

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Through my Process of Change I witness that Desteni it's not

Postby Graciela » 28 Jul 2013, 08:25

Through mi Process of Change I Witness that Desteni it's Not a Scam

My name is Graciela Rodríguez Espinoza I have 58 years old I was born in Durango, México I studied in the Institute of Reichian Release of Jack W. Painter PhD in Guadalajara, México; for 20 years I worked as a Therapist in Reich Release, I have a Certification of Health and Fitness Inc. in Northridge los Angeles, CA., as Pilates Instructor, I Graduate as Introduction Leader in Landmark Education in Los Angles, CA.

I joined the Desteni Research Group in May 25,2009.

I haven’t been on the farm I only ever worked on the Internet but have applied the Desteni Tools and I found them to be Effective and Beneficial and anyone that will use them will improve their life and become a Better Human Being.

I will start sharing my process of change in this 4 years of constant application.

When I had 51 years old 3 ½ years before I join Desteni I got the menopause and also got a panick atacks, my whole life changed and I became a fearful and anxious paranoid woman, I was paranoid about the food/illness/death. I wrote about it for the first time at the Desteni Forum after a night of have been by the hospital by December 31,2009 because a panic attack.

In January 10, 2010 I started my process in DIP.

The first thing I faced was to see myself as self-dishonest person in the working relationship that had with my sponsor where I realized of very repressed aspects as mental patterns where I acted in a complacent way with her but inside of my I was frustrated and angry. With the specific Desteni I Process tools I could release all the repression and stand as Self Responsibility considering what is best for all, today my relationship with my ex sponsor is on camaraderie and equality.

I wrote about the death of my dad and mom and the fears of dying similarly and realized as I walked thorugh the mental patterns that was me and only me accepting and allowing myself the ideas, opinions, believes, judgements, fears, etc., structured in my mind as memories, and through writing self forgivness, breathing and self corrective applications I stablish myself in this Reality releasing myself of the torture of the mind.

I have walked all the process with one of my sons where I had conflict inside of myself feeling guilty because I was a fucking mother for him when he was a young boy, I wrote all about where I saw myself separating my mental-unreselved conflicts mirrored onto him. I wrote about how I tried to resolve his adult life to redeem my fault. After applying and Correcting Myself, conflict is gone I can see him for who he is, in this moment I can assist and support myself and assist and support him without any hidden agenda.

I have walked a long process writing myself in relation to my partner where I reached a point where I got sick to extent of almost dying in absoluta self-pity blaming him, judging him, being jealous, I wanted he takes care of me the way that I had not taken care of myself. I saw how I created a relationship within my secret mind, based on memories trusting my personalities speaking each other as voices on my head and frustrated within the reality I manifested physically. I realized through Desteni I Process the way I used words as self interest diminish myself and diminsh all my relationships. So I Investigate each Word and applied them to produce a Permanent and Measurable Change - I started to create a new way to Relationship with myself, my Partner and all, I have recovered my health.

I stand as Self-Responsability for my Productive Life and the food I eat.

I have been assisting and supporting myself to investigating and stopping inflating the fear/anger/blame/judgment with which I designed myself as a Resentful person, writing them and walking through them, has brought me the result that I Have Not Longer Panic Attacks.

Without Desteni none of this would have been possible because as I wrote before finding Desteni I was for 30 years busy traying to resolve the mental turmoil and finding a way to become a spiritual and enlightened being, lol - through Psychology, Reichian Release Theraphy, Landmark Education, Meditation in Light and Soud, Carlos Castaneda teachings, Eckhart Tolle teachings, Deepak Chopra teachings, GFU Yoga, Astrology, Ramtha, Ayahuasca, Peyote but all of this only reset and inflates my mind.

So, I stand as witness firsthand/flesh Desteni is not a Scam

Sign in DIPLite Free Course and see for yourself

More to come....

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