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Re: SA Travel Journal - Garb August 2017

Posted: 29 Aug 2017, 23:52
by Garbrielle
Kim, Francois, Gian and I spent the early morning and afternoon looking for poaching snares set up illegally here and is done in much of the wild not only in SA, but all over, this is the result of lack of money mostly and education. It's an unfortuante consequence to this current system, where @earth_haven_project will be buying back the land to bring the natural ecosystems back to balance, when this is considered everything benefits. I learned a lot from the fellas and lady Kim, and had fun while doing it :)

Day 21

I woke up early today to get ready to go to the game reserve with Francois, Gian, and Kim, I made lunch, got water, and headed out, we all pack up the bakkie as they call it here, which is a pick up truck for those reading in my neck of the woods. Gian and I sat in the back bed of the truck, which was fun. The ride was about 20 minutes, I didn’t know what to expect as I have never been to a game reserve or going in the bush to look for snares. So I was excited and ready to explore when I got there, everyone was helpful in explaining and sharing there understandings and experiences throughout the day.

There is lots of animals on these reserves, as we can see by the land title it’s not the natural wild, but owned land, as was explained to me today there is not much ‘wild’ any longer existing in our world, most land has been commercialized and capitalized to make money and make it so human’s can survive. This also ties into one of the main reasons we were at the reserve and that was to walk through the bush and look for snares, and if we find them take them down. This is a trap where animals get snarled up in and due to their own actions, get them self injured and thus hunted. It’s an unfortunate consequence to this system where people are needing to survive and make money, so they resort to these type of actions. Much of this can be changed and is part of the earth haven mission, there will be much more to come on this focusing on balancing and supporting sustainable ecosystems for all life.

We picked up garbage on the way and looked out for animals, we saw monkeys, impala, eland, cows, and Gian saw a python skin and egg nest, so we were all careful when walking through the bush as these snakes are nothing to mess with. We were careful and conscientious, they also set up feeding stations for the animals where they give lucern a type of hay grass and some lick feed and pellets, we went through and checked on those stations and some camara’s they have set up. By noon time it is hot, so we wrapped up the day and headed out, on our way back we saw a lone rhino and some giraffes at another reserve we drove by, man it was quite a sight to see, they are massive and majestic animals. I will be doing my best this life to support these types of animals and ecosystems along with all the life involved to becoming sustainable and best for all. So it was cool to see them enjoying themselves in their semi natural habitat.

We then returned to the farm, I noticed while returning more the scope of the landscape, which I haven’t yet been able to totally figure out in the past three times I have been here, meaning I am becoming more familiar with the terrain and what the different plots of land are, so that is just an interesting point I realized coming back. I got a drink and rested for a moment, then I went out to the dirt pile, I worked there for a hour or so and then went in to find a bird in the house. He finally flew out after a while without any harm done. Dinner was made and it was good, I took a bath and relaxed for the night. So overall it was a productive day and tomorrow I will be joining some people here to go to the botanical gardens, which should be nice and fun time with lovely people :)

There is much to do in this world in terms of correcting and finding solutions for the problems we are seeing and facing, though it starts with one step, each one facing those steps within ourselves and eventually we join together and walk into the consequences with solutions that’ll be best for all. This we must realize and in fact do for ourselves and this world, is take self responsibility and to walk one’s point, whatever that point is, if it is education, if it is painting, if it is taking care of animals, if it is taking down snares, whatever it is that contributes to the whole in a way that is sustainable, considers all, and does what is best, this is the action we must work toward living. The problem starts within the human and it also ends there as well, we align to the life that is within ourselves, the life that here as our source where our highest potentials reside, and we stand in integrity to do what is best, the world will change, it is not if, but when. Walk your process to life with self honesty, self forgiveness and self change, it is all here structured and laid out in this desteni i process and it works. Participate and share ourselves so we can learn and teach and grow together. Let’s stop waiting and finally live for the best.

Thanks for reading. 


Re: SA Travel Journal - Garb August 2017

Posted: 31 Aug 2017, 10:00
by Garbrielle
Today we visited the botanical gardens, these trees here are called plane trees, which makes for quite an impressive entrance. We walked about 2.5 miles through the natural paths snapping photos, talking, and taking in all the cool and interesting sights of nature that is here. I enjoyed the day and was grateful for the opportunity to go.

Day 22

Today we started the day off going to the botanical gardens here, this spot was a elitist persons residency 100 plus years ago, so it was created for the wealthy, though now it is for public use costing some monies to enter. We walked around for about two hours, Sunette, Daryn, Kim, Joe, and myself. Joe was taking B roll shots and it was a great location for that because a lot of the spots look like the Jurassic park footage or something like the jungle book, so it was quite nice for him. Also, for all of us, I enjoyed the exercise and chatting with everyone, we went quite high up so we got to see the overlay of the land, it is quite a relaxed and peaceful place.

Once we moved out of the park, we went to the mall to pick up some groceries, I got some bottles of this chili sauce i like here for back home because we don’t have this specific brand, oh and also some chocolate as well. So that was cool. Then we went to Thai food and chatted about process and dreams, some more support is going to be developed in relation to dream analyzing and bringing it through to practical support for one’s self development in self honesty. So keep an eye out for that.

Next we returned to the farm, each time the dogs greet everyone with excitement and like we have been gone for ages, each and every time, it’s great to have that consistency in expression around as they do not change, they are cool examples of constant expression in the physical. The puppy back home arrived so I am looking forward to meeting her, her name is Mabel :)

I then chilled for about an hour and watched some more of the series I am into, and my body wanted to take a nap, though I knew this was just to get out of going out and doing physical work which I had planned to do. So I got up and got my things ready to go out and continue on my dirt project. I am making good progress here and my projections are that I will get it all finished before I leave. So the earth haven project can go ahead and start to develop it to use for top soil for all the vegetables and plants they are growing in the eco tunnel and around the farm.

I then returned at dusk and did some writing, I am working with a specific point of self authority to develop my own independence where i direct myself using the word authority to reference this type of living in my reality, here I am practicing moving from the mind swirl of thoughts and feelings and emotions, into the breath, my physical body, and using words such as specific, intimate, self trust, earthing, and patiences to apply myself with self authority, so I am seeing where and how to live this word with more precision and developing myself in this type of way of living. Process is becoming more physical so I am equally pushing myself to become more physical, moving from mind participation into the breath here, and into the body. So I will continue to report on this as I move with it, creating redefinitions for each of these words so they support my living in detail and understanding.

We then had an awesome chat that you can read below on this very point, becoming more anchored in physical reality and letting go of the pull of the mind as energy experiences, and much support given by all of us walking, check it out below.

I then did some work from back home as they needed my support, and took a bath. So all and all it was an enjoyable day here on the desteni farm and some fun adventures into the city.

Enjoy you, and thanks for reading.

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Re: SA Travel Journal - Garb August 2017

Posted: 01 Sep 2017, 00:53
by Garbrielle
This picture is dedicated to @sunettespies as she has been a great support and friend to me over the last eight years I have been walking the desteni process with her, she has always supported me unconditional in the sense that she does not judge who i am, but sees and supports the potential that exist here within to be my best. And i am not saying this to be nice, this is for real. And i am sure i speak for all who know her and she has touched. Thank you Sunette for everything and looking forward to many more years of developing ourselves and friendship for the best, big hug

Day 23

I am winding down my visit here at the farm, a couple more days left and I will indeed live them to the fullest, meaning do my best to learn within them through the people and places I interact with and apply what I have learned to support me to grow and expand and be a better version of myself. So that is that, and today I woke up to a beautiful sunny day outside, here in South Africa it is winter and even in winter most days are like our early summer days and even hot summer days back home, so if one likes the sun this is the place to be. I certainly enjoy sitting and enjoying the warmth of the sun, the rays on all the different spots of nature and objects, I usually eat breakfast when i can out on the veranda and especially when it is sunny and warm.

I then ended up back at my dirt project and worked there for the remainder of the morning and early afternoon, I am just about done with the bags and the project all together for that stage. Next will be adding compost according to Gian so I will see if I can assist with that, not sure though as I am going away for the last days of my stay. I will be back though to this farm in the future to continue on planting the physical seeds that is earth haven and supporting my self in my process to self change in what is best to thus be part of the example as self to change the world for the best. Much more to come and share on the developments with this project for sure.

Next I had some lunch and sat with Cesar and Kim, Cesar was playing with water and Kim was patiently by his side supporting with explanations and getting what Cesar couldn't, he is very directive so he definitely let's you know when he needs help. I talked with Gian for some time about earth haven points while making lunch, and I got a random call from our phone provider back home where there was some fraudulent charges on our account for work, squared that away, they were quite helpful which I appreciated much.

Sunette, Kim, and I met up to speak on some points Kim and I will be developing in times to come, what is amazing and awesome about the process at desteni and the farm enviroment itself is the people who you meet and support you and also in return how you equally contribute to supporting others. So we are always in a way here supporting each other, though with the desteni process we look at the real shit about ourselves and also in most cases find the courage within self to face the points and find solutions. The points we face within ourselves are scary at times, though what i am learning over and over again is that when we face them and walk through the fears you will learn so much more about self that would have not been possible if one didn’t walk through that initial fear and expand and grow. So it was awesome opening up the points that did and seeing what will develop from here with her.

Next I spoke with some people back home, dealt with some work related points, and ate dinner. I then took a bath and was planned to watch a movie with Sunette.

I went over to the house where Sunette is staying and we ended up first opening up a point about our relationship, what opened up was a point I am facing in relation to my eye, I have over the years judged it as imperfect and made a mind point in quite an extensive way. Seeing it as imperfect and thus inferiorizing myself and making myself less then, creating not only consequences within myself but in many if not all of the relationships in my life. So my mind and eye itself came through the portal and we talked. Many points opened up and specific support that was needed for me to hear, I realize that at times we all need support from others, either through someone just listening or getting advice, I mean I couldn’t have asked for a more timely and needed support help then this whole night’s support that opened up with her. I am grateful indeed and will use it for my own self development and changing myself to be the best i can be, it was actually quite empowering and also potent. So I will be sharing more on this as I open it up more for myself and work with the change process that is needed and I will be walking.

We then watched wonder women, and i got a peek into how Sunette view’s movies, it is actually quite different from the way I do, so I learned a lot and I will take this with me to see how i can expand my viewing of movies and series and make it into something of a self learning tool. For instance, she suggested instead of seeing the picture of the actors, like how they always look beautiful or handsome, look instead at the presence and seeing what you can see within that, like words they are living and thus you can view and learn how others live words you may want to implement into your own living. So viewing movies can be about enjoying of course and also self awareness and self growth, so that was a cool point that opened up with her while watching. It was great to have a moment to relax and spend some time with her as we don't get that time often due to busyness of life, so it was awesome.

There was a dog fight at the end of the night, which gave us all a fright for a moment, but everyone turned out to be relatively ok and now I am settled in bed ready for sleep.

Enjoy where you are at, and thanks for continuing with my journey in SA.

Re: SA Travel Journal - Garb August 2017

Posted: 02 Sep 2017, 01:17
by Garbrielle
Zaque, he is a fun loving dog, he is very child like in his nature, boisterous, and playful. I find him to be a soothing presence to have around as his nature defuses tension in me as a bridge of support at the moment, and through him I am learning equally how to take things with fun, play, and most of all enjoying my self

Day 24

Today started off by taking a shower, it was an interesting night last night with new points opening up for me to face, introspect, forgive, and change so I thought I’d start the day fresh and clean. I made some breakfast and sat in the sun to eat it, the day was quite nice and windy. I was visited by Cesar and Leila and we jumped on the trampoline. I then put a load of laundry in and worked on my computer for a while to get things accomplished before going to interviews for eqafe.

When new points open up for me i am finding myself each and every time to be a bit fearful because i don’t know what to expect, I don’t know who I will be, and I don’t know how it will go, what I do know though about myself and how i have proven over time is that i will be self honest, learn, and change, and I will not give up. Not giving up in the tough moments and finding a way to move forward has been great assets in getting things processed and cleared, and as new points open up like this this process that has to be walked is no different. Obviously the main tools apply So I will do no different with this current point, a lot of the solutions are open and able to be seen, the point I have to walk is living it. So that is what i am busy with at the moment, essentially it is creating myself in my own expression, I am creating me, this me I am still uncovering and deciding who this will be, though what i am learning is it is what is here as me, in the moment expressing, aligned to life in oneness and equality in what is best for all, these are my guidelines and principles in short.

The interviews were quite interesting today, one on the dryness on the face and throat shared through the physical perspective and mind influences, and also the difference in beings who adjust to a dry place and those who do not. Also on communication and holding back one’s expression, really interesting and cool dimensions brought through here that clearly show the consequences and solutions of such interactions in relationships.

Next I worked on some dream structure with Kim and Sunette, this to support with dream analysis being more practical and used for one’s current process walking in everyday life. Then went to the stores to get some money and goods, we are heading to the beach for the last remaining days of my trip so that will be a nice sending off trip.

I then took a long walk with Maite and we caught up as we have yet to give ourselves some proper together time since I have been here, so it was so nice to talk and catch up on what’s going on in each other’s life. Also, peanut cutie Syntia was there, very relaxed and taking in all the sounds, sights, and experiences. She is teething at the moment, which i didn’t realize babies do so early, she is taking it quite well it seems in the moments I was with her

Then Kim and I prepared dinner, we made mac and cheese, salad, and garlic bread for a hungry crew, we were late with it coming out due to some mishaps, but everything turned out good and tasty.

And I am here, I am doing some reflecting back on my day, where have i been successful in points I am working with and where not, this is a cool practice to do i have found to gauge where I am at within the points I am working with and quantify points as I see ]needs working on and then keep practicing the next day on what i found.

Thats it from me today.

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Posted: 02 Sep 2017, 23:39
by Garbrielle
Fidelis riding the waves in Bolito, this is similar to riding the waves of points life throws at us sometimes or we open up ourselves, i have learned to in these intense times to take it as it comes and move with it like riding a wave on a board, resisting it obviously causing much more strain then is necessary. Be chill like Fidelis and ride the waves, though being genuine in one's expression to give it your all and be the best that you can be.

Day 25

Today is my last full day at the farm, tomorrow I will be leaving for a long plane ride back to the US. I will debrief when I am back and give my final perspectives on the whole trip for anyone/all interested.

Today I woke up early because I wanted to wrap up the final bags I have left for the dirt project, so I started there, I have about 12 bags left once I ended today, which I will complete tomorrow. I really enjoyed this project as it was a constant point I could go to to support myself with getting physical, earthing myself with the earth itself, and take some time to reflect on myself and where i am at. I also found it to be quite humbling realizing the work that goes into actually physically developing something out of what is here, it takes stamina, patiences, breathe, resiliency, many cool words to work with, practice, and implement that supports with self development in what is best in this physical reality.

Fidelis, Kim and I planned a trip to the beach for the night, while doing some house/dog sitting, so we had a full day together. We drove there and met all the people and dogs, also had some food. We then headed to the beach, the beach was quite nice it was not too hot and not too cold, so in essence perfect and balanced. Fidelis did some body boarding, which he has done consistently every time i have come and we go to the beach, so he really enjoys it, it looks like a lot of fun as well. So it was nice to lie in the sun, get warm, and relax on the beach. We then went for a walk on the beach walk that is here, the waves are quite big and intense here so it makes for a constant window of awesomeness to watch and observe. I did not go in so yes i just watched lol. There was some surfers surfing, this also looks really fun, I have done this once, I would like to try it again sometime, these guys made it look so natural in pretty intense seas. We enjoyed each others company and got some great exercise so all was good on the walk.

We then got some dinner and hung out here at the house, it was a fantastic day and I am glad i got to join on the trip.

Some points I have been working with on this trip have been mostly in relation to letting go of negative thoughts about myself, here I was given some awesome advice by Gian to not allow negative thoughts, only focus on what matters, the best of you and love yourself, give yourself care, be easy, and also steadfast in the self honest path one has to walk to change self to align with life one and equal. All of this made sense to me, I see no benefit what so ever in focusing and harming self based on negative thoughts, so i took up this advice and have been practicing it ever since. I am really enjoying the results thus far, and will continue to implement and specify myself to learn and grow as i go.

I am going to end it here. 

Re: SA Travel Journal - Garb August 2017

Posted: 04 Sep 2017, 05:39
by Garbrielle
Saying goodbye to south africa, I really enjoyed my stay and the people I was with, until next time

Day 26

Today was my last day at the farm, I started out in Bolito a beach town were we house/dog sat. We made breakfast, cleaned up the house, made sure the dogs were good, and packed up the car. We drove back to the farm, I was feeling ok though I am working through some mind points so I have been releasing and changing myself in the moments of my everyday movement as process can be applied any time during the day. There is an aspect of walking to much processing, which I have been stuck in and so it’s good to keep oneself balanced with walking and writing and sounding self forgiveness on points one face, and also for me to walk the change, staying consistent within the movement in the physical to keep substantiating my beingness into the physical and releasing the mind as self destructive patterns.

We got back to the farm relatively early and I packed up all my things, I did some last minute errands around the farm, and Sunette and I went for one last walk with the pups. They get really excited especially zaque so it’s cool to give them that time to explore and investigate outside our their usual stay.

I then returned to my house i was staying in and got dressed to go to the dirt pile, I finally finished up that project which was left yesterday. Then Sunette did an interview with Anu coming through about success and failure. Man it was really interesting and I could so much relate to what is being shared, much of it moving towards the dark mind of myself and the human in general as we are all alike in the way of mind mechanics, just different content and contexts, and in this point what was mentioned was how the ego can permeate through the physical through becoming successful in something. Here one can easily blame, becoming impatient, and arrogant in relation to those who are not able to just be so natural with skills one is good at. Practical support is also shared to help get through this mind programming and realize some relationships within this playout that might not have been considered. So definitely check this one out, I will post it below.

I then had some lunch and wrapped up some gifts that I brought for people, and walked around giving them and saying good bye to everyone. It was then time to go, so i packed up my stuff in the car, and gave one last hug to all as I was sent off. This was definitely a trip not only to enjoy, but work with myself, many new points opening up that I have to walk through, understand, and change within myself and implement patterns of living that are self supportive and so supportive for everyone I encounter. This was one of the important points that came through this trip and it was that who one is within oneself, be it supportive or not, is effecting those around you, one may not realize it, but if one take a look and observe who self is within one’s thoughts and then observe one’s behavior you can see the effect that is playing out and you are creating. So it’s very important I have found for myself to be aware of myself, what am I thinking, why am i thinking, what is my experience, what can i live differently, how am i going to change this pattern, and who am i effecting. These types of questioning are cool to get to the core of the experience one is having in any given moment, to understand self, and so change for the best.

I then got on a plane over night and thankfully slept some, and now I am in qatar at the airport waiting for another flight to the US.

Thanks for following along on my journey to south africa to the desteni farm, and reading about my ventures and insights there. I will see where i can take this writing and sharing and making something worthwhile from it.

Until next time. Bye.


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Re: SA Travel Journal - Garb August 2017

Posted: 07 Sep 2017, 17:01
by Marlen
Thanks for sharing your insights Garb, enjoyed along with

Have a cool time going back to where you live